Why does a person need education?

“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 35. Came to the Complete East 31/08/2022

This year, the passing score even in prestigious universities has decreased compared to 2021, and regional universities in some areas (primarily engineering specialties) had to make a second wave of enrollment.

The question involuntarily arises: does the country really need tens of thousands of people with higher education?

Tatiana Ustinova, writer:

— Education and diploma – completely different things. Just like a diploma is not a synonym for success.

The whole history of mankind – it is a struggle between enlightenment and obscurantism, in which either enlightenment or obscurantism wins. History moves in a spiral, and this spiral narrows more and more – obscurantism now covers the world much faster than it covered humanity in the Middle Ages. Therefore, the task of education is to replace the barbaric medieval times as soon as possible with the Renaissance.

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Why is education needed? Then, to the person – anyone, and no matter what he is doing: he sharpens spoons from linden, an IT specialist, a writer or a press secretary of a huge corporation, – understand how the world works. It is impossible to understand this without education, simply because the consciousness of any person is very narrow. To expand it, we need not illegal drugs, but education that comes with reading books, comprehending the laws of physics and chemistry, with knowledge of elementary philosophical and economic theories.

That's just the education that exists now – what year did the Battle of Hastings take place, what is the square root of 24, why is E equal to ms² and what is a benzene ring, – this is not education at all, but a set of disparate facts that are put into the head of a schoolboy. This is absolutely monkey knowledge, generally not needed by anyone. And instead of memorizing the formula of the benzene ring, it's better to go and dig in the garden – this will unload your head from thoughts about the benzene ring, and the garden will benefit. Education, from my point of view, – it is an understanding of how all of the above disparate facts are related. If this is not known, then the processes that take place around a person will be incomprehensible to him and he will not be able to do anything for the development of this world. It will live like a dung beetle, leaving only a pile of dung behind. But man is still not a dung beetle. He must leave behind something more decent and orderly than what he received.

So, from my point of view, education – it is the only thing that can save us. I won’t say about all of humanity – I am not Lenin and I cannot decide the fate of mankind, but a single person – exactly.

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