What kind of reconciliation services will appear in the capital’s schools?

Reconciliation services will appear in 400 metropolitan schools to resolve conflict situations between students, teachers and parents, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Anastasia Rakova said. Anyone can contact the service. p>

Why are reconciliation services created? 

School reconciliation services will help resolve situations of misunderstanding between students, teachers and parents. According to Rakova, in 380 schools teachers have already received the necessary training, and in 127 schools they regularly use restorative techniques in cases of conflict situations.

In the event of a conflict situation, the mediator and student volunteers will invite the parties to the conflict to the negotiating table to discuss and find a way to resolve disputed issues. For example, students will be told how to act in a situation of bullying or a gross violation of personal boundaries. At the same time, under the guidance of the curator of the service, schoolchildren will be able to take part in resolving conflicts with peers or younger students.  

«Adolescents such work will allow them to gain serious experience in constructive communication, which will be useful to them in the future, &mdash ; reported in the press service of the Moscow government.

Who can become a member of the reconciliation service? 

A member of the reconciliation service can be:

  • school employees who will attend training seminars by specialists of the City Psychological and Pedagogical Center on technologies and effective methods for resolving difficult situations;
  • pupils over 14 years old as volunteers;
  • teacher-psychologists of the City Psychologist -pedagogical center. 
  • In what cases will the reconciliation service be involved? 
  • The reconciliation service will be involved in the work in the following situations:
  • when there is a conflict occurred between children or between student and teacher;
  • when a common language could not be found — a newcomer came to the class or a teacher changed;
  • when a conflict arose between students due to a struggle for authority, rivalry, deceit, insults, personal hostility, etc. 

 According to the Vice Mayor of Moscow, reconciliation services will offer           ) icmos.com/

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