What kind of high-precision self-loading rifle “SMERSH” was created in Russia?

In Russia, a new high-precision self-loading rifle called "Smersh" with caliber 308Win. It was made according to the scheme of the US AR-15 rifle and is already being tested. Due to the increased firing range, the developer assumes its use, including snipers.

According to the developer, this semi-automatic rifle is essential in modern combat. Snipers and even regular shooters need a weapon that will provide high accuracy. The manufacturer claims that their rifle in a number of indicators is superior to armamented specimens by 4 times, so the accuracy of standard rifles is 2 minutes of arc, and “SMERSH”  0.5 arcminutes.

Let's try to understand this characteristic and understand why in this case, — — it is better. So, a minute of arc is often referred to as MOA (Minute Оf Angle). This value is used to evaluate the accuracy of hitting the target when shooting. For example, an angle of  1 MOA at 100 meters from the target gives a circle diameter of about three centimeters. Good weapons are rifles that have an accuracy of less than 1 MOA at a distance of 100 meters. Thus, a result of  0.5 arc minutes corresponds to a very good weapon.

It is suitable not only for an ordinary fighter, but also for a sniper. In addition, a cartridge is needed for it, which is made in & nbsp; Russia. Just 308Win is produced by several domestic factories. Range “SMERSH” will be exactly a kilometer.

Although there are some doubts about the accuracy — the thing is  that the self-loading mechanism has a bad effect on this parameter, besides before the developer used to make exclusively “bolted” (with bolt-action) sniper rifles. They are hand-loaded and suitable for shooting from long distances.

The American semi-automatic rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm, according to the scheme of which SMERSH was made, has been produced since 1963. It is a regular weapon of the police, and is also sold to citizens for self-defense and hunting. The AR-15 is reliable and therefore often bought both in the USA and around the world. Not surprisingly, the rifle is very easy to use and maintain, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. It's funny that it comes in a variety of colors — in including pink, also with Hello kitty on buttstock.

The weapon is very comfortable and ergonomically, which is important in combat operations. The barrel and  stock are assembled so that the recoil goes straight in the direction of the buttstock, thus, when fired, the barrel is thrown up to a minimum, and leaves the line of sight less. Recoil thanks to the spring buffer on the rifle is very soft for this caliber. The length of the butt is very easy to adjust, picking it up individually. The details in it are unified, this is a real constructor that can be reassembled and supplemented as you like. On weapons, thanks to the straps, you can install any devices — collimator, optical, night sights, laser designators, flashlights, bipods, sling swivels, additional handles.

The developer still has doubts about the name and offers it to be evaluated by social network users.

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