What is known about the invasion of the Maybug in Germany?

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany is alarmed by the invasion of the Maybug. According to the statements of German farmers, the pests have already caused great damage to pastures and private plots.

According to the agrarheute.com portal, the pest infestation threshold has been exceeded in the country — more than 40 larvae per square meter. On pastures, the situation is aggravated by another factor. The dark side of success in protecting nature has made itself felt. Breeding wild boars, whose population has almost doubled over the past five years, are very fond of feasting on the larvae of the May beetle and, in search of this culinary delight, they literally plow the fields, massively damaging the herbage.

No less damage is done to private adjoining plots. The Ministry in a special release recommends unscheduled tillage to reduce the pest population. An emergency permit was also issued for the use of a biological product made from concentrated spores of a fungus that parasitizes adult insects and kills them in a few days. However, the use of this remedy, according to experts, is unlikely to give a quick desired result: the effectiveness of the drug is greatly reduced by direct sunlight.

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