Urgant responded to deputies from GRAD with a joke about “Russian McCarthyism”

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Ivan Urgant

TV presenter Ivan Urgant ironically responded to the first meeting of the investigation group for anti-Russian activities in the field of culture (GRAD), which had taken place the day before. The day before, the group called him an agent of foreign influence.

“As part of the development and support of your idea of” Russian McCarthyism “; it is proposed to withdraw from free sale all the albums of Paul McCartney, with the exception of the album Back in USSR»,— wrote the TV presenter in Telegram.

He also proposed to release members of the Just Russia party from meetings of the GRAD; For the truth, “whom this day the conviction is announced in the Moscow City Court.”

On August 3, the Moscow City Court found guilty a State Duma deputy from the Just Russia party For the truth” Vadim Belousov in receiving a bribe in the amount of 3.25 billion rubles. He was sentenced to ten years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 500 million rubles. The deputy did not appear at the court session and was put on the wanted list.

The group for the investigation of anti-Russian actions in the field of culture and art was created on the initiative of the Just Russia party; For the Truth.

It included deputies from several factions, including artist Nikolai Burlyaev and Dmitry Pevtsov (“New People”), as well as deputies Dmitry Kuznetsov (“Fair Russia” For Truth) , Ivan Musatov (LDPR). One of the leaders of the group was the writer Zakhar Prilepin.

Purpose of GRAD— “to determine the main mechanisms for the implementation of foreign influence and anti-state activities in the field of culture, as well as measures to change the current situation.” The group compiled its “list of agents of foreign influence” and brought into it Urgant, the Bi-2 group, director Alexander Molochnikov and others. General Director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst is listed on the GRAD website as an “accomplice” Urgant. “Continues the contractual relationship with the leaders who do not support the CBO”, — it says on the site.

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In an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper secretary of the group for the investigation of anti-Russian actions in the field of culture, State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov said that he had sent deputy requests to Ernst and the Ministry of Digital Development— they concern cooperation with the hosts Ivan Urgant and Alexander Vasiliev.

Urgant opposed the Russian military operation in Ukraine. In early March, the Telegram channel Baza reported that the presenter had left Russia with his wife and two daughters. In mid-March, Urgant announced that he had gone on vacation and promised to return. “Don't panic. They let me go on vacation, but I'll take it and be back soon, — he wrote. The last issue of the program «Evening Urgant» aired February 21st. Since then, the channel has repeatedly denied the data about the closure of the program. The press service of the “First Channel” RBC explained that the show does not go on the air, as the channel is temporarily working “in the information mode”; and does not broadcast entertainment programs.

In the Kremlin, after the departure of Urgant, they refused to consider those who left the country “enemies of the state.” Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called Urgant a “great patriot” and admitted that he could “be scared and not understand the actions of the Russian authorities.”

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