Truss confirms plans to allocate at least $2.6 billion in military aid to Kyiv

The amount of military assistance to Kyiv in 2023 will be no less than in the current one, approximately $2.64 billion, the Prime Minister promised. Among the weapons that the kingdom will transfer to Ukraine will be MLRS

Liz Truss

British Prime Minister Liz Truss confirmed that the kingdom will provide military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of at least £2.3 billion ($2.64 billion) in 2023— London has spent this amount on the supply of arms to Kyiv this year. The statement of the office of the head of government is reported by Reuters.

The Cabinet clarified that the set of military support measures is likely to include multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) MLRS. In June, the country's authorities announced the dispatch of M270 MLRS to Ukraine, without indicating their exact number.


Earlier, Britain announced plans to maintain or increase the volume of military assistance in 2023 compared to the current one. newspaper Financial Times. The publication wrote that Truss will announce this intention at the UN General Assembly (77th session is held in New York from 20 to 26 September). The publication noted that in the current year, Britain has allocated an amount comparable to £2.3 billion for these purposes, becoming the second state in terms of military assistance to Ukraine.

According to RBC estimates, by the end of June, London had transferred to Kyiv about 4,000 NLAW anti-tank systems, 120 Mastiff armored vehicles, 200 Brimstone 1 high-tech homing missiles, as well as anti-ship missile systems, MLRS, heavy drones and other types of weapons. At the end of August, the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom decided to transfer six underwater drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the British military is training Ukrainian soldiers: by mid-August, they have trained more than 2.3 thousand fighters.

While still a candidate for prime minister, Truss spoke out in a campaign debate against a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, saying that Kyiv should receive the maximum amount of assistance from Western countries for a “clean victory.” At the same time, in her opinion, London should not be directly involved in the conflict.

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The Russian authorities condemn the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Russian Ambassador to Britain Andrey Kelin at the end of May accused London of dragging out the conflict. “Every day we hear calls to send new weapons to Ukraine, to fight to the last Ukrainian soldier, to prolong the conflict and not start negotiations until Russia is defeated,” — he explained. This, according to Kelin, indicates the unwillingness of Britain to end the conflict through diplomacy.

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