The White House explained the refusal to recognize Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism

Earlier, Biden said that he did not consider it necessary to include Russia in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that if the States made a decision on recognition, it would become a “point of no return” in bilateral relations

The United States abandoned its intention to recognize Russia as a country— sponsor of terrorism in order to avoid unforeseen consequences for Ukraine and the whole world, said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Her briefing was broadcast by CNBC on YouTube.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden, answering a question, did he consider it necessary to rank Russia among the countries— sponsors of terrorism, gave a negative answer. The White House confirmed that Biden had made the decision not to take that step.

“It's not the most effective or powerful tool to move forward,”— Jean-Pierre said and added that “this recognition could have unintended consequences for Ukraine and the world.”

Among other things, this could affect the provision of humanitarian assistance, jeopardize the implementation of the grain deal, weaken multilateral cooperation in support of Ukraine and undermine the ability of the United States to assist Kyiv in the negotiation processes, the White House spokeswoman said. According to Jean-Pierre, in order to call Russia “to accountability”, the United States will continue to use economic steps.

The idea of ​​recognizing Russia as a state— sponsor of terrorism appeared in the United States in April, the State Department indicated that it was considering such a possibility. At the same time, The Washington Post wrote that Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky addressed Biden with such a request.

In July, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the consequences of the sanctions imposed on Russia are almost tantamount to its inclusion in the list of countries— sponsors of terrorism, after which the US Senate passed a resolution calling for Blinken to confess.

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The recognition by the United States of a country as a sponsor of terrorism implies the imposition of restrictions similar to those sanctions that are already in place against Moscow. But Washington also has the opportunity to introduce restrictions on states that have trade relations with the country— sponsor of terrorism. At the moment, Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba are on this American list.

In August, Politico, citing sources, wrote that the State Department warned the American authorities about the consequences of recognition. In particular, they talked about the possible failure of the grain deal, which made it possible to export Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that such a decision by the United States “would mean that Washington had crossed the point of no return with the most serious collateral damage to bilateral diplomatic relations».

Recognize Russia as a country— Latvia also decided to sponsor terrorism, the country's diet has already voted for it. Moscow called this step “another manifestation of Russophobia.”

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