The White House explained Biden’s words about the cancer found in him

The White House spokesman clarified that Biden, talking about cancer due to the effects of environmental pollution, meant that he was treated for a tumor when he was not president yet

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden , speaking about the cancer discovered in him, he meant that he was treated for a tumor when he was not yet the head of state. This was stated on Twitter by White House spokesman Andrew Bates.

“That's what the president was talking about,” — wrote Bates, retweeting a post by The Washington Post editor Glenn Kessler. Kessler, in turn, suggested reading Biden's medical certificate, according to which he had non-melanoma skin tumors removed before he became president.

On July 20, Biden gave a speech on climate change and environmental pollution. The President said that the city of Claymont, Delaware, where he lived as a child, had many oil refineries.

“That's why I and so many people I grew up with have cancer. And that's why, for a long time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the country,” — Biden said.

The NY Post notes that the President of the United States used the present tense when talking about this. Therefore, it seemed that Biden was talking about the cancer he is suffering from now.

Biden is 79 years old. In November 2021, the president's personal physician, Kevin O'Connor, said that after a routine medical examination, the head of state was diagnosed with “mild peripheral sensory neuropathy of the leg.” It occurs due to damage to the nerves that are outside the brain and spinal cord and transmit information from them to other parts of the body, symptoms can be weakness, numbness and pain. Biden himself, after the examination, said that he feels great and “is in great shape.”

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