The Swiss, whose house will be warmer than +19 ° C in winter, face prison

The maximum temperature in the homes of Swiss residents in winter should not exceed 19 degrees.

The Swiss authorities have introduced administrative responsibility for warming houses above certain temperatures.

The temperature that is acceptable in houses next winter should not exceed 19 degrees, water heating through gas boilers & # 8211; no more than 60.

Otherwise, as Markus Sperndli, a representative of the DEF Department of Economics, explained, those responsible will face either fines or, in the case of deliberate actions, criminal punishment – imprisonment for up to three years.

According to the official, such actions would be considered violations of the country's supply law. In this case, citizens will be prosecuted by default.

The reason for the publication Blick, which refers to the document of the Ministry of Economy, is the energy crisis that the country is experiencing due to anti-Russian sanctions and the resulting lack of fuel.

In addition to residential buildings, they will also save on hot air tents and heaters .

Saunas and swimming pools will not work, but only if you need to save even more on fuel.

The authorities made an exception for hospitals, maternity hospitals and nursing homes.

The amount of the fine will be up to 180 daily rates, one is about 30 Swiss francs, but the total amount should not exceed 3,000 francs. The size, according to Sperndli, is determined by the accompanying circumstances, and the number of bets for a fine & # 8211; degree of guilt.

Earlier, a plan for crisis measures was introduced in Switzerland.

For example, turning off luminous shop windows, heaters, introducing quotas for electricity, gas savings and a likely plan to turn off the light for 4-8 hours a day.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that Switzerland refused to accept the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for treatment.


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