The Prime Minister of Saxony spoke about the “bitter truth” for Germany because of Russian gas

Prime Minister of Saxony: Germany in the coming years will not be able to abandon Russian gas The German authorities must take into account that the country in the next five years will need gas supplies from Russia, said the Prime Minister of Saxony. Before the start of the military operation, he repeatedly called for the lifting of sanctions against Moscow< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Michael Kretschmer

Germany will need gas supplies from Russia in the coming years, Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer told Die Zeit.

“We cannot do without Russian gas in the next five years,” — he thinks. According to Kretschmer, if the German authorities understand that the country still needs supplies, “this is a bitter reality and we must take this into account.”

Kretschmer said he was concerned about the impact of sanctions against Russia, imposed due to the military operation in Ukraine, on the German economy. The politician called for “pragmatism” in relations with Moscow and to the “freeze” armed conflict, stating that “a ceasefire will end the deaths and create an opportunity for the supply of raw materials.”

According to the Prime Minister of Saxony, the idea of ​​u200bu200bfinally isolating Russia or never cooperating with it economically plan, “absurd and dangerous.” “A Russia oriented towards China and having no ties with Europe is much more dangerous for us,” — he declared.

Kretschmer in previous years has repeatedly spoken out in favor of lifting sanctions against Russia. In 2020, he said that the restrictions were negatively affecting the German economy and leading to “alienation between people.” In April 2021, he visited Russia and spoke by phone with President Vladimir Putin, who “informed him about Russian approaches to resolving the intra-Ukrainian crisis.” The German Foreign Ministry warned Kretschmer not to “let himself be exploited by the Russian government” during the trip.

In June of this year, Kretschmer said that before restricting Russian gas imports, Germany needs to ensure reliable fuel supplies.

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German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habek, earlier Habek, approved the agreement of the EU countries to reduce gas consumption by 15% by the end of March next year, calling it « a strong signal to all those who mock the EU and those who despise it».

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