The National Guard is not an option. An expert on what to do about school security

On September 26, 34-year-old Artem Kazantsev — graduate of the same school. He was armed and dressed in a black T-shirt with Nazi symbols and a balaclava. Kazantsev immediately killed the guard who was on duty at the entrance to the school, then began aimlessly shooting everyone — students and teachers. And then he shot himself. Head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Alexander Khinshteinreported that the shooter used live ammunition in a traumatic weapon. It turned out that the man was registered in a neuropsychiatric dispensary.

As a result, 11 children and 6 adults died in the Izhevsk school, more than 20 were injured.

After the tragedy, they began to discuss why we schools are “protected by just anyone”, at the entrance to them “incapable pensioners sit in their pants”; etc. And at the same time, they call for strengthening security at schools, distributing weapons to all Chopovites, “to shoot back”, and in general, they say, it's time to transfer the protection of children to the National Guard.

What of these ideas can work and how to really effectively strengthen the security of educational institutions, discussed with an expert on integrated security, head of the holding of security structures “Rus”, a member of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Guard Roman Nasonov< /strong>.

Weapons cannot be given away

The idea to arm the guards existing in schools seems to Roman Nasonov not only not productive, but downright dangerous.

“Firstly, the law prohibits the presence of people with weapons in educational institutions. And it is no coincidence, — the expert thinks. — There is no point in arming school security. At such facilities with a massive presence of people, and even more so children, the presence of regular service weapons in the guard is completely excluded. Because its application will have a rather negative result. Simply put, in the event of a shootout between a security guard and an attacker, no one can guarantee that children will not fall into the line of fire. And, secondly, we must not forget about the human factor, when so many faces — and there are many schools in our country and everywhere there is security — will be in the hands of a weapon».

Roman Nasonov believes that today the guards in schools already have a working mechanism that can help in emergency situations. 

«Panic button — it is the first protection tool of the guard. All schools are equipped with them, and this allows you to quickly call the employees of the National Guard, whose arrival takes 5-6 minutes. By the way, the National Guard pays maximum attention to objects of this category, — says the expert. — Moreover, not only the National Guard or armed private security officers arrive promptly. In our country, for example, a quick response group of private security companies — two armed men.

The Russian Guard will become the Russian Superarmy

Immediately after the tragedy in Izhevsk, Russian human rights ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova announced the need for the Russian Guard to protect schools in Russia. Immediately, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education Yana Lantratova said that the relevant bill had been prepared, but did not find support in the government.

Roman Nasonov, who is a member of the Constitutional Court of the National Guard and has no doubts about the qualifications of the employees of this structure, is in solidarity with the government on this issue and explains why.

“Such a proposal has been discussed for a long time. But there are several pitfalls here. Based on the number of such facilities and the necessary characteristics that employees must have to perform these duties, the National Guard will turn out to be a real Russian Superarmy. Because four people are needed for each object, and only in Moscow there are 7,000 objects. And plus an additional administrative apparatus. So count it.

It is worth considering the price of the issue: it will be on average about eight times more expensive than what is currently being paid for a daily guard post. As a result, most likely, this will be transferred to the same State Unitary Enterprise Okhrana, the personnel will remain, in general, the same. In addition, law enforcement officers are not trained in the specifics of protecting schools. Today, school security guards must undergo special training on the basis of a professional standard, taking into account the specifics of the protection of educational organizations. Including psychological preparation.

What can help strengthen security

An integrated security expert believes that it is possible to really effectively strengthen the security of schools with the help of engineering solutions. “Based on the design of the school, first of all, we are talking about the entrance group to the building. We must do this by all available means to minimize the admission of outsiders and inadequate people to the territory of schools, », — says Nasonov.

In addition, there are a number of requirements that must be observed in all schools in the country. This is not just theoretical reasoning, but a working mechanism that is used in Moscow.

“This is, firstly, the doors of the school closed for the period of the educational process. And this is being done in Moscow. Secondly, gates, central entrance, emergency exits must be equipped with a video intercom with access to the security post. If a visitor comes, the guards see who came, find out why, and only after that opens it. At the same time, I will again say about the experience of Moscow: all intercom cameras not only have access to the security post, but are also brought to a single data storage center of the city system, — says the expert. — It is also necessary to introduce everywhere throughout Russia a selective examination with a manual metal detector of visitors and students — especially those who are late to class. Pay attention to people dressed in black clothes (recent tragic cases show that this is a common sign), long raincoats under which you can hide weapons, etc. Be more attentive to children who are registered in juvenile affairs. This measure is very effective. For example, we have in Moscow every month from 2 to 30 cases of detection of various items prohibited from being brought in. This is not necessarily a weapon, but the same gas cartridges, knives. 

Simply put, according to the expert, it's not worth it now in a fever to reinvent the wheel — it is necessary to ensure that the existing mechanisms of school security really work throughout the country.

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