The main weapon of Putin began to discuss in Europe

Inconsistent news of the week

While everyone was following the spy story of the attempted hijacking of a Russian combat aircraft, the flight of an American military aircraft with Nancy Pelosi on board, the extravagant sawing of a branch of a gas pipeline by Europe, on which she sits, an almost unnoticed event took place in Russia. Meanwhile, a cornerstone has been laid at the foundation of the country that is being reborn before our eyes.

President Biden: who is playing with fire? Photo: AP

One of my hated acquaintances told me that he had a special notebook in which he wrote down what he had lied to. For a while, this helped a lot, and this man even gained a reputation as almost a moral authority. But lies gained a critical mass, climbed out of all the cracks, like Mishka's porridge, and the person turned into an outcast when his deceit became obvious to everyone. The story of an attempt to bribe our pilot and hijack a plane from Russia to Ukraine is exactly the same. Investigative-loving liberal oppositionists have been saying for years that they are not against Russia, but against the regime. And then it turned out that their main “investigator” and moral authority, Khristo Grozev, was a soldier of the enemy. They are not fighting with Putin, they are fighting against the Russians, and the beautiful Russia of the future in their understanding is many, many small states that are Western colonies en masse. My friend, by the way, went through the pain of repentance and active repentance. Now he is doing well. I'm not sure if our liberals will succeed in the same thing: they have too strong, egocentrism is the basis of their worldview.

The clash of egocentrism and harsh reality could be observed at the very end of the week. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi began her tour. She said she would fly to Taiwan. Like, it is necessary to support the democratic regime as opposed to the totalitarian communist China. But on the eve of the tour, an event took place that was breathtaking. Comrade Xi told Mr Biden that anyone who plays with fire is sure to get burned. It's not even a flick on the nose. This is a direct indication to America how it should behave. An instruction given at the level of dialogue between the two leaders of states. A severe blow to the pride and authority of the United States, which no one has ever dared to point out and which always and in everything behaved exactly as they wanted. Summed up egocentrism. Now Pelosi will turn to Taiwan (the tour was still going on when I write this) – America will begin to crumble under the inevitable blows (not directly military) of China. If he doesn’t show up, the political system will begin to crumble, because Trump will definitely and completely humiliate Grandfather. Moreover, the version that Biden is not real is still gaining popularity there – he doesn’t blink for an inhumanly long time during television broadcasts, and he looks too different in different photographs. Yes, and covid attacks him every other day.

In Europe, the EU political system has already begun to crumble. There is no unanimity on the issue of renunciation of Russian gas, and on the issue of sanctions in general, no matter how it is portrayed. It got to the point that the heads of the settlements of the German island of Rügen wrote a letter to the federal government in which they propose to launch … Nord Stream 2. Not even just a “SP”, for which the turbines will not be given away, but the “second” – Putin's “weapon” of the main caliber. Attempts to switch to gas from manure, which turned out to be successful in small villages, are unlikely, according to the German press, to save industry and big cities. It is also impossible to redistribute gas between different countries in winter – Poland and Portugal flatly refused to share. Cracks and fissures are no longer running just along the lines of state borders, but also within countries … But the most surprising thing is, of course, the European consistency: on the one hand, to say that we are supposedly reducing consumption and generally want to abandon Russian gas , and on the other hand, to be indignant that Russia is meeting these desires and turning the valve. Imagine a drug addict who tells everyone he is determined to quit, but yells like a victim when his dope supply is taken from him.

By the way, about Zelensky. The President of Ukraine and his wife starred in a world famous fashion magazine. And as expected, he caught a wave of negativity – both from ordinary citizens and from politicians at the level of American congressmen. The latter were outraged, as befits the Americans, by the misappropriation of their money. And ordinary people – the level of grief on the faces of the Zelensky couple. The grief was at the level of “our beloved pug died.” And this, it should be noted, speaks of who killed fifty “Azov” in the colony in Yelenovka much more than the fragments of the American missile from “Khimars” found on the spot and the invitation of international experts by Russia to investigate the strike.

Of course, seemingly small events inside Russia are not so noticeable behind all this. But in fact, they are no less important than victories at the front. It would seem, well, what is the significance of the words of Deputy Prime Minister Borisov that “in Russia they missed the transition to an industrial model for the production of satellites, a radical restructuring of processes is needed, moreover, under sanctions”? Huge. In the sense that the scheme “you can’t upset the bosses” breaks down. Admitting a mistake in public is not just progress. This is progress, progress. Or Mishustin assigns high-tech industries to vice-premiers. It's the same thing. After all, nothing prevented doing this before (in fact, it did, but with the beginning of the NWO, he emigrated from Russia).

But for me personally, the main event of the week was the decision of the Ministry of Education that from September 1 in all schools of the country will hold a weekly ceremony of raising the State flag. Someone snorts: that's nonsense! And you go up to anyone who caught the pioneers and withstood the torture of capitalism, and say: “Be ready!” The answer bounces off the teeth.


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