The Kremlin called Kadyrov’s words about resignation not yet materialized

Peskov stressed that the Kremlin still proceeds from the fact that Kadyrov continues to lead Chechnya. He has held this position longer than other heads of regions – since 2007 max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

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The Kremlin is aware of the statement of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov that he “deserved an indefinite and long vacation,” however, they proceed from the fact that he still continues to lead the region, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, reports TASS.

“Indeed, we saw these messages, but, let's put it this way, so far, if I understand correctly, these messages have not materialized in any way,”— said Peskov.

“While we proceed from the fact that he continues to lead the Chechen Republic,” — added the representative of the President.

The day before, Kadyrov said that he “noted that he had stayed too long”; in office and considers well-deserved “an indefinite and long vacation.” He recalled the Chechen proverb, which refers to a guest who becomes even more pleasant when he leaves on time. “I think my time has come too before they kick me out,” — noted Kadyrov.

He has been the head of Chechnya since 2007 and has been in office longer than other regional leaders. He was last re-elected in September 2021, his term expires in 2026.

In 2017, Kadyrov spoke about his desire to resign in the program “Actors with Nailya Askerzade”. “To be the leader of the region and be responsible for the people, for the republic before the Almighty, before the leadership of the state, and, well, before the people— it's very difficult, — he explained, arguing also that to resign— his dream.

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Ramzan Kadyrov

politician, head of Chechnya

October 5, 1976

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