The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the unwillingness of Hungary to talk about any sanctions

Foreign Minister Szijjártó: Hungary does not want to talk about any sanctions against Russia hu.

He noted that the country constantly faces “political blackmail” in defending national interests. “The liberal mainstream wants to maintain the appearance of being right, so it puts pressure on those who tell the truth,” — said the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

He called the energy issue “the biggest exposure of the liberal mainstream.” According to him, “until it is possible to transport natural gas in a train or in a backpack”, Europe will not be able to free itself from Russian energy dependence in the near future, the minister is convinced.

“There is no European supply security without Russian sources energy»,— Szijjarto emphasized.

He is sure that Hungary is “doing well” because it “has been calling problems by their proper names for a long time”; and has long said “honestly and clearly.” The government has clearly defined national interests and is not afraid to follow them, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry noted.

Hungary will be able to cope with the challenges in the future, because it is “the world champion in managing economic crises”, it has ” a nationally oriented foreign policy rather than one dictated by the centers of power”, as well as “political stability and, as a result, courage”.

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