The head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation argued with the HRC about “shielding IT people”

Fadeev, in an appeal to Shoigu, asked why “all IT people were shielded” and suggested giving a deferment only to specialists employed in certain areas, for example, dual-use technologies. The Ministry of Digital Development does not agree with this

The Ministry of Digital Development does not agree with the head of the Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, who believes that the “booking” from partial mobilization should not apply to all IT professionals, but only those working in certain areas. This was reported in the telegram channel of the department.

The ministry opposes granting a deferment only to information technology employees working with military technology. The head of the department, Maksut Shadayev, said that, taking into account restrictions on the import of foreign IT solutions, it is necessary to ensure the emergence of Russian competitive analogues in all significant niches as soon as possible, “this is a matter of ensuring technological sovereignty.”

“It is difficult for yourself imagine real security if we continue to depend in certain areas on the technologies of countries that are unfriendly to us, — he pointed out.

Partial mobilization has been announced in Russia since September 21. The Ministry of Defense reported that representatives of certain professions could be exempted from service in order to ensure the “work of certain high-tech industries.” As clarified in the Ministry of Digital Development, among the applicants for a deferment— employees of accredited IT companies working with IT solutions (software, hardware and software systems) or involved in ensuring the operation of information infrastructure. To do this, you need to bring to the military registration and enlistment office the original or a copy of the employment contract, a diploma of higher education, an extract from the register of state accreditation of the employer company and a certificate from the place of work signed by the general director.

On September 24, Fadeev, in an address to the head of the Ministry of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, expressed bewilderment due to the fact that “all IT people were immediately shielded.” In his opinion, only IT specialists who work with military and dual-use technologies, ensure the operation of critical infrastructure and backbone companies, including industrial ones, should receive a deferment from conscription.

As Shoigu assured earlier, partial mobilization will affect 300 thousand, or 1% of the country's mobilization resource— those who served, have combat experience or a military specialty.

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