The government approved the preservation of jobs for mobilized

The employment contracts of the mobilized will be suspended without termination, the government reported

The government approved the resolution on the preservation of jobs for mobilized citizens, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers published a message about this.

In accordance with it, “employment contracts with citizens called up for partial mobilization will be suspended, but not terminated,” and “their jobs will be saved.”

“Mobilized citizens will be able to keep their employment contract later return to your original place of work. The changes necessary for this have been made to the specifics of the legal regulation of labor relations in force in 2022 and 2023, — the message says.

Earlier, the head of the social committee of the Federation Council, Inna Svyatenko, said that senators are developing amendments to the Labor Code, designed to guarantee the rights of mobilized workers. Among the possibilities — is to keep a job for a person called up for service or to pay state compensation in case it is not possible to keep it. The head of the Human Rights Council Valery Fadeev supported the preservation of the workplace for the mobilized.

Partial mobilization was announced by President Vladimir Putin on the morning of September 21. 300,000 reservists will be mobilized. The mobilization will affect privates and sergeants under 35, junior officers under 50, and senior officers under 55. First of all, shooters, tankers, artillerymen, drivers will be called. The General Staff claims that combat experience will be one of the main factors when drafting.

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