The expert told who Ukraine can fight on “flying desks”

The decommissioned Czech attack aircraft will replenish the Independent Air Force

Lithuania is preparing a consignment of military aid for Ukraine, Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas said. It will include thermal imagers and other humanitarian aid, the list of which is not specified. In addition, it is planned to increase the number of military instructors teaching Independent servicemen.

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“We intend to support Ukraine with real practical measures, in particular, increase the number of instructors, provide some material assistance,” Anushauskas said in a statement.

Tazke Vilnius plans to transfer the last Lithuanian training – training aircraft L-39ZA Albatros, purchased from the Czech Republic. With a little clarification: the plane was decommissioned back in November 2021 due to a faulty power plant. But free of charge, that is, for free.

A military expert, editor of the Arsenal Otechestvo newspaper Alexey Leonkov told MK where Ukraine can use a light attack aircraft and whether it will be useful.

-This is a combat training aircraft, where the word “combat” has a large number of restrictions. Earlier these planes were called “flying desks”. Flight schools took them with pleasure. Pilot training began with piston aircraft and then moved on to mini-jets.

– No, I mean its small-sized characteristics. It is a single engine light fighter. Of course, it is not even like our old MiG-21, because compared to the L-39, it was considered more advanced, heavier and faster. The Czech plane is subsonic, it has restrictions on the amount of combat load that it can take with it. If we compare it with the SU-25, it is certainly inferior to it, but for some small operations against a not very developed enemy it is quite suitable. But, again, we are talking about an enemy without air defense means and which does not have such aircraft, not to mention more modern models.

For example, the Americans used light aircraft for counter-guerrilla activities. Such a plane took with it a certain amount of ammunition, knowing that the partisans had nothing to fight against it, it flew, discovered and destroyed. But the fact is that these aircraft were designed in the last century and belong to the transitional third and fourth generation aircraft. And in order to bring them at least to generation 4 plus, a lot needs to be radically changed. But even modernized with strong opposition in modern combined arms combat, it is destroyed. And nothing can be done to increase its vitality. It cannot be equipped with either electronic warfare (EW) systems or defense systems. If you install them, you will have to sacrifice aviation weapons that you could take with you. In short, the plane is not for modern combat and not for highly developed technological powers.

– Yes, the Powers of Ukraine may well go to Donbass on such an airplane. Now Ukraine is doing very badly with aviation. All the complexes that they have in service had to be maintained in good condition during integration with Russia. But, as you know, there is no integration, so the planes fell into disrepair. L-39 is a Czech product, and the Czech Republic is a NATO country. For them, however, the appearance of such aircraft in Ukraine is not a big economic plus, it is not a fact that Ukraine will pay at all for its technical operation. After all, for this you need to find money.

But do not forget that the defenders of Donbass have MANPADS systems, mobile short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, such as “Strela”, “Osa”. And Albatros has limitations, if you use it as a bomber, it won't take many bombs. And when he goes to attack, he will storm from the heights that the air defense systems reach. He is unlikely to get away from an anti-aircraft missile.

– The United States, and the rest of Nezalezhnaya's “assistants”, have such items of expenditure, they allocate money for military aid. But this does not mean at all that they give Ukraine money in hand and that it buys something. Under this money, the Americans sell the equipment that is subject to disposal, which by the way also costs money, is sold a second time, hanging subsequent operating costs in Ukraine. And all this military aid is actually shifted from one pocket to another. Whose pockets these are, I think there is no need to explain.


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