The doctor spoke about the diseases that people over 40 are susceptible to

After the age of 40, significant changes occur in the body, including hormonal changes, which serve as a trigger for aging. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Svetlana Kanevskaya told about this.

After 40 years, the reproductive system slows down in women. At the age of 40-45, the ovaries stop working. Stopping reproductive functions takes more than five years. The changes are due to a decrease in estrogen levels.

In men, by the age of 40-45, there is 15% less testosterone. The production of male sex hormone decreases at the age of 30-35 by an average of 2% every year. Due to a decrease in the level of testosterone, which is responsible for metabolic processes, men often gain weight.

Other disorders also occur. By the age of 40, people lose up to 2% of muscle mass every year. The bone mass becomes less dense. In this regard, sarcopenia develops, the risk of osteoporosis and diabetes mellitus increases, the specialist said.

In addition, failures occur in the circulatory system with age due to the development of atherosclerosis. The hematopoietic system begins to work with disorders, which is fraught with strokes, cerebral hemorrhages, myocardial infarctions.

Vision also becomes worse, farsightedness and problems with the nervous system often occur.

Kanevskaya recommends regularly in a complex check the body, carry out the necessary corrective procedures for the prevention of diseases.

Earlier, psychotherapist Evgeny Fomin said that in the autumn-spring period, some people experience an exacerbation of neurotic disorders, anxiety increases and possible phobias intensify.

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