The American Conservative: US aid to Ukraine will no longer help

Photo: Global Look Press

Supplies of new weapons systems to Kyiv will not change the strategic result. Even if the entire avalanche of weapons provided by the West does not disappear into the black hole of Ukrainian corruption, complex offensive operations of the republic’s 700,000-strong army are impossible.

As former adviser to the secretary of defense in the Trump administration, retired colonel Douglas McGregor, Washington does not understand that Russia will react to such a development of events by escalating the conflict. Unlike Ukraine, Moscow did not mobilize. But it can do it very quickly.

According to the expert, the US military ignores historical lessons and underestimates the role of human capital. But he is the key to victory.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, 55,000 German officers have been killed, and the best mobile armored forces have been exhausted so that there was no question of any offensive in 1943.

The same problem appeared in aviation. German industry could replenish the number of fighters, but the German army could not replenish the number of pilots.

“In war and peace, human capital is everything. Unfortunately, Washington pays little attention to this, willingly lowering the requirements for the admission of soldiers and officers,” McGregor said. He admitted that if this trend continues, the Americans will be defeated in a clash with a combat-ready enemy.

Douglas McGregor stressed that the conflict in Ukraine is at a decisive point. It's time to finish with the supply of arms and financial injections.

“NATO expansion to the borders of Russia was never necessary and became a disaster for Europe. The longer the conflict with Moscow lasts, the more likely it is that the damage done to the Ukrainian society and its army will be irreparable,” he said.

The expert admitted that the neutrality of Kyiv according to the Austrian model is still possible . Otherwise, Ukraine will become a new catalyst for future conflict, and the fragile coalition of NATO countries supporting the fighting will collapse.

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