Impiety – Weaponized Lyrics

Weaponized Lyrics

Finalise the breath, of the useless, retarded & weak – millions that surround
Open fire mass execution, delete & erase them, once for all
Weapons unforgiving, devastating capabilities, sizes & shapes
Relentless they rip, shred & tear, disintegrate the frail sacred shell, of humankind

Obsessed by exterminations
Demonized, possessed to kill am I
Oath of sadistic warfare
Agonized, all stand for God shall die

Armaments of devastation, flamethrowers, howitzers, machetes & shotguns
From crossbows, swords to bazookas, I let them all take control – and direct command
Easy it is, to be in power, gods contend me not for I will not fail
Take your aim to maim thus enabling, the bloody genocide – to ensue with ease

Face to face, I’m ready, locked & loaded
Behind the barrel, I lay all to waste
Scores of corpses, fragmented in disgrace
Quest for blood, I hunger for death
Truly a beast – I fire without mercy
Triggering kills igniting misery
Smell of sulphur & depravation
Allow my weapon I shall to terminate your fate

Face to face, I’m ready with sharpened blades
Clenched tight handle, I slay all to waste
Beheading masses, hacking limb after limb
Quest for blood, I hunger for death
Truly a beast – I live to see them bleed
Slaying kills igniting misery
Smell of blood & rotting body parts
Allow my weapon I shall, to seal your fate