Tommy Steele – Water Water Lyrics

Water Water Lyrics

Water, water, ev’rywhere and not a drop to drink

So tell me now

What else can a poor fellow do

But sit right down and think?

Think about his girl, think about the times we had

Together, boy

On Friday we’d paint the town

But now she ain’t around. There’s only….

Think about some tea, even if I wanted to be

A tee-totaller

It’s only salty sea between a drink and me

It’s drives you mad…..

Think about roast beef, think about some fish and chips

In newspapers

These galley meals are OK, but sausage ev’ry day.

Is as bad as….

Think about those girls, in the pinup photographs

Around the bunk.

They’re standing within arm’s reach,

And ev’ry one a peach.

It’s just like…..