Young Buck Claims 50 Cent Beef Was An Elaborate Hoax To Trick Fans

Young Buck revealed that he and 50 Cent pulled one over on fans with some fake beef, an elaborate hoax carefully orchestrated to trick G-Unit fans.

The longstanding beef between 50 Cent and Young Buck turned out to be a facade if Buck is to be believed. The rapper who has had discord with Fifty over some G-Unit drama that dates back to the early 2000s says the recently perpetuated rivalry was staged. During an Instagram Live session, Young Buck said he and Fifty planned the whole elaborate scheme.

“We ain’t got no mother****in’ beef. This is what you mother****ers get ’cause you always chasing this beef shit,” Buck admitted. “And then we done played y’all mother****in’ ass….We win because we made all you mother****ers think that it’s beef and we don’t like each other.”

Young Buck, who has been enduring the wrath of 50 Cent ever since he came out of jail, was clamored by legal woes after he claimed Fifty wouldn’t let him out of his G-Unit contract without a six-figure fine. Following his recent admission, it’s hard to tell what was real and what was fake during the whole feud. Buck says the plan all along was for Fifty to beat him down so he could win people over again.

“That’s what you mother****ers get, man. You mother****ers is crazy out here, bro,” the rapper reportedly said during his Instagram Live session. “This social media shit got you people fu**ed, man. Y’all got played this time. We sat down and master planned this shit out. 50 was like, ‘I’m gonna say all kinds of shit about you, ni**a. I’m a make them fu**in’ hate you. Then you gon’ make ’em love you again.’”

He continued, “I guess the ni*** was right ’cause they love me again. And I did it…I made ’em love me again.” 50 Cent is yet to comment on this revelation. However, the two rappers reportedly shot a music video together recently that is slated to be released soon. Meanwhile, Young Buck insists that he and the TV-mogul are on good terms.

Young Buck previously detailed 50 Cent beef

Of course, Young Buck previously shed some light on his longstanding beef with his former G-Unit comrade, 50 Cent. In an interview with VLAD in January of this year, Buck says things started falling apart over some money and management issues.

“They issues was, from my understanding, about money,” Buck said. “And, 50 immediately started to bring me and the guys together in the rooms and office like “Look, ya’ll gon’ have to find another manager. At the time, Sha was the president of the company, the manager of me, Banks and Yayo, he wore so many f***ing different hats bro.”