Only The Family, Lil Durk & Doodie Lo – Sip Again Lyrics

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[Intro: Lil Durk]
Zoo Wop
Gang shit members only, man
You know that
Ayy we ain’t switchin’ up for niggas
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
The Voice
Ain’t gon’ lie this shit crazy
First day off the drink, you know

[Verse 1: THF Zoo]
For Grandson (Von)
Zoo will come blam some (Boom)
Hop up out the steamer, squeeze this bitch ’til my hands numb (Uh, huh)
Play with choppas, fuck a hand gun (Yeah)
If he a oppa then his ass done (Yeah)
Beatin’ down this block like the bass on a band drum (Brr, brr)
His ass up with hot shit (Hot)
Zoo he on that opp shit (Opp)
You a witness, you get top quick
THF my block, bitch
Ain’t beefin’ with no niggas ’cause the opps be on some cop shit
Ain’t beefin’ with no niggas ’cause the opps be on some cop shit

[Verse 2: Doodie Lo]
Fully automatics, God damn, they got us started
My niggas ain’t got no soul
They on go, they retarded (Gang)
Pop out, shake some (Boom)
Mikey ikey, take some
See ’em, they don’t say nothin’ (Bitch)
I’ma run this cake up
E-E-Even though you livin’, you a dead man walkin’ (Walkin’)
Try to text me on the pounds, so I had cross (Cross)
If it’s up, then we on all that
If he fall, I want all scalp
I’ve been drillin’ since a youngin’, I won’t stop until they fall back

[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
Ain’t gon’ kiss no nigga ass (Yeah), if a nigga ain’t tryna rock with us (Let’s get it)
Half these niggas bitches, call Zoo phone they say apologies (They say apologies)
I did what I did, I stayed too real, they didn’t acknowledge me (They didn’t acknowledge me)
I done spent tuition on these drugs, ain’t paid for college (Man, what?)
Man, they said you got some money in your crib (Yeah), just lock your door (Just lock your door), that’s for sure
I can act like he gon’ rob me and you both but that’s the bro (But that’s the bro and you won’t know), and you won’t know
If you hangin’ on your block on Christmas, I’m the Grinch again
I did murk shit, I ain’t drinkin’ no more, I just sipped again
I don’t fuck with Qualitest but me I drink some Tris again (Tris again)
I just pissed, she sucked my dick so good, she made me piss again
Told ’em slide, nobody died, and if they miss just bend again
When they come back to the block, I take his gun, don’t miss again