OFB – Flick Of The Wrist Lyrics

When I say free, y’all say SJ
Ayy, spin that

[Verse 1: Bandokay]
(Bando, ai, ai, yo)
Went shopping, flick shank in my pocket
Would’ve brought a big ting but there’s nowhere to lock it (Y’know)
My young boy said the ting kept jammin’
Looked at big bro, should’ve kept on cockin’ (Cock it back)
In this yardie dance, who’s my man preein’ my ting, asked bro, should I knock him (Ai)
You ever heard knock, knock on the door? Nobody don’t move and they keep on knockin’
Bro got an angle on my man, said it’s percy so I should not stop him (I won’t)
You ever circled the opp block for one individual, prayin’ to bro that you spot him (Where you at?)
And do two malis, he’s over tapped, wind down the back window and shot him
Me and bro like Batman and Robin
Back in the day used to bat man and rob him (Ai)

[Verse 2: Double Lz]
Flick of the wrist when I swing this borer (Swing)
Tryna rip man’s corе up
Real definition of slaughter, spin that Corsa
Pull up with bro no Warnеr
Chop that dots so it’s shorter
Shush got bored up, wet like water, civilians saw us
Rude, rude, rude, no cap, that’s out of order
That gyal is bruckin’ it, yeah, she’s lovin’ it
Beat and bounce, no cuddlin’
Just gave her D now she stutterin’
Pull up with corn and we gon’ slap some of it
Bro popped one at him, hop for covering, bare man stumblin’, them man are sufferin’
If you was wonderin’, he’s outside wanderin’
The first time I stepped out, man fell in love with it

[Verse 3: Bandokay]
My akhi’s out broad-day blastin’
Tell him “Cool down when you should be fastin’”
Gyal know who I am, why you askin’?
Why dem convo? Slow down, you’re jarrin’ (Slow down)
And bro was trapped in the ends, get clartin’
Now he’s at home rechargin’ (Ai)
And gyal like shy oh my just give it to Sav and bro get past him (Yo)
Bandokay, I’m boss on my block so should I say Nizzy or Farm Blocks?
Make cells ring like alarm clocks
High road, what road, broski clart off
Yo, feds on the kid, man park off
Dart off, big bro’s on it bark off (Baow)
And don’t get me mad ’cause you get T mad and you don’t want Trapo to start off (Trapo)

[Verse 4: Double Lz]
If you weren’t able to ching or shoot like Bando
Said you’re gettin’ fling in the boot (Bando)
Grip and shoot, won’t pick and choose
No ip-dip-does when the stick goes boom
Look at my friend like we’re drillers for true (Baow)
Me and T and we’re similar yutes (We are)
Spin tings spins at him and his bruce (Doot, doot, doot, doot)
Hop out gang, start ringin’ the broom
I’m out in the dark with a wap in my hand
Make it kick like Jackie Chan
You ever run man down with a sams as long as your leg tryna capture man?
My lil bro Sav or sav’o,, he slapped off four tryna hashtag dat
He ain’t tryna slide for the flats, why they lyin’ for the tracks, are you fine with that?

[Verse 5: Bandokay]
Yo, I guess Bradz fresh home like Dazza
Free V Jugg, done-done him a mazza (Mazza)
T Trap is a booter and trapper, slapper
Turn off your local rapper (Y’know)
I was in beef I didn’t go Napa
I was with Krept, I was with MoStacka (Ai, ai)
Or should I say MoStack, don’t believe them, that boy’s a capper
The wheels go round and round while bros hangin’ out tryna sound and sound out (Baow, baow)
Broski reached for his pouch
Got a ting that’s tall like Peter Crouch
Two tings, one West, one South
One come to the ends and open mouth
Me Bando, I loved it in the T-house
But rap saved me and I’m on the way out

[Verse 6: Double Lz]
Gunshot for a fake or snake, when I wake and bake on a paper plane
Make it beat like 808, gave him a chase it’s a make or break
Tryna save your day when I aim
I’m tryna hit two man straight
Ride with phones, that’s basic played
Light tek, rise up the beat, let’s play (Let’s play)
Dudu, really livin’ with the spittin’
Do it for the fibbin’, dem man do it for the image
My side ride with sticks like witches
Pop up, click it and turn man spinach
Spot two man, which one are we pickin’? (Ai)
Ended up both like Headie One’s riddim
You already know I spit what I’m livin’
Even in Carni we bring it (Bando)

[Verse 7: Bandokay]
Police on my back and they keep playing mind games (Dickheads)
You got beef with who? I heard man said that they all got migraines
I hate it when man move sideways
Some lightweight, not my way (Never)
Right now I’m on the beat with WhyJay
I got YK, the right way, the young G will shoot when I say (Baow, baow)

[Verse 8: Double Lz]
Rude, rude, spill some juice
Broom, broom, sweep up yutes
Who’s on who? My gang’s on you
Two two’s, an opp got spooned
Ten o’clock news
Got smoke in the ride tryna give him the twos (Blaow)
Poo, poo, my opps are poo
No way are we callin’ a truce