Emerson Drive – That Was Us Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
There's an old abandoned warehouse on the way into town
Broken out glass still lays on the ground
That old '69 Buick's still stuck in the field
Some backseat stories in those rusted out wheels
And there's Joe's Minimart, man, that poor guy has seen
His share of shoplifters and fake IDs
There's a crop of new freshman runnin' Coach Riley's place
He's a madman with a whistle, yeah, he'll blow it in your face
That high school gym has a banner on the wall
A trophy in a case, yeah, the plaque says it all

That was us havin' fun
Who says youth is wasted on the young

Glory days come and go
So we just made the most of the years
That we call growin' up
That was us

[Verse 2:]
Between rivalries and our hometown pride
Sits Delmar's Diner on the county line
One wrong word and our fists would fly
After football games on a Friday night
The cops didn't bother to wait for a call
They just showed up ready for a small town brawl

[Verse 3:]
Alcohol on your breath, Mama worried to death
Muscle cars, breaking hearts , even some of 'em ours
Petty and Strait on the same cassette tape
Fallin' in love or in lust, that was us