Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud – Do The James Lyrics

Do The James Lyrics

Girls I got em locked so similar to a prison
in my awesome jams that are causin me favoritism
I hearda bein dopin but this beat’s a mover.
The choreographer causin your funky dope maneuver.
I’m the boss rappin, you’re the crowd for hire.
For music supplements the funky drum is your supplier.
Me when on the hiphop I make you get down
and do the James …

Let’s get situated: Girls I am assigning
you to the superlover to clap to my funky rhyming.
Love’s what I’m called cuz girls always held it
Calenthay is my name but then I really seldom tell it.
Just because it’s funky don’t mean that you can get it,
While everybody’s doin it surely you will be with it
I’m rockin the hiphop to make you get down
and do the James …

Love to me’s a game when I play it I never forfeit,
telling me that you love much better now girls get off it.
You’re starving, I’m your meal so come down with the exquisite
What is it, a blizzard? Now do you want me to come visit?
Let me take it easy with girls I can’t romance em
cuz me they hold for ransom, yes simply cuz I am handsome.
Livin off my looks, I abuse it cuz they will choose it.
Appearance not the only thing kickin, so is my music.
Kickin with the technique don’t come from Shaolin Temple,
Funky beats and my dopin rhymin make it so simple.
I’m your entertainer causin you to get down
and do the James ..

Me the lover not rockin, picture that like a photographer
my rhythm talk is pumpin, my beat is your choreographer
bad on the mic, soft and warm but not a sucker
spill out your heart, baby, I’m your quicker-picker-upper.
And why I rock the microphone? aint nothin in particular
Love is what I like and to rap is extracurricular.
Troop, you know my super rap (proof[?])s, so don’t you lie.
when it comes to rockin somethin fierce, mmm, do I.
When it comes to girls I attract em like a magnet.
You want a piece? I’ll get my jar and then you’ll get a fragment
Girls just love me, so conceited, I can tell
they all excited for my music plus they might be overwhelmed
at the fact I’m handsome, so cute, and so fly.
I’m not slurring, I’m preferring to [????] and I’m
your entertainer causin you to get down,
so do the James …