Buju Banton Calls The Gov’t The ‘Enemies Of The Jamaican People’ Over DRM Amendment

Buju Banton is not happy with a recent notice by the Jamaica Constabulary Force that says it does not need to warn persons who are found in breach of an offense under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

On his Instagram account, Buju Banton said, “all members of parliament who voted for this have declared themselves to be enemies of Jamaican people. DO NOT TRAD ON US ANYMOOR [sic],” Buju said.

Buju Banton has been a staunch critic of the government and its vaccination drive and measures geared at flattening the curve as infections spiked in the island. He is among a string of entertainers that includes Sizzla Kalonji, Spragga Benz, and others who have called out the government for the oppressive measures which have seen the entertainment industry grind to a half more than 12 months now. The government has failed to provide stimulus to assist mini and micro-businesses that are affected.

The notice in question read, “the public is being advised that as a result of the recent amendments to the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), the police are no longer required to give warning notices before affecting an arrest for breaches under the DRMA. These persons can be arrested and charged immediately,” the public advisory read.

It seems that the police force is backtracking after Jamaicans released an onslaught of criticisms against the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) after it said that charges against Usain Bolt for a secret birthday bash in August 2020 will not be laid. The JCF, via its Communications spokesperson Stephanie Lindsay last week, noted that the reasoning behind that decision was that Bolt was not given the opportunity to be warned because police were notified of the offense after the fact.

Furthermore, she said that usually, when offenses are committed, the persons are warned, and if they persist, then they are charged. She cited Beenie Man’s case as one such instance where the party promoters and Beenie Man were warned, but the party was still held in violation of the direct orders.

Jamaicans found the argument untenable as many online took to social media to call out the JCF for hypocrisy and favoritism towards Bolt because others are not dealt with in the same manner. Among those who have been charged is entertainer Beenie Man for a party held in St. Elizabeth, as well as ordinary members of the public.

Recent videos online have shown police brutalizing a man for failing to wear a mask. The man in a video was seen bleeding from his mouth as a woman alleged that his teeth were knocked out by police.

Buju Banton previously calls Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ measures to contain the pandemic, “oppression and tyranny.” While he received some support for making the statement, some Jamaicans pushed back against it.

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Buju Banton Calls Out Jamaica’s PM Andrew Holness For, “Oppression & Tyranny”

Buju Banton rains scorched out down on Jamaica’s PM Andrew Holness calling his measures to fight back the pandemic, “ppression and tyranny.”

Reggae/dancehall artist Buju Banton certainly has a lot to say as it relates to the Jamaican government, and he is not shy about sharing his thoughts with his fans and the public in general. As Jamaica follows the COVID-19 protocols, there have been tighter restrictions in all sectors across the country. From wearing masks, curfews, and lockdowns of certain things, including the entertainment industry since 2020, the Jamaican landscape has certainly changed in a year.

In a video that has since been shared across most social media platforms, the “Til Shiloh” singer had a few things to say to the Jamaican government. Speaking about the issues Jamaicans have been facing since Corona reached the shores of Jamaica up to the recent arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines on the island last Tuesday, Buju gave his take. He addressed both the populace at large and the Jamaican government, at times questioning the public about how they seem willing to believe everything that is meted out to them by the government of the island.

He opened by addressing the people, “Good morning Jamaica and good morning to the world, all the while mi tell unnu seh today fi mi tomorrow fi unnu unnu laugh.”

Buju Banton

He continued, “Fi everyone weh mi see a post out deh an a gwaan like seh unnu a ridicule unnu fellow Jamaican when dem a talk out fi unnu, an a talk out fi all who out deh weh cant talk fi dem self because a nuff a unnu lock up behind close doors an because unnu so rich and some a unnu have so much nice frens unnu know how unnu feel inside but unnu cant seh it cause unnu don’t wanna offend anybody. We don’t haffi offend anybody we can tell it to yuh like it is.”

Taking them to school, Buju Banton goes through a series of charges recently laid against a citizen that went viral following events leading up to his arrest. Calling the charges laid as utter and complete “oppression and tyranny,” Buju questioned the law enforcement imposed in Jamaica. He addressed the law enforcement officers directly and stated, “Unu tek this job fi protect and serve Jamaica but unnu a protect and serve politician and political interests.” Buju then went on to question why citizens do not seem to have freedom of speech anymore. He further queried why citizens are being oppressed when they do speak out.

Advising Jamaicans to “wake up,” he urged his fellow citizens not to become “sheep” as he has seen this becoming a growing trend that has become more and more popular. He said not all Jamaicans “are fools” and reminded the government it was the citizens that voted them in, and as such, they should be working for the people. He reminded the politicians that they work for the country, not the other way around, and chided them, calling them “thieves” and accused them of “tyranny.”

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Preaching a message of no “tyranny,” he advised the government to “free the people” and stop being “reactive.” He also touched on the issue of taking the vaccine and said, “An unnu a tell people bout shots and none a unnu nah tek no shot.” He continued, “We waaa see unnu tek weh unnu a try gi my people dem fi tek.”

Buju Banton has always been very vocal about anti- covid measures in place, which were imparted on the island since the emergence of Covid-19 last year. Spragga Benz, another recording artiste, also recently voiced his opinion on the covid vaccine. What are your thoughts? Are there any merits to Buju’s rant?