Montana of 300 – Black Mamba Lyrics

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(Hit me up, Fuego)

Put me in my zone, Black Mamba
Can’t believe you gone, Black Mamba
Made it rain fourth quarter, Black Mamba
Givin’ game to my daughter, Black Mamba, ayy
I’ma ball out, Black Mamba
Play my heart out, Black Mamba
Niggas can’t help me, Black Mamba, ayy
Ballin’ like I’m Kobe, Black Mamba, ayy
Put me in my zone, Black Mamba
Can’t believe you gone, Black Mamba
Made it rain fourth quarter, Black Mamba
Givin’ game to my daughter, Black Mamba, ayy
I’ma ball out, Black Mamba
Play my heart out, Black Mamba
Niggas can’t help me, Black Mamba, ayy
Ballin’ like I’m Kobe, Black Mamba

[Verse 1]
Just give it to Kobe, he’ll make a way
Number 8 used to boom like an 808
A guy with the footwork and heavenly fadeaway
Won’t let your legacy fade away
I do not care what the haters say
We gon’ eat on them bitches, no paper plates
No days off, we put work in on Labor Day
Made ’em pay every time like it’s layaway
Every season, they hate this winter
Rap God, I’m so cold, I make Satan shiver
They gon’ get served like I made ’em dinner
If they play, then I’m shootin’, I’m Staples Center
I do love the game, this is marriage, nigga
Every moment with it, I done cherished, nigga
Keep a burner on me, I’ll embarrass niggas
Plus my partner got 2 on him, Derek Fisher
I’m always movin’ with passion, the dedication and the will
All of my opps know the deal, I just 30 for those I should kill
I get it poppin’ for real, I got this, just give me the pill
If you not my coach, then it’s fuck how you feel
When I step in arenas, I ain’t got no chill
Embracing agony, I do this shit for my family
I got that Mamba mentality
I’m takin’ charge like a battery
You rappers know not to challenge me
I’ma get at you like allergies
No cap, check my salary
My bitches colder than Natalie
Killin’ these bitches, fatality
Yo’ bitch a fan, I’m her fantasy
She feelin’ me like a cavity, yeah, yeah
I am too much, no capacity
I’m out this world, out this galaxy
I give ’em bars every time my shit drop
I make ’em wanna cop like the police academy, yeah, yeah
I’m really lit, I’m reality
Come watch me work like a gallery
Always stood out like a balcony
I am the truth, nigga, faculty
My legacy’s immortality (Yeah, yeah)
Ballin’ ’round this bitch like Kirby (Woo)
Love the pick and roll, no Percys (Woo)
I am two legends in one (Yeah)
They retired both of my jerseys
Don’t ever mistake my kindness for weakness
Boy, I will come kill you, then buy you a coffin
Geometry in this triangle offense
I’m out this world, bitch, I’m flyin’, I’m saucin’
My daughter ballin’ like Gigi, she Gucci
My heaven on Earth and I love her like Lucy
I got the wheel and I’m turnt like a uey
Don’t you know number 8 raw like he sushi?
Didn’t put on no mask, nigga, I’m really spooky
Put holes in yo’ top, I ain’t cappin’, no kufi
No one is matchin’ me, beats is a snack to me
I been the dog on these tracks like I’m Scooby
You don’t want smoke, this ain’t reefer
When I’m on the floor, I’m the reaper
Rippin’ yo’ soul like a sneaker
I’m leavin’ shells, no Adidas
I got more stripes than a zebra
Purple and gold like I’m Frieza
I got ’em shook like a seizure
If you ever reach, I’ma teach ya
Go sit yo’ broke ass in the bleachers
My money tall as Giannis, I’m talkin’ big bucks like a beaver
Loyal to the game, I’m so dedicated
Trophies, medals, rings, I feel decorated
Flexin’ on the world wrestling federation
But I’m still grindin’ like I never made it
Why you ridin’ dick? ‘Cause if you never hate us
You can’t bring me down, I’m too elevated
Boy, don’t try to steal, you will never make it
I will boom on you, don’t you detonate it
Take heed to this message I give you
I rest at the end, I don’t rest in the middle
If you ain’t a Laker, then you on my menu
Might 360 on you and shoot off the dribble (Bow, bow)
Ain’t a situation I can’t fuckin’ handle
Always catchin’ fire, I got too much ammo
Watch me blow ’em out like a fuckin’ candle
Had to pivot on them niggas like a sandal
Stylin’ on them squares like I’m wearin’ flannels
Wrist flickin’ on them niggas like the channel
Gold and purple on me every time you see me
I got 5 rings, bitch, I think I’m Thanos

Put me in my zone, Black Mamba (Ahhh!)
Can’t believe you gone, Black Mamba
Made it rain fourth quarter, Black Mamba
Givin’ game to my daughter, Black Mamba, ayy
I’ma ball out, Black Mamba
Play my heart out, Black Mamba
Niggas can’t help me, Black Mamba, ayy
Ballin’ like I’m Kobe, Black Mamba
Give a fuck if he ain’t like, Black Mamba
Jump shot, green light, Black Mamba
I be in my bag, Black Mamba
Always workin’ in the lab, Black Mamba, ayy
Everybody all sad since the helicopter crashed
Still can’t believe you passed, Black Mamba
Still can’t believe you passed, Black Mamba

Black Mamba
Had to ball on them squares like I made a layup
Shit, MJ was all of our favorite players
Man, I swear, last night, I asked God to look over your kids and your wife and I said my prayers
Still can’t believe you passed, Black Mamba

Montana of 300 – Envy Me (Remix) Lyrics

Rap God, bitch they envy me (Woo, woo)
I’m way up out these rappers league (Woo, woo)
They say I’m just what Hip-Hop need (True, true)
Punchlines hittin’ harder than Creed
Who fuckin’ with me nigga, no one ask Alicia Keys
Play games, pull up like Need for Speed (Skrrt)
You’ll see this center shoot, Joel Embiid (Bop)
I’ll put you underground like planting seeds
If I ain’t with the gang, I’m still with my gun, bitch what was you thinking?
Don’t care if I’m out of the game and watching my son, my nigga I’m squeezing, yeah
Since I was a youngin’ I knew I was it before I put my feet in
Everything that I’m seeing, I already seen it ’cause I used to dream it, yeah
Moving weight like a Kingpin, 25 in my wheat Timbs
Stick on me like hockey ’cause I had some goals that I had to defend, yeah
If you really a shooter, why talk on computers, my nigga let’s link then
They say they want beef then when I pull up on ’em they vegan
He better chill, he don’t wanna get left, I ain’t [?], I’m creepin’
I will come while you sleepin’, you don’t want me to sneak in
I’m smackin’ a opp with the back of a Glock and I’m knockin’ his teeth in
Talking bout he was tweakin’, talking bout he ain’t mean it
Guess he thought it was sweet then, now he see I don’t pretend
Yeah I took his soul, he got offed like the weekend
Used to live in a crack house, I felt like I was strapped down
The rock versus my OG, she went through more matches than SmackDown
Had to fight through the pain and fight through the rain but I never tapped out
Found myself in a trap house, started moving them packs out
I ain’t no capper but I had that bitch open just like a frat house
Since it looked like the fast route, I thought I had it all mapped out
This game is a gamble, seen too many niggas that crapped out
I ran into 12, had to fight a few cases, thought it was my last round
Better go check my background, I still can’t put the gat down
Had to bury some niggas, they homies that’s living know just how I got down, yeah
Just ’cause I’m a dad now, don’t think I won’t come blow your ass down
I don’t care what you stand for, 40 blam, you get sat down
If a bitch nigga act wild, put that 40 to him like Stackhouse
Apologies to my mother and father ’cause I was a bad child
But both of ’em could brag now, I’m an entrepreneur and I rap now
I be poppin’ them tags now, my pockets was empty, they fat now
I’m Saint Nick with the bag now, bitches wanna sit on my lap now
Bitches see I’m a big dog, wanna give me that cat now
Got so much green on me they think I’m the Hulk, yeah they want me to smash now
They be searching my name up, they feeling me just like a pat down
The best rapper alive, it should be a crime the way that I spaz out
And bitch I’m so hot if God send me to hell then the Devil gon’ pass out, ay
Coming with them clips when I trail a nigga, you don’t really wanna get a sneak peek
Got the Smith & Wesson out here teaching lessons, that bitch talking to ’em like it teach speech
Lettin’ Glocks off, knockin’ socks off, had to air him out like his feet stink
Put him under ground, call it deep sleep, his homies straighten up like a neat freak
I got big bucks, she wanna get fucked ’cause my money taller than the Greek Freak
Before drill music I was 300, ain’t got shit with dude Chief Keef
I am so goat, flow so dope, so potent, I could make the beat weak
Rappers study me ’cause I got all the answers, when I write it’s like I got a cheat sheet
Rap God bless you like you just sneezed
I think you niggas know by now I do this shit with ease
Man, everything I ever made a fuckin’ masterpiece
I’m independent not like Young Dolph, but like Master P
Might drop a bag up on my baby, that shit ain’t a thing
You know I like my bitches fancy like I’m Jamie King
From 2822, my hood was the PC’s
I was a juvenile bumpin’ that 400 Degreez
Real killer talking, watch me rub it in like Vaseline
I had to jet after I gave him the whole magazine
Don’t doubt the God, don’t doubt the squad, shout out to FGE
That’s WunTayk, T-O-3, J Real, Jayln, and No Fatigue, yeah

Rap God, FGE shit, you already know what it is
New album on the way, May 20th
Views from the General’s Helmet
Man get ready, man, FGE shit, man, squad

Montana of 300 – FGE Cypher Pt. 8 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Talley of 300]
All I know is, bodies like a morgue, tags like a store
If they wanted war, bitches run before
Pistols under pillows, pistols in the drawers
Though I’m one hell of an artist this won’t be a draw
I’m that nigga like jango
Tryna not let the pain go
Withdraws wrapped up in bands like Franklin sprained an ankle
Hip-hop like a kango
Why these rappers rainbow
I’m a [?] dancer with my AK like a tango
Putting niggas in they place, like a [?]
Bitch I came from the concrete
If I don’t go suit up and release venom from inside me
I’m a put these numbers on your face like a time piece
They gon’ pray by it all
Lord they wait on my fall
See em [?] by the neck
But I don’t play [?] ball
Niggas stay by the [?]
They brought hate to the ball
They gon’ sling with the pigs, I mean they lay with the law
Its a , cold game like hockey nigga, cold world like J.Cole
Full of false prophets nigga
Learn that what I had to watch what I say from John Gotti nigga
And then my flow, whole power like tsunamis nigga
Catch the wave, I’m tired, its FGE till the grave
But I’m fly, like I been resurrected
I elevate, I need my lime like I’m sipping tequila up in the shade
Got the juice
But just know this shit was in minute made

[Verse 2: No Fatigue]
FGE in this bitch man, y’all know how I’m coming
I come from the bottom, thats how I know I’m the shit
Look in the mirror it’s true
It’s fuck the law cause they want you cuffed in the cage
Or your hands crossed in a suit
And fuck niggas, because cause you know they feeling the same
But lowkey police too
I’m on a mission, they saying it’s impossible
Don’t hit the gas like [?]
Just be impatient, see niggas hating yeah
Read them like articles
Watch out for hoes, tryna finesse ,fuck em like sex
They are some fools
Think what you wanna
Calling me like a transformer
Run up you gonna be a goner
Sing like Madonna
[?] protect your honor
[?] saved like a condom
Slide on that condom
I beat that pussy like Ronda
We ain’t hot like a sauna
Different, just like John was
Can’t see me, just like Wakanda
Raw undertaker Brock Lesnar doing Johnson
I don’t care what your response is
I go third quarter Klay Thompson
I remember flipping packs
On the phone like an app
I need paper even straps
Ain’t no time to relax
Bumpy road I fell off
Like a nigga had collapsed
Broskie them, got my back
Hold me down like a snap
Bad breaks how I grind
Stolen watch, it take time
Longer than it take 5
Hope you hit, waistline
Killing beats, Jason
It’s the fucking 8th time
And you niggas really bitches talking like a date line
Yeah I’m a fly guy baby come fuck with the real
Pop me like a pick, she gon’ let me bend and drill
96′ Chevy keep the stick behind the wheel
Packer, on that green bay, just like the field

[Verse 3: WunTayk Timmy]
Let me in on the rapping debate
I’m the one with the capital take
Niggas ain’t have what it takes
Gave em’ a hand and got slapped in the face
Now I got racks in the safe and a [?] and more crack in the case
Anybody who don’t get out of my way is roadkill
Having a break, hoes still don’t be acting they age
I’m getting back in the back of the range. from two hoes
Thats Dracula fangs, I’m cool Joe to a cat in a case
They lying and they bots
It’s the alignment of the stars
Shit thats what I heard what it takes
You a rat in a case
I’m a rat with a snake
Cut the grass [?]
I’m an asshole, when I ask [?]
But the cash flow all that matters today
In the field with the sack [?]
I’m the illest rapper who lasted today
Prettiest man with a tat on my face
2k, nah, we ain’t finna play
[?] strap in my ways
[?] pussy is aqua
I hit the Chihuahua
The lady a gaggler
Baby a gaga
She calling me daddy, she hated her father
Niggas be acting, I ain’t with the drama
The [?] jacket will make it a [?]
The dudes in the back made me a monsta
I may be a [?]
Cause mama said if you [?]
And my papa weasel, like a jack in a box
Bought to find a deagle, with some apple stock
Apple on the back like a Macintosh
Clique clan, know I got the socks
Boots on and the camoflauge
Silencers take the loudest shots
Say “ss ss” [?] shadow box
Real shit niggas cap a lot
Talking big shit, thats caps lock
Nigga this shit like crack rock
Cause if you found me, you hit the jack pot
My team got a pad lock
Need to stop playing all the mans
[?] take a last shot
Now the money growing its a cash crime, nigga

[Verse 4: Montana of 300]
Rap God of G shit, you already know what it is man
Thinking about my kids thats what motivates me and and wakes me up
Amune to satisfaction can’t less success make me lazier
My son just faced time I told him I’m on my way to ya
.40 cal on me whenever I pick my babies up
I’m balling I’m schooling them, I’m professor Xavier
I don’t play games on tracks, this ain’t a stadium
Ya homies gonna scramble as soon as I Tom Brady ya
And why they RIP they shirts like Hulkamania
Slide down on them with two sticks like I’m sking
.40 hold like a dick when it aim like its peeing
I will cook a nigga it don’t matter the season
Don’t talk beef if you not gonna meet like a vegan
Like fake glasses, I got these bitches eyes glued
They ain’t the truth, ain’t you tired of being lied to?
Life’s a rollar coaster, who told you that the rides smooth?
You say its Gods plan, then put yourself in God’s shoes
Why would I send my message through men who could switch up letters?
Why would I let my kids get raped when I could switch the lever?
Why would I send my kids to [?] when I got something better?
Why would I sacrifice my son when I can have whatever?
My lyrics pop out, they make you wonder “Did God write this?”
Cause every joint that I drop tighter than arthritis
The ungrateful though young be catching alzheimers
You disrespecting, you get the coffin no bronchitis, GOD!

King Riss – RNDM Freestyle lyrics

Twenty Four Seven
I’ve been Chill with my Niggas
Talk about so you wanna be like kas
Effect The Other that I can’t be
Explain What? Have do to us
[Freestyle Verse]
I’m Better Ever! Really kill me
Never! I’m a King Forever, There’s
No Dout what? Ever
Get my tape where ever! We never
I made a Song About Emtee and
Cici to do for 5o Akitsi am trying
To work out and
To Impress my Family am killing
The niggas, Am Feeling like Ermelo
How can I forget about what? You
Did, if you been taking just take a
Sit, somebody is Coming is about
The lik now am a Rap “God” every
Thing is me a Goal kick about of
Any joy living like for Nigerian”s

Tyler The Creator Disses Eminem Says “Walk On Water” Is Trash

Tyler The Creator thinks that Eminem new song with Beyonce, “Walk On Water,” is trash.

Eminem’s new song with Beyonce is certainly not the classic Slim Shady we’ve grown use to over the years, but it’s still a song that’s packing a lot of punches lyrically. Most hip hop fans seems to like the song despite getting mixed reviews from others and now fellow rapper Tyler The Creator joined the cranks of those who don’t take a liking towards it. “Dear god this song is horrible sheesh how the f***,” the Odd Future rapper tweeted.

On his last album, Eminem called himself the Rap God and that move raised some eyebrows among a lot of rappers including Papoose who publicly criticized the Detroit MC for it. It could be that Tyler the Creator is referring to the rap god Emine or perhaps his religious god. Nevertheless, no one else released a new rap song on the day that he made the statement.

Eminem is a highly accomplished and very rich rapper, and very few rappers in history have reached the heights that he took his career, certainly Tyler is nowhere near that the heights that Em reached. Over the years he has matured so you can’t expect him to always come back with the same sound and rap about the same things. Perhaps this is another side of Slim Shady that we will get introduced to. His new album Revival drops this Friday.

Outro – Nf lyrics

Lyrics NF – Outro

I’m dedicated, the definition of dedication
Wrote this whole record while I was levitating
Sittin’ in my room with the pen and paper, I’m innovative
They’ve been afraid of me since I was a second grader
I’m the kid on the playground momma told you to never play with
There’s levels of music—and I’m in the elevator
Going up to the top floor, look how we elevated
But you don’t know the brand by now, you better get educated
Take both of my arms, rip ’em out of sockets and seperate ’em
Forgive me, yeah, I know I get animated
Don’t matter, I still write a better record than yours without a hesitation
Never been more motivated
Just look at all the minds I’ve opened and penetrated
See, I am the voice of all these kids that think things but never say ’em
That’s why they come to my shows wearing the NF hoodies and hats low like we’re carrying weapons
Put the controllers away, it’s game over
I promise I’m way colder
The fans keep saying that they’re hungry for new music, well that’s pretty convenient because I just made a plate for ’em
And now I’m hearing none of y’all are saying
I just sit at the keys feeling the music
Got me thinking I’m Beethoven
The game needs a makeover
If you’ve been waiting, the wait’s over
You ain’t notice, y’all about to witness a takeover, I’m home!
Yeah, they waiting on me to match that
The emotion I had in the last one
But if I don’t, they gonna tell me that I’m losing my passion
If I do am I repeating my actions?
Yeah, look, “How Could You Leave Us” is massive
There ain’t nothing I can write that’ll match that
My biggest fear writing this record wasn’t putting out trash
It was disappointing myself and the fanbase
Now I want you to picture me
I’m in a hotel rapping, crying on the floor of the bathroom
Staring in the mirror, my room, hand shaking playing “How Could You Leave Us” through the speakers on my iPhone(outro)
Trying to figure out if I’ma always feel the way that I feel
Or maybe someday I can learn to be happy
Or maybe I can’t be, ’cause if the music ain’t emotional enough are they gonna call me a has-been?
Pain’s always been the root of my music
If I cut it off, how am I supposed to keep growing
If I let it go, won’t my whole career be in ruins?
That’s when I realized this whole conversation is stupid
I never cared to impress people that don’t even know me
I just write what I feel, somehow it started a movement
Trying to enjoy a career but I don’t know how to do it
When I spend all of time my being afraid I’ma lose it
But then I figured out the reason they follow me
The reason the why these fans surrounding me
It’s not ’cause I’m a “Rap God”(outro)
I don’t need you people to bow to me
All they ever did was doubted me, now everyone’s proud of me
Acknowledge me or not, you ain’t ignoring the following
I’m just teaching ’em something they couldn’t learn in they colleges
This is for the kids feeling like they live at the bottom and every day of they lives looks like it’s darker than Halloween
Yeah, you ain’t alone out there, look around you—we got a lot of fans in here
Couple hundred thousand, that’s what we did last year
Listen to Intro 3, trying to kill my fear
They’ll get that in a minute
We about to shatter the critics
I am a savage admit it
A lot of baggage I live in
That’s why the passion is different
Really don’t care if they get it
We’re only three records in it, and this is just the beginning
I’m home!(outro)

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