Usain Bolt Previews Clockword Riddim Feat. Vybz Kartel, Teejay, NJ, Charly Black & More

Usain Bolt is releasing a new dancehall riddim featuring tracks from some top artists.

The Jamaican legend wears many hats from businessman to track star and footballer to music producer. Usain Bolt often invests in multiple ventures, and most recently, he has been setting his sights on making dancehall bangers. The Olympic champion announced his newest undertaking on social media this week, and fans were excited to see the artists that joined him for the project.

The “Clockwork Riddim,” which is slated to arrive this Friday (April 9), has a star-studded lineup. Bolt shared a preview of the funky dancehall beat on Instagram, revealing that it will have guest appearances from the likes of Teejay, Shaneil Muir, ZJ Liquid, and even dancehall mogul Vybz Kartel.

While Usain Bolt came under fire after his single release for his artist and friend NJ, which was criticized for being mediocre, the producer ignored the backlash, and the song went on to garner over half a million views. NJ was brought back for a track on the upcoming project, which will also feature Christopher Martin, Lia Caribe, gold and diamond-selling dancehall star Charly Black, and even more.

The “Clockwork Riddim” presented by Usain Bolt was produced by A-Team Lifestyle. Look out for new tracks from Vybz Kartel, Teejay, and more this Friday. Listen a preview below.

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Shenseea’s New Jersey Valentine’s Day Show Canceled Over COVID-19

Shenseea fans in the Tri-State area are disappointed this weekend after her Newark show was canceled.

Fans of dancehall artiste Shenseea who had been gearing up to receive her in all her glory at the Touch Of Roses concert in NEWARK, NJ, on Valentine’s Day, will surely be left disappointed after learning that she will no longer be in attendance. The update was shared by the “Sure Sure” singer via Romeich Entertainment’s Instagram page just a day before the event. In her apology, she expressed that the news was delivered to her team less than an hour before she went public.

Shenseea has been enjoying her mini-United States tour and has been keeping her fans intuned through various uploads to her Instagram Story. She has been chilling in Atlanta for the past few days following her performance in Florida following the Super Bowl. Among her activities was a meet and greet session where fans got the chance to have their items and bodies autographed by the Jamaican dancehall sensation.

During her recent address, she made it abundantly clear that neither she nor the promoter of the event set for the Tri-State Area is at fault for her no show tomorrow.

“Me no sick. Nuthn no happen emergency wise, family wise, anything like that. But it’s really because of Covid restrictions, like strict strict Covid restrictions,” she explained. “We just got the news in the past hour and so I really cannot do anything about it, neither can the promoters.”

She went on to explain that those who choose not to attend the event in light of the recent revelations will be compensated.

Shenseea’s fanbase has grown exponentially over the past couple of months as a result of viral hits such as “Lighter,” as well as features on platforms such as popular American blog, The Shade Room. She is still slated to perform on Saturday, February 13, at BRT Weekend’s Glow event in Atlanta. As such, her loyal Shengyengs from the Tri-State area should still have a chance to catch their queen in action if they’re able to make it down South.

Shenseea had this to say to those fans who will surely be left heartbroken from not being able to watch her live.

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“I will definitely see you soon when the law pass say I can perform and all that sh*t. But so so sorry guys… It’s definitely out of my hands,” she said before planting a virtual kiss on the viewer.

A Buyer’s Guide to Leather Couches

Leather is very tricky material: it’s durable, waterproof, and stronger than fiber but requires special attention and care. It can’t stand direct sun rays and pets with claws. In addition, it’s relatively expensive. That’s why you need a thorough approach when choosing a leather couch. Moreover, to choose high-quality leather furniture, you might want to consider a couple of other factors, such as a frame, leather type, and filling, as they determine the quality of the product. So, if you want to make sure that the couch you choose is worth every penny, check out this guide.

Style and color
A leather couch is a choice based primarily on your own taste. A traditional-style model with a wooden frame and leather upholstery will harmoniously complement any interior.

There’s no need to follow fashion trends, especially if you value comfort. Today, leather couches with a low back are quite popular. They look really nice, but this model doesn’t provide proper back and head support when sitting, which means that you’ll hardly get any positive emotions from it.

Leather couch frame
Usually, couch frames are divided into two types.

1) Wooden frames

A model with a wooden frame looks great with classic interior design while being reliable and eco-friendly at the same time. Frames made of coniferous woods don’t cost too much. But this material doesn’t last as long as oak. Oak frames are very reliable, that’s why the most expensive couches are made of it.

A smooth wooden surface is a sign of the high quality of the oak frame. If the main parts of the frame are fixed together with bolts, its quality is good. But if the details are fixed with screws, they’ll begin to loosen up pretty soon.

If practicality is important to you, you’ll find a lot of furniture stores in NJ ( that offer high-quality models with reliable wooden frames.

2) Combined frames
Leather couches with a frame made of a combination of particle board and wood can have the same functional qualities as models with purely wooden frames. Pay attention to how the particle board frame is processed. For example, a special paint on it will protect you from the harmful substances contained in particle board.

What’s inside?
– Foam is the main filling used in leather couches. Backrest, armrest, and seat filling should have different stiffness. And seat filling should be the densest.

– Today, there’s a much bigger chance to find polyurethane filling instead of foam. It lasts longer and retains its elastic properties, ensuring better durability.

– A nice choice is a sofa with multi-layered filling. This can be a bit more rigid polyurethane foam in the lower layer and softer, thinner material in the upper layer. This type of filling isn’t used in budget models.

Leather upholstery
The quality of upholstery largely determines how long your couch will last. Leather furniture has always been considered elite and the most expensive. Nowadays, manufacturers often use high-tech processed leather. When choosing a couch, pay attention to how leather is painted. The lifespan of upholstery largely depends on the quality of the paint.

Leather couches are elite furniture, so companies don’t save on materials. Even the rear walls of your couch should have leather upholstery.

Shapes and sizes
Make sure that your new purchase will fit into the room. In large living rooms or halls, corner couches look best – they’re spacious enough to fit a large number of guests. For a smaller room, buy a more compact, straight model.

Although the classic leather furniture is rather intended for decoration, some manufacturers equip couches with folding mechanisms, allowing you to use some models as additional sleeping space. But if you want your couch to last as long as possible, don’t turn it into a bed.

Fetty Wap Invest $100K Into His Girlfriend Yaya Clothing Line

Fetty Wap has invested $100,000 in his girlfriend Yaya’s clothing line Omaj by NoiR.

You can’t tell Fetty not to ever mix business with pleasure because that is exactly what he is doing and he is getting praise for it from his girlfriend and from his fans. The Patterson rapper was on hand on Sunday night for the launching of the outerwear clothing line in Ridgefield Park, NJ. The rapper walked the runway rocking some of the collection and even performed at the event hosted by “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Mariahlynn.

Fetty Wap also revealed that he is sinking a hundred grand of his own money into the business which means that he will likely put his image on the line to help promote the brand. Fetty will be performing in Jamaica next month for the annual charity concert Shaggy and Friends. This will be the first time that the rapper, who is of Haitian heritage, is performing in Jamaica.

Fetty Wap was arrested in November for DUI after cops pulled him over for racing on a busy highway with another driver. He blew a .09 breathalyzer test on the scene and slapped with 15 different traffic related charges.