Drake Laughs At Moneybagg Yo For His Government Name

It seems that Drake forgets how strange real names can sound especially when it doesn’t match up to the music persona and monikers artists choose for themselves.

In a lighthearted comment, Drake poked fun at Moneybagg Yo‘s real name as the rapper shared that Music Choice was playing his Billboard No. 1 album A Gangsta’s Pain where they also revealed his real name.

Moneybagg Yo was not amused by that move by Music Choice, which asked, “DID YOU KNOW? Moneybagg Yo’s real name is Demario Dewayne White Jr.”

“Police as hell… what the f*** wrong with y’all, Music Choice? Get this s**t right. Appreciate the love but damn! Talking about, did y’all know his real name?”

Never mind, the information might satisfy curious fans. Some folks thought the reaction was funny, including Drake, who poked fun at his names. “DD White mayne” Drake posted on an Akademiks post of Moneybagg Yo’s video along with four laughing emojis.

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Fans, though, were quick to check Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham. Of course, Drake’s name has been the butt of many jokes and the source of quite a few hilarious memes on the internet, especially as his earlier acting career surfaced. Many felt that his name gave him a sort of “softie” look that some even tried to use it to diminish his musical achievements.

However, the rapper has said that aside from being the second most memed person after the Michael Jordan crying face, he doesn’t mind the jokes even if they’re on him as he likes to laugh at a good joke.

“I like laughing even if it’s at my expense. It doesn’t feel like it’s necessarily malicious or hurtful stuff. I’m conscious of it,” he said during an Instagram interview in 2016.

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Sean Paul Finally Explains The Meaning Of His Catchphrase “RRR”

Sean Paul finally explained to his fans the meaning behind his popular Instagram catchphrase “RRR.”

Sean Paul might be a cool guy, but it can be agreed that half of the time, his fans might not get what he is saying. The ‘Gimme the Light’ artist has finally taken the time to breakdown what one of his famous slangs means. You might have seen Sean Paul reply to fans saying “RRR,” but while many think that it means the roar of a lion, something characteristic of the personality of the Jamaican celebrity and his aggressive nature when it comes to working and releasing music, it also has a deeper meaning as he took the time out to explain.

In a video on Instagram, the artiste said, “alright so RRR!!!, what means RRR? can you figure? Me a wonder. So Nuff people they don’t understand why I keep writing this RRR well RRR is the from the Lionheart, when the lionheart talk, also what it means is Real Recognize Real so when I’m talking I’m talking Real , so I hope you understand me back, yuh understand me back, RRR!!!”

Meanwhile, Sean Paul is enjoying new breakthroughs in music success as he breaks into the music scene. One of his latest songs – a remix of “Mambo,” is currently #4 on the Latin Pop Music chart by Music Choice. The song released on February 1 is taking the Latin market by storm as fans make TikTok videos and create challenges.

His fans are also having fun with his song that is now leading the #ScorchaChallenge across social media.

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