Quavo’s Sister Says Saweetie Is Not A Nice Person, Saweetie’s Aunt Claps Back

Quavo sister is calling out Saweetie following the couples recent split.

By now, you would have heard that Migos star Quavo and his love interest Saweetie have ended their relationship over unresolved issues, including talks of infidelity. Quavo even took to Twitter on Friday to share some tweets about the breakup where he noted he was disappointed in Saweetie and thought she was different.

To that end, Saweetie activated her savage mode and responded with two simple yet deadly words, “Take care.”

The pair had reportedly been in a 3-year relationship prior to the split after Saweetie claims “intimacy was given to other women.” The drama between these two seems to have extended over to their immediate families. Today a new series of posts again via social media went viral. The whole saga this time is going down between Quavo’s sister and Saweetie’s aunt.

The two women who were both defending their respective family members had quite a few things to get off their chest. Things apparently kicked off when Quavo’s sister posted this, “I have been quiet long enough….I see how this turning to a bash fest towards my brother and they aint about to happen at all none y’all know how Saweetie is in real life but I do and it ain’t good at all.”

Well, Saweetie’s aunt was having none of it and quickly ran to her Niece’s defense. She fired back, declaring, “Now now! Do we need Whitty to start airing this MF out??? I’m not gone be half as nice as ol Shara! What she not gone do is speak ill of my neice, I get very disrespectful about mine… Talkin bout she been quiet long enough. Girl it ain’t even been 24 hours. GTFOH”

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She further noted that she would not have spoken out on the situation as it was not her business but since Quavo’s sister decided to make it her business, she felt the need to also comment.

Quavo’s sister decided she wasn’t letting up and added, “Who is Whitty b*tch I don’t know s*it bout you and you don’t s*it bout me but I do know yo Niece is a Self centered b*tch who know body likes! You wanna Air this b*tch out run it h*e this ain’t what you want! Trust Me! Only reason I was nice to any of y’all H*OES because of Qua!”

There has been no word from Saweetie or Quavo since the discourse between these two.

This entire dilemma seems far from ending, and so many fans are deeply invested in the outcome. Quavo and Saweetie were one of those “power couple” and “couple goals” pairing, so it’s not hard to imagine that their fans are struggling to come to terms with their separation. What are your thoughts? Do you think Quavo’s sister and Saweetie’s aunt should have kept their opinions to themselves, or were they justified in defending their respective relatives?

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Crooked I – Shoot Back (Dear Officer) (feat. Tech N9Ne) letras

{New-born citizens. You have violated the anti-protest coordinates. We are authorized to use deadly force. We are authorized to use deadly force. You have violated the anti-protest coordinates. We are authorized to use deadly force.}

Once upon a time in the slums a group of people stood up to a corrupt system. And they were all slaughtered. So what did the next generation do? Shoot back
To the police, what kind of beast do you have to become
To kill a child so young? He was just having some fun
Dear officer, would you shoot if that was your son?
You pull us over, now we contemplating capital one
You shoot me in my back and plant a weapon after it’s done
How much time you get for killing me? The answer is none
You ain’t from around here
So why don’t you just go back where you’re from?

Two little boys came and knocked on my door and said, "the police just shot your son twice in his stomach". So my..

Hey, yo, them robocops just tear-gassed a protest
And you don’t wanna fight back
Congratulations, my nigga, you passed the hoe test
Just another male in need of some Kotex
You’ll be fitted for the rope next
They gon’ hang you up just like coat checks
They killed your people in front of you, what you wanna do?
You already know what I’m gonna do, pick up a gun or two
You picking up your sneakers like runners do, but where you running to?
Ain’t nowhere to hide when your own cowardice is hunting you
Take a look at yourself, man, your mirror got the W
You got the L, you motherfucker you
We was sitting in church praying the Lord may forgive us
But an agent of the puppet master was there praying with us
Little did we know this disloyal snake was coiled on our own grass, plotting on different ways he could kill us
Then he walked to his vehicle, came back and sprayed major pillars of the community
The act was a lunacy
He knew just what he was doing, true indeed
He was carrying out a mission to kill you or me
Mission accomplished to a tee
Unity and all the hope it brings
Just became a nightmare in the reflection of our broken dreams
See, we welcomed you with open arms then you opened fire
So it seems we can’t trust a soul by no means, nah
The enemies out here training to hold his chopper right
Meanwhile shooting at each other, that taught us how to fight
Damn shame we put each other under the doctor’s knife
In surgery fighting for this punk-ass shit we call our life
We supposed to be smoking them robocops
That’ll make the big picture look better like photoshop
I know you hope it stop, I know it’s not, I’m loading shots
In a .357 three minutes before 4 O’clock
I know, to keep a gun in my waist, never fearing snakes
Tears dried up on my face, my spirit aches
Sitting here in wakes for people who irreplacable
We get bad luck whether the mirrors breaks or not
Imagine coming fresh out the womb
And the system already got your name written across your tomb
You a flower, you just wanna bloom
Unassuming that the government’s mad villains, them MF’ers want your doom
So you’re disproportionally incarcerated
After all these years, still the most hated

To the police, what kind of beast do you have to become
To kill a child so young? He was just having some fun
Dear officer, would you shoot if that was your son?
You pull us over, now we contemplating capital one
You shoot me in the back and plant a weapon after it’s done
How much time you get for killing me? The answer is none
You ain’t from around here
So why don’t you back where you’re from?

[Outro: Tech N9ne]
If you ain’t a rebel you ain’t shit. If you ain’t fight the love of your family, what the fuck are you here for? If you ain’t gripping and grinding and building for your loved ones to protect them from the evil people who run this motherfucker, get the fuck out of the way. Real niggas take it [?]. Listen to CROOK. The cigar-smoking boss. Man up

Forch Fabalon – CHEESE CAKE, CHIPS, GREEN lyrics

I think it a far and true statement to say
That ain’t no n888a out here gone out hustle me man
Not, not out here in these streets, man nah
I been doing this too long and too strong (FRE$H488!)
You got to come get it if you want it

My crew be on it bro
I can’t lie, we just want paper, want paper
To be total honest fool, we just here
To pull off some capers, some capers
Get from round me dude
If you ain’t here
To stack up dat paper, dat paper
I just want Cheese Cake, Chips, Green
Player you know what I mean

(Verse One)
I’m balling, I’m balling
Can’t you see I’m balling
So I won’t stop, I can’t stop
This game it just keep calling
So I will, I will, keep pushing for my pesos
Fu*k what you heard, them ni**as nerds
Sounding absurd, we are that word
Pushing dat turf
Ooohhh, hot boy in these hot times
They running off that slick talk
Then it mess around and be yo time
Keep dat sweeper clean it up in no time
Accept no disrespect or no hoe time
Get dat chin in check and that’s on mines
You ain’t go do sh*t, sit there like bit*h
Who popping like this
Ooohhh, H-Town and we on one
We popping bottles, got plenty girls
Gone VIP it some other time
We got thick em girls and it going down
When they spread em wide it’s like sunshine
Got boys face-timing they main chick
Like baby ain’t never ever come round
Push, push, push, I don’t see nothing but bush
These girls they just want to play, so I
Stick em down, lick em down, flip em round
Then I oops in they face
Then back, back on the block or the highway
Getting, getting to the money real boss way
Its Fabalon uckfay, ouyay
You n***as never really liked my sh*t no way

(Chorus X2)

(Verse Two)
Talk to me, talk to me
Make it fast though
Paper be calling for me, can’t hold it up
I be telling these people
You got to hit while the hitting is good
That ain’t no bull, that ain’t no feces
Hold up, count my sh*t
This ain’t no three piece, before I get down the street
I just want eat the pu**y up, tell these girls it ain’t Fabalon enough
Yeah, ain’t none of you ni*8as off in my lane
I guess the guapo, the guapo’s to blame
We sit different, we ain’t cut cloth the same
Ain’t your fault your O.G. is to blame
He was bit*h so you spit the same
Talking bout years upon years upon game
Ain’t no way in hell you can beat me an Fame
I can rock it for the hoes
Out of pocket for my bros
We ain’t tripping on no doe
Bout it, bout it, tally hoe
Blocka, blocka, those opposed
Just so that you know
Too fat to go toe to toe
30 cal drum Ocean of soul
Get this MF cracking like whoa
Talk him off the ledge no
You disrespected my woes
Fabalon gang, gang, gang
Disrespect will bang, bang, bang
In and out this MF like yeah
Stick and move, jab, dip it ain’t fare
Getting to tripping shoot, shine on them ni**as
Blue coupe all I ever had, kept dark skin chick on my neck
We flexing baby what you know about that
Hot damn!

(Chorus x2)