Cardi B Tweet From A Year Ago Come Back To Haunt Her

A tweet from Cardi B almost a year ago has come back to haunt her.

Twitter is currently going off on the “Bodak Yellow” rapper for a tweet that she sent out in November last year. “B**ch I ain’t had to search hard your main pic is wild Muck .You just Ugly you look like a BURNED ROACH,” she wrote. Seems someone went digging found the tweet and retweeted it and it went viral. Some folks thinks that she was borderline racist by calling a black female a roach.

Some fans are now threatening to boycott Cardi B music even though she said that she did apologize for the tweet back then. In her defense, she also said that she regularly calls herself a roach and was not being demeaning towards black women by saying it.

I called MY OWN self a reach before so stop it !its a word I use ALOt Bronx bitches use a lot stop trying to make it into some racist shit

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) August 10, 2017


— iamcardib (@iamcardib) August 9, 2017

Twitter always gives Cardi B a pass, She's been transphobic, made a rape joke, and makes colorist statements.

— Seyoncé (@vitaleventide) August 10, 2017

Pls stop trying to excuse Cardi's behavior with "she's from the hood". I'm from the hood. Being from the hood doesn't mean you can't LEARN.

— Paige Matthews (@WickedBeaute) August 10, 2017

"cardi b calls everyone roaches!" Yet yall can't find one example of her saying it to a non dark skinned woman

— chinny (@Tiredandweary1) August 10, 2017