Ra – The Convo 5 Lyrics (feat. Abra Cadabra, Backroad Gee, M24, Shanny4rmdabrixx, Ard Ardz & Stinx)

Arks Beats

[Part 1]

[Verse 1: STINX & RA]
Yo, akh, we need to talk (Wagwan?)
What the f*ck just happened up north? (Mad ting)
Line up a van, we don’t need a plan
Shoot, make him a corpse (Mad)
I know one girl that he’s linking (Yeah?)
From junction (Yeah?), Lavender (Yeah?)
He’s linking her later at Satay bar (Yo, lame)
Turned colder, [turn lane?] into avatar (Mad)

[Verse 2: RA & STINX]
Word, them man there’s on the south side? (Course)
Man fi leave that dead with his mouth wide
Bet he stays in his house like a housewife ([?])
When you see Ard Adz it’s about time ([?])
I hear you, akh, I know you want shoot
Gotta do this right though, planning the route
Close up, I don’t wanna hang from a coupe (Yeah?)
Pull up, watch his head hang from a roof

[Verse 3: SHINX & RA]
Aight, cool, tell me the motive
Gather the waps, I’ll gather the soldiers
f*ck Adz, he is a cobra
Go to his mums, make everything kosher (Official)
Woi-oi, you know it’s all over
Bro’s cold, but akhi you’re colder (Yeah)
Live on the planet of apes, we’re older (Yeah)
But I could never switch sides like cobra

[Verse 4: SHINX & RA]
Wait there, akhi, I’m rolling
Cho, man better hold him
Done know the motto (Defo), head, pothole
Send them back dead, box Morocco
Them boy are pussies, probably chat man (Course)
Check out the car, we need to ‘nap man
You bring the rope, I bring the gas can
Set them alight, then roll up and wrap man

[Verse 5: RA]
Donnies are bait, poison, I rip the head off a snake (Huh)
Hold him down, push lead in his face (Take that down)
If youngers are raging, ready to skate
I can’t wait to catch man again
I don’t even want Rapman again ([?])
I just wanna see Ard Adz get kwenged
Just cool, I’ll tell you the time and when (Uh)

[Part 2]

[Verse 1: Abra Cadabra & BackRoad Gee]
Yo, wagwan, my chargie? Everyting good? Everyting bless?
(Calm, my killy)
I’m vexed, the other night something shoulda dropped dead (f*ck)
But the feds turned up, everyting went left (Swear?)
I had his mouth lined up, doing too much chattings
Though we shoulda just kweffed (f*ck him)
Imagine, the other day this RA yute try line me
Then I made Adz line him (Pow)
Then the feds lined us, then it all got mad (Mad)
I had the ting pointed at his hat
Then the armed jakes gave me a heart attack
Can’t lie, done dash, I weren’t looking back
You know me, I’ll have a shootout, anywhere, any day
But not with no fed, man, f*ck that

[Verse 2: BackRoad Gee & Abra Cadabra]
Ayy, ayy, uh
How you mean, my akh? (You know)
How you let it happen, you shoulda made it slap (Ugh)
Make big man panic, then vanish, it’s all tragic (Ugh)
Two for the price of one, let a man touch you, my darg, they done (Ugh, ugh)
‘Bout to make this one take off her wig
Load up a stick and bring it to me
I don’t wanna see my man running
Come hold this one like a G
I can see you, but you can’t see me
Oi, threw him in the boot, it’s finished
Good riddance, self distance (Truss me)
Ha, my darg, no witness

[Verse 3: Abra Cadabra & BackRoad Gee]
Ugh, you know what it is?
My man’s an akh so I thought twice (Yo, [you cuz?])
I hear you though, I should’ve put him in the screen like Fortnite (f*ck)
f*ck that, if I get that drop
Gun power on me, I’ll be out there all night (Oi)
Heard a cat say he knows where he stays for a price
I don’t know could be all lies (That’s cap, man)
See that Sneakbo prick, if he slips, then he’s pissed (Grrrt)
This machine ain’t got no friendship groups
Anywhere that I slap, it hits
Look, ever since that day, I ain’t takin’ no check
Got my machine on me
But my brudda don’t show no one ’bout this, ‘cah it’s hot
Duppy affi make properly (Truss me, cuz)

[Verse 4: BackRoad Gee & Abra Cadabra]
Woom doom woof (Ayy)
You know say we do that proper (Come on)
Get ’round there, nobody can stop us
Fill this hand ting, let off copper (You know)
Grrrt, grrrt, grrrt, grrrt
Let man have it (Ayy, ayy)
Pissed, gotta get my hands on a semi-automatic (Ayy. ayy)

[Verse 5: Abra Cadabra & BackRoad Gee]
What you talkin’ ’bout? Don’t worry bout machine
I got that in abundance (Love)
I got machine like I got jumpers (Oi)
Opp block dumpers, .40 cal t’umpers (It’s only right)
Anywhere I see RA, main road, side road
Man affi lean with it (Grrrt, grrrt)
Left more than three in him, you get it (Love that)

[Part 3]

[Verse 1: RA & Shanny4rmdaBrixx]
What’s good? (Yo)
I ain’t heard from you in a long time ([?])
The only time I get to see you is online
‘Cause you’re always on point and on time ([?])
But on the real, it’s war, I need you on site

[Verse 2: Shanny4rmdaBrixx]
Left or right, right or left, ‘cah anyone get kweffed
I make a man get X’d, come like his girlfriend left
Just send the address
So come, let we do this ting, let’s pattern up quick
I got a lashes appointment
And I hope you got readies on you
‘Cause the peddies on you, long time and it’s [?]

[Verse 3: RA & Shanny4rmdaBrixx]
You always on a hype ting (What?)
All bad and boujee boujee
I know you like riding (Come on)
But I like the way how you get a job done
No nine-to-five ting (Mmm)
I got a likkle problem and it needs solving
I know you’re the right ting
Trust me I need a on-sight ting

[Verse 4: Shanny4rmdaBrixx]
I stay on site like the builders, boo
So tell me how you wan’ drill this yute
I know a gyal Adz linking
She always hinting, she will reveal the truth
She a distant relative, move too feminine, but all that is irrelevant
We`ll go for drinks and when they settling
I get a drop on, you put the shell in him

[Verse 5: RA & Shanny4rmdaBrixx]
That’s live, that’s even better
You know that I broke this too because you know
You’re a serious stepper (Come on)
I know you got your own ting, but I woulda give you this wheel-up ‘retta
I’m telling you, boy, gyal will get man in some serious pepper
But all I’m saying is make sure you apply that serious pressure (Always)
I mean jump out, and go slump out, this likkle eediat bredda
Rinse it and turn his red tee redder

[Verse 6: Shanny4rmdaBrixx]
I’ma slump out this dickhead yute, what?
He try have chat for you?
Aight say nothin’, I’ma spray sutin’
And I’ma ride on this dickhead yute
Lemme pattern up, then I’ma rise it up
Double-tap it up and that will done this nigga
Anyone that f*cks with the gang, just know, trust me
It’s mad when I see that nigga

[Part 4]

[Verse 1: RA]
Yo gangster (Who’s that?)
You tried leave man’s clip on empty (It’s you)
But I could never make that mistake again
Got my clip now looking all lengthy
It’s a touchback, so all I gotta do is clutch and squeeze that gently
Put my foot on your chest and two in your head
For that move that you pulled, was stenchy (Where you at, man?)
No “aight” ting, best watch where you buy that Fendi
‘Cause my young G’s might just dip you down
And make how you die look trendy
Panorama gonna see how I dealt with you
And put you on a documentary
I’m a man of my word and I always keep it one hundred like a century

[Verse 2: Ard Adz]
Prick, I don’t wear no Fendi, I will lick man down in my own McKenzie
If you come ’round here at this time, make sure that clip in your wap ain’t empty
If I jook man down with a rambo, akh, I won’t stop ’til the blade get bendy
Huh, akh, don’t tempt me, I’ll drive through your block like Wendy’s
Yo, 24, did you hear that?
Let’s get two .4s and then air that
If there’s no gloves, then it’s bare back

[Verse 3: M24]
Let’s ride on them, come on then
Clip filled to the brim, let’s run on them
‘Cah we ain’t just tryna get one of them
When we go ’round, I bet they won’t come again

[Verse 4: Ard Adz]
‘Cah they ain’t on shit at all
Let’s go ’round there and hit a fool
.9 or the .4, let’s pick a tool
Or this MAC might hit ’em all

[Verse 5: M24]
Yeah, I’ll air that, f*ck that (Truss)
I’m bringing out a ‘retta and a bruck back (Mmm)
Put the bruck back, in a ruck sack
And I got the ‘retta on my nut sack

[Verse 6: Ard Adz]
Now trust, that’s love, akh
I’m bringing out that .4s and I love that
I’ma cock that, buss that
Make his head spin like a dust cap

[Verse 7: M24 & Ard Adz]
Anyone of them I see, I’m gonna red man’s top
Man ain’t gonna stop ’til the bredrin’s dropped
Do the drill, then skid, come back next time
On wap, see civilians beg man stop (p*ssy)
Let’s roll, I got a hand ting cocked
If I wet man down, I’ma red man’s top
Trust, if I shoot my .9, I swear on my life his head back soft
We’re gonna come back squeezing, whole place dashing
Do it with meaning, do it with passion
Smoke one of them or splash him (Trust)
About drip, man ruin that fashion (Trust)