Jackboy Visits Haiti And Donates $100K, Asks Future To Help Rebuild Hospital

Jackboy visits his native Haiti and donate $100K for relief efforts while also asking Future to help rebuild hospital.

Jackboy might be beefing with Kodak Black, but he’s put down the beef for now as he headed to Haiti to assist his fellow countrymen who continue to suffer after the earthquake that recently hit the island left it in rubble and killed many, and displaced a large number of people.

The people of Haiti are in dire straits following the earthquake, then having their island lashed by a tropical storm, all in the last two weeks while there is a coronavirus pandemic.

Jackboy was on hand to assist monetarily as many families affected are in need of basic necessities to survive.

JackBoy’s real name is Pierre Delince, and he was born in Haiti on August 27, 1997. The rapper, however, grew up in the United States after leaving Haiti with his family at the age of six years old.

He grew up in the Pompano Beach area of South Florida, where he now resides.

The rapper has often shared his Haitian heritage and has paid tribute to the island with his single “Spittin’ Facts” to celebrate Haitian Flag Day this year.

On Tuesday, the rapper shared on his Instagram the situation in Haiti.

“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti & All the patients sleeping outside. I personally handed every single last 1 of them an envelope full of money but Fr Fr I feel liike that ain’t enough,” he said in one Instagram Story.

The rapper also asked for help to build a hospital to assist the citizens of Haiti.

“Who want to go half with me & get a hospital built. It’s not really that much especially if we using US dollars. #PrayForHaiti,” he added.

Meanwhile, the rapper shared grim images of the streets of Haiti in an effort to bring awareness to the living conditions of the people. As he made a walk-through, his song “JackBoy” can be heard playing in the background.

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In earlier posts, the rapper showed off stacks of money that he was going to give away.

“Zoe Sh*t No H*e Sh*t Always On Sum Go Sh*t,” he captioned images of himself with the cash.

JackBoy became known following his freestyling in 2016 but got his big break after releasing his debut mixtape ‘Stick Up Kid’ featuring Kodak Black and PnB Rock in December of 2016.

In recent times, the former protégé of Kodak Black seems to have been beefing with Kodak, who said JackBoy owes him money. The two have spent weeks shouting at each other in various Instagram lives, to end or reconciliation in sight.

Jackboy shared a message tagging Future saying, “[Future] use half of that money off this and let’s build this hospital woe.”

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Teejay Reveals Collabs With Kodak Black & The Game On New Album

Teejay says things are looking up with some big collaborations coming on his new album.

Teejay has had a year full of ups and downs, but also numerous victories. During his recent interview with The Fix, the singjay shared some details about his upcoming album Rags to Riches, saying he got collaborations with Kodak Black and The Game.

Despite his tragic year, the dancehall singjay has continued to work hard to improve his career and breakout on the international market. When the interviewer asked about the recent public highlight of being spotted with Timbaland, he revealed some information about his recent collabs.

“Wi even have some good collab right now,” Teejay said. “Me shouldn’t even say it but wi have a collab wid like Kodak Black, like the Game like wi ave wul heap a bad song fi release right now an mi have the Rags to Riches album mi a work pon right now.”

These not-so-closely guarded accomplishments came during his short relocation to the United States to redefine his public image and mental health. Since moving to the United States, he has been presented with numerous opportunities, including Timbaland‘s assistance on his upcoming album, Rags to Riches. He described his listening session with the music veteran where TeeJay received vital industry advice on song choices and preferences in his album.

Teejay sang a short teaser of the song during the interview, much to his fans’ delight. “If him nah treat yuh like a queen, tell him fi avoid yuh. Money buy everything but it cya buy love,” sang the Uptop Boss. This was followed by the funny story behind the song.

Being under the tutelage of a musical genius may not have resulted in a speedy album drop, but it was successful and taught the artiste valuable lessons. “Every minute him a seh yo pull up da song ya, pull up da song ya, pull up di song and same time di man son walk inna di room and him son a 15-year-old and di man son seh ‘Dad who sing this song?’ and di man seh, ‘See that?’ A swear a col bump tek me,” stated TeeJay.

The interview was not without its funny moments. The artiste shared, “We a look pon each other and di man son seh yo dis hard, zimme…an him son a yam.” The trio shared a laugh to Timbaland’s son’s youth.

After many corrections, the album received the veteran’s stamp of approval. This confirmation propelled the Attention deejay’s spirit forward, but he too already knew the greatness. He shared, “Memba seh wi di best and we nuh need Colin fi tell wi dat.”

The star also gave more insight into his album, Rags to Riches. “A one year an 7 month now me a put togetha tha album ya like it coulda put together long time but based on everything weh me a go tru, everything wah gwaan inna di surrounding,” said Teejay as his voice cracked with emotion.

He swears too that at least 10 songs on the album will be “hit songs,” in other words, legendary songs. “Mi sure know seh some hit song deh pon di album weh wi can listen to all di next 50, 60 years…just bad,” said Teejay.

The album is fully completed, with Teejay planning for the release to be on his birthday in October. He added that all that needs to be done is to shoot music videos. Rags To Riches is said to have 20 songs, but fans may see a second album release if he decides to split the album.

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Kodak Black Takes Dig at Hawks Star Trae Young For Fear Of Birds

Kodak Black appears to take a dig at Trae Young for allegedly being scared of birds.

NBA fans around the globe are currently glued to the playoff series that’s ongoing between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. Hawks fans believe in their leader Trae Young and his ability to give them series win. Knicks fans are, of course, hoping for the opposite.

He’s risen to the occasion so far, and last Sunday, May 23, the point guard scored two dramatic clutch points at the end of the game to give the Hawks a narrow victory at Madison Square Garden. New York Knicks fans have taken to trying to meme Young probably in hopes of causing him to fall off his game.

When his team won that game, he said: “I wanted to hear those F-U chants again,” when he spoke to TNT right after the game. He finished with impressive stats, including 32 points, seven rebounds, and ten assists in his first career playoff game. It’s clear he’s on a mission for his team.

Some well-known names have jumped into the trolling, like Skip Bayless and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. Kodak Black is also getting in on the act. He jokingly trolled Young on Twitter recently, asking him: “How You Scared Of Birds But You Play Fa The Hawks?” It’s a bit of a low blow since Young has admitted to and has been very vocal about his ornithophobia, which is the fear of birds. Kodak used the irony of his situation as he tries to distract the star point guard.

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Maybe the trolling worked as the Knicks came back and defeated the Hawks last night, May 26. The series is now tied at 1-1. There’s no doubt that Young will be fired up and ready to hit back at critics and trolls when the series continues in Atlanta on Friday, May 28.

As he put it after Sunday’s game: “If I’m offending them with my play that they hate me that much, I’m obviously doing something right. I just got to let my play do the talking. At the end of the day, fans can only talk. They can’t guard me. They’re not out there playing.”

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Kodak Black Fans Disturbed By “Murder” Tattoo On His Eyelid

Kodak Black left some fans disturbed with his latest tattoo.

The Pompano Beach rapper has long been associated with the word “unorthodox,” and he continues on that path with his latest move to rock social media. The latest update on the “Testimony” rapper is a new modification to his physical appearance. Tattoos have become a mainstay in the world of hip hop. The likes of Drake have used this ancient form of body art as a way to cement the important people in his life.

Meanwhile, Lil Uzi Vert, Dave East, and others have built on that idea to create truly amazing works of art. There is also room for stranger ‘things,’ and that is where Kodak’s new ink falls.

On Sunday, May 9, a video surfaced on social media showing off Kodak Black’s newest tattoo on the most abnormal place, his eyelids. The tattoo, done in bold red ink, reads, “Red Rum”- ‘Red’ on one eyelid and ‘Rum’ on the other. Notably, RedRum spelled backward is ‘Murder.’ As such, a quick glance in the mirror will reveal the word Murder. The tattoo was done by @ace_no_buggy, who filmed his latest work and posted a video for fans to see.

The new ominous tattoo is an addition to his extensive collection. Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was already rocking a number of face and neck tattoos. On his cheek, the word “WAR” is boldly inked and in the middle of his forehead is a bird that covers up a cross, among others. The new tattoo stands out as the brightest but also looks like the most painful.

Kodak Black got a new tattoo on his eyes ? How’s it looking?? pic.twitter.com/BS02SOoGXj

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) May 10, 2021

While many fans are quick to note that he is just how he is, others say Kodak Black just seems to enjoy being the talk of the town. This new development comes just over a week after Kodak received his 18-month probation and a 10-year suspended prison sentence for assault and battery. The 23-year-old rapper pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree assault and battery in a South Carolina court where he offered an apology to the victim in court and wished her “the best in her life.”

Following the courtroom proceedings, the “Wake Up In The Sky” rapper took to Twitter to deny the accusations. “My heart goes out to all the girls out here getting raped and sh*t. FORREAL, But I Ain’t Did That Sh*t,” he wrote.

The rapper had also announced that amid this controversy, he would be delaying the release of an album he has been working on.

It looks like Kodak has permanent eyeshadow with his new tattoos

— ; ? ????? (@Loving_OVOXO) May 10, 2021

Kodak’s putting tattoos on his eye lids…Kinda looks cool for him tho? https://t.co/3k4MYw1vAp

— TeaTenders (@TeaTenders) May 10, 2021

Kodak look so scary with his new tattoos??? it’s a big NO for me

— HK? (@TrulyZk) May 10, 2021

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Kodak Black Says Sexual Assault Caused His Album Delay

Kodak Black says recent controversies surrounding his sexual assault case is to be blamed for his album delay.

The Pompano Beach rapper has announced that he is delaying the release of his forthcoming album due to the current controversies surrounding him. In a video posted on social media, the rapper said he was advised by his team to delay the release of the much-anticipated project, which would be his first since being released via a Donald Trump pardon.

“I wanted to give y’all an album but these platforms say it’s too much talk about this bulls**t and we should kinda wait, so can y’all please shut up,” Kodak tweeted.

On Wednesday, April 28, Kodak Black pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery, rising from an incident in 2016 involving a high school student in Florence County, South Carolina. Prosecutors say Kodak pushed the girl into a wall and onto a bed before assaulting her in a hotel room.

Kodak Black had previously denied the allegations, but in court on Wednesday, he explained that he was trying to have a “romantic encounter” with the alleged victim. It is alleged that his attempts were not welcomed, and the student revealed that Kodak then bit her. The rapper agreed the claims were true.

He told the court, “I apologise. I’m hopeful we can all moved forward. I wish her the best in her life.”

The 23-year-old rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, received 18-months probation and a 10 year suspended prison sentence. He also agreed to attend counseling as a part of the negotiated plea. In addition, the court ordered that Kodak cannot drink alcohol, use drugs, or possess guns under the terms of his probation.

The rapper has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. He was previously sentenced to 46 months in prison over weapons charges before Trump pardoned him on his last day in office. Despite his troubles, the rapper has always come through with music for his fans. In 2018, he had a number one album in the U.S. Fans who were looking forward to the album are still appealing to him to release the project amid the controversy, or as they see it, the publicity.

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Kodak Black Explains Why He Pleaded Guilty To Sexual Assault Charge

Kodak Black was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to charges stemming from a sexual battery incident 5 years ago.

Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a high school student in February 2016 when he appeared in a South Carolina court today. According to the victim’s account of the incident, Kodak forced himself on her after a performance in the city of Florence. She recounted that the incident happened at the Comfort Inn and Suites hotel. The young lady alleged that Kodak bit her on the neck and right breast and forced her to perform various sexual acts despite her repeatedly telling him no.

She later revealed her injuries to a nurse at the Richmond County High School, and the incident was reported to the authorities, resulting in the rapper being indicted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct in November 2016 with a bond of $100,000.

Kodak Black was looking at a possible sentence of up to 30 years if he did not take the plea deal offered. Under the deal, his actual sentence of 10 years would be suspended for 18 months of probation and mandatory counseling.

Needless to say, the plea deal was welcomed by Kodak and his team, as the rapper was only recently released from prison. Thanks to outgoing President Donald Trump, he had his 3-year sentence for gun charges pardoned and was released from jail in January.

“Today Bill Kapri took a plea to the legal charge of assault, a non sex offense, and received 18 months probation,” a statement from Kodak’s legal team reads. “This was a change of charge from the original charge. Having consistently denied these 5 year old allegations, he entered this plea in order to resolve the matter.”

Reactions to the rapper’s conviction have been varied. Some social media users have expressed shock at the duration of the sentence, while others seem to believe he only pleaded guilty to avoid a lengthy trial.

Kodak Black is also reacting on Twitter, where he made it clear that both himself and the victim wanted to put the case behind them. He also pointed out that he doesn’t need to register as a sex offender and did not have to pay off the victim to close the case.

“Ain’t gotta register as a sex offender or nun, sh*t that’s a play if you ask me lol y’all got me f***ed up I ain’t dat freaky homie,” he wrote while adding, “5 yrs later … both us just wanted to get this shit over wit AND I ain’t have to come off no money.”

5 yrs later … both us just wanted to get this shit over wit AND I ain’t have to come off no money ?? https://t.co/1JK7x3br6K

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) April 28, 2021

Ain’t gotta register as a sex offender or nun , shit that’s a play if you ask me ? lol y’all got me fucked up I ain’t dat freaky homie ?

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) April 28, 2021

Y’all b wanting a nigga to go out sad homie ? wishing bad on a real nigga I never seen it work ?

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) April 28, 2021

My heart goes out to all the girls out here getting raped and shit FORREAL , But I Ain’t Did That Shit ????? #ImTooGangsta #TooFlyFaThat

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) April 28, 2021

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Kodak Black Shares He Misses NBA YoungBoy & Wants Them To Do A Collab

Despite having once been close friends, Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy have been steadily dissing each other online since 2020. It’s not clear what caused their bond to fall apart, but Kodak seems to be taking the high road in multiple instances lately, including when it comes to his beef with NBA.

Kodak Black was released from prison earlier this year following a pardon from former President Trump, and it appears that his experience with incarceration helped him to see some situations in a new light. Following Youngboy Never Broke Again’s arrest last month, Black responded to followers online asking if he was happy to hear the news.

“Nah, I ain’t happy YB went to jail,” he replied during an Instagram Live session. “F*ck I’m happy he went to jail for? That was my lil bruh at one point. The f*ck I’m happy for? We street n***as, that could be anybody.”

Not only does Kodak clearly not wish jail on anybody following his own time spent behind bars, but he also seems ready to consider NBA a friend again. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Kodak took his sentiments a step further in a more recent IG Live video during which he admits that he misses his old friend.

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“Free that boy!” Kodak says while cozily wrapped up in a blanket. “I miss that boy, I can’t even lie about that one. I can’t even lie about that one, ya heard?”

Many fans hope that this change of heart means a collaboration between the two rappers might be in the cards in the near future, but for now, NBA remains in jail. He was arrested by federal authorities in Los Angeles due to an outstanding warrant and may have increased his sentence by feeling from officers when they attempted to pull him over. Only time will tell when these two friends can be reunited to finally reconcile their beef in person.

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Kodak Black Again Calls Out Megan Thee Stallion, Her BF Pardison Claps Back

Kodak Black is still venting about Megan Thee Stallion jacking his catchphrase “Drive The Boat” and her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine is clapping back.

Texan hottie Megan Thee Stallion walked away from the recent staging of the Grammy Awards with a total of three wins in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance. Ironically, a day following those accomplishments, Floridian rapper Kodak Black is hastily calling dibs on a portion of her success after once again hinting that she stole his slang.

Kodak Black is pretty adamant that the catchphrase “drive the boat” was originated by him, and he should be credited as such. Black’s recent call-out is now the third such social media attack aimed at Megan, starting with the 2020 rant while he was in prison and a more recent one about a week ago. Monday’s string of tweets took on another level of seriousness, as Bill hinted that he would be taking legal action against the “Cry Baby” rapper if he was not credited.

“You Know What , Ima Pull Up On Jit Wit Bout 200 Bands Or Sumn Since I Raned Off Wit Da Man Quote Got Rich Off It & Ain’t Mention Em Nan Time,’” he began. “Who Shoulda Said Dat Twitter? I’m Lit I Ain’t Old & Washed Up Somewhere Hating On Young N**as I’m Jus Over Here Counting This Money But Still Pointing Dat Sh*t Out Y’all B On D**k !!!”

He continued, “Make a whole career off of taking one Lil piece of my sh*t & I B Coming For My Money,” he wrote. Kodak ended his tweetstorm with one which could be considered as equally confusing and disrespectful, as he referred to Megan as a male.

“Or You Know What Ima Just Let Him Drive My Boat & Call It Even.”

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Megan Thee Stallion has not responded to Kodak’s accusations, but if her partner’s words are to be taken as a representation of her stance, she may not be addressing the matter publicly. Pardison Fontaine tweeted, “BIG Ws !!!! .. REALLY AINT HEARING ALL THE OTHER SH*T..”

Only time will reveal if Kodak actually takes this one to the courts.

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Pooh Shiesty And Kodak Black Beefing Over Who Started “Blrrd”

Pooh Shiesty and Kodak Black are going at it all over who started the “blrrd” trend.

Both Pooh Shiesty and Kodak Black are in heavy rotation on hip hop airwaves right now. The Memphis rapper is making waves with his breakout hit “Back In Blood” with Lil Durk, while the Pompano Beach native is creating his own waves musically, but also for other things like getting out of prison early thanks to a Trump last-minute pardon and his recent engagement to Mellow Racks whom he has been dating only for a few days or weeks at most.

While Shiesty and Kodak are making a lot of noise on the airwaves right now, their heated feud started after the Sniper Gang rapper hopped on Instagram to tell the world that he started the “blrrd” trend as well as the infamous cash spread. It didn’t take long for the “Back In Blood” rapper to respond on IG, telling Kodak that he lost respect for him.

“This just a matter of fact ! I ain’t dissing nobody , ion even know y’aII I’m just saying and this not to say the respect level ain’t on either side , but you know,” Kodak wrote in a post on IG that he has since deleted. In the video shared, he explained how he started the money spread trend and even namedrop Lil Baby.

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Pooh Shiesty later issued a strong response to Kodak Black on Instagram by sharing photos of himself from a decade ago spreading cash. “The INTERNET AND FANS will make a real ni**a do some h** sh**, Influence?” he wrote. “You wasn’t rappin when I was out here taking action I just like yo music thought u was on my same time boy u was rapping that sh** I was really living before I ever made a song, this internet don’t know sh** bout me.”

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Shiesty added that Chief Keef would be more deserving of the credit for starting the trend than Kodak Black. He ended his statement with a strong messaging tell Black that they can handle this feud in person.

What Blrrd mean?

In case you don’t know the meaning of “blrrd,” it’s an adlib popularized by Pooh Shiesty in some of his recent songs, particularly his hit single, “Back In Blood.” Other Memphis rappers also use it, but this issue is about who created it.

Before they started beefing, Pooh Shiesty says he is a fan of Kodak Black and even ranked him among his top 5 rappers, dead or alive. “‘m gon’ put me on there, BIG30, Gucci Mane, Kodak Black, and Chief Keef. I dont even care about nobody else. Them five right there,” he told Hotnewhiphop.

Why did Kodak Black pick a fight with Pooh Shiesty? Perhaps because of his recent issues with Gucci Mane asking him about the clone rumors. The Florida rapper wasn’t too happy about it, and we all know Gucci is mentoring Shiesty, who is signed to his 1017 label.

Kodak Black Unhappy With YNW Melly Collab, Melly Respond From Prison

Kodak Black isn’t happy with his new collaboration with fellow Florida native YNW Melly.

Today is new music Friday, and fans are anxiously awaiting the release of tracks from some of their favorite artists. This Friday might just be a lot bigger than previous ones in terms of the list of heavyweights set to burn up the airwaves. We have Drake and Tory Lanez dropping albums, and we also will be receiving music from Tyler the Creator and Lil Baby. Typically, the critics of music are the fans themselves, but today there was a twist when Kodak Black shared his displeasure about his new track titled “Thugged Out” with YNW Melly.

Word of their collab has been hitting the grapevine for some time now, but sadly fans hadn’t gotten their desires satiated due to both rappers dealing with a slew of legal dilemmas. YNW Melly is currently in custody at Broward County Jail in Florida, awaiting his double-murder trial. He was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. According to police reports, he and another rapper, YNW Bortlen, killed two of their friends then staged the crime scene to look like a drive-by shooting. Back in April 2020, the 21-year-old rapper was denied release from prison after he contracted Covid-19.

Kodak Black, on the other hand, had a little bit of luck. His sentence has been commuted, and he was released from jail recently following a pardon by former President Donald Trump. Miraculously it seems the pair have found some way to make the magic happen, and their new track was released today, much to the displeasure of Kodak, who noted that the mixing of the track was of poor quality.

In a now-deleted tweet, he expressed, “Dam They Got Me Off Beat Af On This Melly Song SMH We Gone Have To Revisit This One Later.”

YNW Melly responded to Kodak’s revelations stating, “We getting dat bih rite it’s melvin n yak stop playing with our top [engineer].”

One fan seemed unphased by the matter at hand and instead directed his focus to Melly responding while in prison. “He got a phone in prison? I’m telling,” he exclaimed.

Check out their new track, “Thugged Out”.

Kodak Black & Fiancee Mellow Rackz Expecting First Child

Kodak Black’s fiancee Mellow Rackz announces pregnancy with first child.

Kodak Black seems to be an expecting father as he shared his preferred names for a boy baby. Fans, though, are confused as to who the mother of the child is since Kodak is engaged to Florida rapper Mellow Rackz for less than three weeks. News reports suggest that the woman may not be Mellow after all but another woman. It’s been a little over two months since Kodak was released from jail after being pardoned by outgoing President Donald Trump, so the dates and days are quite shocking to fans who reacted to the news.

In the video, he can be seen eating an ice pop and saying that the baby’s mother does not agree with the names he has chosen. In the background, she could be heard saying the names he chose are ugly while suggesting a name of her own.

Kodak says, “she don’t like the name for prince…” to which the woman in the background says, “Prince no.

Kodak Black, however, says he likes the name Prince for the middle name “that’s not the name..his middle name Prince. We got King Khalid then Kiope ..so do yall like Kiope Prince Kapri? he asked his fans to help him choose a name.

The baby mother, on the other hand, suggested that the baby be called “Melly,” or should it be ‘Milli’? Which does sound like his fiancée Melly for Mellow Rackz. Kodak hilariously reacts by asking who?! “My homeboy name Milli… .it’s a K word,” he says. It sounds like he wants the baby to have a name beginning with K.

Nobody knows who the mystery woman is, but fans speculated that the baby was conceived soon after he returned from jail.

Meanwhile, the rapper seems to be in a rush to make up for lost times while in jail. He recently got engaged to Mellow Rackz and has made moves to restart his rap music journey. Earlier this week, he was successful in getting a judge to allow him to travel for work purposes, something his probation conditions previously disallowed.

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Kodak Black Slams Gucci Mane For Asking Him If He’s A Clone

Kodak Black is clapping back at Gucci Mane for asking if he’s a clone.

Kodak Black has clearly been enjoying his freedom since receiving a presidential pardon last month before Donald Trump officially left office. However, it seems the rapper doesn’t have any patience for persistent jokes from internet trolls accusing him of being a cloned version of himself. Now Gucci Mane has joined fans questioning if the Pompano Beach rapper is really a clone or the real deal. Of course, Gucci previously dealt with similar accusations after his release from prison in 2016 looking ripped.

Gucci Mane posted a video of an exchange between himself and Kodak Black where he asked the Florida rapper, “I’m talking ’bout is you a clone or not.”

Taking to Instagram Live on Saturday, Black addressed the rumors which suggest that he is no longer the authentic Kodak we once knew, saying, “Why this don’t sound like Kodak, what the hell—so who do I sound like? All this little clone sh*t starting to make me made now. See back then, all my little other bids, whenever this little clone sh*t came out, I wasn’t trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.”

Kodak went on to claim that the comments are coming from a place of pure jealousy, adding, “All kind of n***as been trying to imitate this sh*t but can’t duplicate this sh*t. None of these f***in’ n***as seeing Yak! They know that, that’s why they was mad I came home. All these n***as was scared, scared of me coming home, picking up the money.” It looks like Kodak is ready to hop back in the game at full force and isn’t taking anybody’s shade in the meantime.

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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

Black also respond to Gucci Mane in another video saying, “When you said, ‘Is you a clone’ tonight, I should’ve hit you with, ‘B**ch, I might be.’” He then went on to disrespect Gucci for not having any waves in his hair.

Since his release, Kodak has made several big moves, including debuting a new hairstyle, getting his lawyer’s name tatted on his hand, showing off a ring engraved with “Trump Ties” as a shoutout to the controversial president who pardoned him and reportedly getting engaged to 19-year-old rapper Mellow Rackz.

Kodak Black has addressed his plans to pursue multiple causes, including criminal justice reform and giving back to his community. The rapper also established a scholarship in honor of the victims who lost their lives in the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting in Parkland, Florida, setting aside $100k in funds for the criminal justice program at Southeastern University Law School. Clone or not, at least the latest incarnation of Kodak is committed to spreading some positivity in the world.

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Kodak Black’s Fiancee’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Claims She Left Him For Kodak

A man is claiming that Kodak Black has stolen his girl Mellow Rackz and in posts on Instagram, he says Mellow failed to show up at his Valentine’s Day surprise.

The 19-year-old, who is of Haitian descent, made several posts on Instagram which show a diamond engagement ring and a ‘Might as well marry me Melody. I love you’ aircraft banner by Kodak Black. She also hinted in one of her posts that she said yes to his proposal.

The engagement came as a shock to fans of Black. He’s only gotten out of jail three weeks ago and has taken such a bold step. However, many fans are happy that he is coupling up. However, the news isn’t the best for everyone as the jaded ex-lover of Melody has come out to say Kodak has stolen his girl.

In a post he shared which has a photograph of him and Mellow supposedly taken on Valentine’s Day, the man wrote, “A lot of people find this funny & it’s cracy to me that nobody don’t see the fact that street n***as out here here pateking these girls up instead of protecting they self.”

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A post shared by M talk???? (@mellowrackz)

He also had a warning for Kodak Black – “that sh** super backwards it’s time n***as stop committing thy self to these girls that will do whatever fpr a viral moment. You gone lose her the same way you got her!! Stay ywoke!!!!”

In the videos, the man who has a strong Jamaican accent says he sent her the address and told her about the surprise on Monday, which was dinner on a yacht with candlelight and flowers and gifts, but she did not turn up. “man this shit hurts…set up a dinner date on a yacht…she didn’t pull up…tried my best son, don’t give her no bun.” (“bun” is a Jamaican term that refers to cheating).

He also showed off his Tom Ford sneakers and his jewelry in the video. In the other photos, he assembled what seems to be a timeline of what happened with his relationship from Sunday to Thursday when Mellow Rackz can be seen cuddling and French kissing Kodak.

Meanwhile, Mellow responded to fans suggesting that she was only with her ex for money. She says she has her own money, and also, her ex cheated and beat her in now-deleted stories on her Instagram. She also alleges that the photo her ex used was from last year November and not a recent photo.

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A post shared by M talk???? (@mellowrackz)

Kodak Black Drops Major Cash For His “Trump Ties” Diamond Ring

Kodak Black is locked in with Trump forever.

There’s no doubt that Kodak Black is thankful to former President Donald Trump for his freedom. After all. It was Trump, who on his final day in office, extended his Presidential pardon to the rapper along with veteran Lil Wayne. Kodak has taken his appreciation to new heights after he spent a ton on a new championship ring to show his loyalty to the 45th President.

He made the revelation during his most recent interview with Fat Joe and his lawyer Bradford Cohen. He showed off his unwavering commitment to Trump by getting the former President’s name on a ring. He flashed his “Trump Ties” piece on camera. It must have been one of the first things he got following his release since one of the first places he went to was his favorite jewelry store. It’s an awfully expensive way to show your love for the President that many feels has been the most polarizing in US history.

Since being released, he’s also used social media to thank the former President. In January, less than a week after he was released, he dropped his first post-prison song, called “Last Day In.” In one line of that song, he said, “Trump just freed me, but my favorite president is on the money/ All they hatin’ presidents has become evident to me.”

Kodak was in federal prison after pleading guilty to a firearms possession charge. He may still face prison time after being indicted on a felony charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in 2016.

In the video around the 19:30 mark in his new interview with Fat Joe, Kodak proudly raised his ring to the camera and asked Joe to read what it says. “You see what it say?” he proudly asks the rapper, who then adds, “Trump Ties.” He may be walking a thin line as while many of his fans and supporters are happy he’s been pardoned, they have no love for Trump.

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Kodak Black Addresses Laser Beam Incident Says He’s In A Happy Place

Kodak Black has stepped forward to address a recent incident where a laser beam was allegedly pointed at him at the club.

Freedom is an intangible asset that many don’t understand the value of until it is taken away. This freedom is a magnificent miracle that rapper Kodak Black was recently granted the opportunity of beholding once more as he can now be dubbed a free man.

The rapper has been plagued with a tumultuous criminal history. Black has a plethora of criminal charges ranging from drug possession, weapons, and robbery charges. He was also arrested in 2018 for violating the terms of his probation and was sentenced to 364 days with credit for time served.

The Florida native has also remained under indictment on charges of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina from 2016. Although he was released on bond and his trial has been repeatedly delayed, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years if convicted. In January of this year, Kodak Black received a pardon from President Donald Trump on his final day in office on a federal weapons conviction.

Now that he is officially out and about, the rapper has been spotted at charity events, nightclubs and he recently received a gift of 50 k from fellow rapper Lil Yachty. On Thursday, the Florida rapper declares that he is now on a different path following a scary incident that took place recently in which his security believed his life was in danger.

While performing onstage, a red laser beam appeared on his jacket, and his security team jumped into action, quickly removing him from the event. Many fans believed it could have been a prank, but there are others who genuinely fear that it was possibly a gun.

Addressing the mishap today, he shared a video with fans on social media. “You n***as on some crazy, like, Instagram, phone effects, like, putting beams on my clothes and sh*t like a b*tch had a beam on me,” said Kodak in the video.

“Nobody’s brain even gon’ register like that, like, ‘let me put a beam on Yak.’ But I’m happy though. I’m in a happy space.”

He claims that the video of him being escorted off the stage was edited, stating that the woman that shot the video reached out to him with the original clip and was angry that people added the beam effect. He then continued to tell his fans, “It ain’t none of y’all business why I’m happy for. I’ve been seeing all this lil crazy sh*t, I’ma let y’all think whatever y’all think. I ain’t on no f**k s*it. I ain’t go through sh*t. I’m really on some separating entertainment from reality.”

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A post shared by Kutthroat Bill (@kodakblack)

Kodak then expounded on his new beliefs, “Entertainment is all this social media and all this internet sh*t. The reality is you niggas not gone play with me. In real life I had kinda lost my way and started being into this internet sh*t and going live and responding and started feeding into this internet sh*t. But it had me on a lame vibe. I don’t even play with you ni**as in reality cuz you know I smush on you people. Ain’t nobody put no beam on me that’s some effects and sh*t.”

In closing, he said, “Ni**a fresh out. God been f**king with us.” While the rapper seems to be enjoying his free time, his legal troubles are far from over, but after the many complaints of being mistreated in prison, it seems he can somewhat breathe easily for the time being.

Kodak Black Gets A $50K Gift From Lil Yachty Just For Getting Out Of Prison

Lil Yachty gave Kodak Black 50 bands as a welcome home gift.

When Kodak Black was serving a prison sentence for the fraudulent acquisition of a firearm, Lil Yachty was among those who advocated for his freedom. The Quality Control rapper even made a plea to Donald Trump as to why the Fla rapper should be granted clemency.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump my friend @KodakBlack1k deserves to be commuted,” Yachty wrote on Twitter in early January. “The system punished him way to hard for a paperwork crime #freekodak.” It was in the stars for Kodak, and the Bill Israel rapper was, in fact, among those who received the presidential pardon by the former POTUS, affording him the ultimate reprieve and the opportunity to be set free more than a year in advance.

Now that Kodak Black is out and can reunite with the people who have been championing for his freedom and supporting his cause over the last few years, Lil Yachty is commemorating the moment with a fat wad. The rappers appeared together in a new video that surfaced on social media, hanging out at a gas station with their friends. In the clip, Yachty hands Kodak a stack of cash before hugging it out. “I got something for you though brother,” said Yachty. “That’s that welcome home gift. Good 50 piece for him.”

Kodak was appreciative, telling the Yachty, “Mos’ def, you know I appreciate it” before bagging the cash and resuming his shenanigans, asking for his friends’ opinions on his choice of eyewear. The group continued having harmless fun outside a 7-11 surrounded by a fleet of Ferraris. Lil Yachty and Kodak Black weren’t always this close, but they obviously grew on each other. The generous QC rapper recently featured on Kodak’s album Bill Israel which was released in November.

Wouldn’t you say we all need a friend like Lil Yachty to spot us fifty grand when we come home?

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Kodak Black Released From Federal Prison But Still Faces Sexual Assault State Charges

Kodak Black is still facing prison time for an old sexual assault case despite getting a presidential pardon.

Kodak Black may be happy right now that he has been granted a pardon that paved the way for him to be free to reunite with his family, but the rapper’s freedom might be short-lived. The pardon he received has cleared him of federal gun charges, but he could still face state charges as prosecutors in South Carolina have said that they want him transferred there to face ongoing sexual assault charges. Presidential pardons only grant clemency to federal crimes.

According to prison paperwork posted by DJ Akademiks, Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was released from prison on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

His 46-month prison sentence for firearms offenses was commuted yesterday, January 20, by President Donald Trump. While Kodak Black was expressing his joy and appreciation at being granted mercy, reports indicate that prosecutors in Florence County have been doing all that they could to make sure that he faces trial for allegedly forcing himself on a woman in a hotel in 2016.

According to TMZ, Ed Clements, the 12th Circuit solicitor in Florence County, said he already has a detainer on file on Kodak and that he plans to “aggressively” go after him. However, law experts are not sure if it would affect his impending release. If convicted of a first-degree criminal sexual conduct charge, he could face a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

The case revolves around allegations that he forced himself on a woman in a hotel room in February 2016. It is also alleged that he bit her neck and breast. Another publication Courthouse News stated that according to a police affidavit, the woman “repeatedly told [him] to stop” during the sexual encounter. The publication also stated that the prosecutor hopes to “move forward as fast as we can” in the case. It was previously delayed because of the pandemic.

TMZ contacted the rapper’s attorney for the South Carolina case, Beattie Ashmore, who said he wasn’t too worried. “Aggressively prosecute? It’s been four years. That speaks volumes,” the lawyer said. He added, “Kodak was on bond and on tour for two years before his federal case even began.”

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Bobby Shmurda Fans React On Twitter To Trump Not Giving Him A Pardon

Bobby Shmurda is trending amid his name, failing to make the grand clemency list from the White House.

As his last act in office, Trump opted to grant pardons to a list of 140 people, including some rappers who have either been serving a prison sentence or were about to. While some people who have chimed in on the historical event now firmly believe that they have deduced how Lil Wayne was rewarded for advocating for Trump before the presidential election, they cannot fathom why Bobby Shmurda was not considered for the ultimate get out of jail free card.

The GSL rapper has been serving a 7-year prison sentence for drug and gun-related charges and is slated to be released on February 23. For his fans, Shmurda cannot be released too soon, and they had strong hopes for the rapper to join the other pardoned artists like Kodak Black, Steve Bannon, and more get an early release of a full pardon to avoid serving time in prison.

As Twitter reacts to Bobby Shmurda’s absence from the extensive list, fans can’t help but question why he didn’t make the cut. Clemency was also not granted to Suge Knight, C-Murder, Tay-K, YNW Melly, and others. As for Bobby, he was denied parole just last year, while his associate and fellow GSL rapper Rowdy Rebel was approved and consequently released in 2020. At the top of the year, amid the parole board rejecting the early release request, it was revealed that Bobby Shmurda would b granted a conditional release in February.

The hilarious Twitter threads surrounding the rapper seemingly getting snubbed is replete with memes depicting a bemused, disheartened, and even an irate Bobby Shmurda. One fan angrily wrote, “I really dgaf about trump pardoning wayne or kodak….who gives af where is bobby shmurda.” Thankfully, the rapper will be out soon regardless.

bobby shmurda after finding out Kodak black and Lil Wayne has been pardoned by trump but not him pic.twitter.com/3BXICK0KDS

— honest laker fan (@kgsback) January 20, 2021

Bobby Shmurda watching Donald Trump drop Lil Wayne and Kodak Black’s charges from jail pic.twitter.com/HbBUVSgyu9

— JoJo?? (@JoJo808s) January 20, 2021

Bobby Shmurda been “coming out next month” for the past 2 years

— Lesilo Rula (@kay_mahapa) January 20, 2021

Bobby Shmurda going back to his Cell after finding out Kodak Black getting released. pic.twitter.com/NYZrLhODki

— JoJo?? (@JoJo808s) January 20, 2021

Bobby Shmurda his way back to his cell after not getting pardoned by Trump pic.twitter.com/XNuAO7wDNk

— GlacierBoyMyat (@HunchoMyat) January 20, 2021

Bobby Shmurda looking at this tweet like: pic.twitter.com/1OEpSbJBzx

— yeah Vovo szn ? (@Wanamakergoat) January 20, 2021

Lil Wayne & Kodak Black Pardoned By President Trump In Last-Minute Spree

Lil Wayne and Kodak Black can breathe a sigh of relief today after Trump granted them clemency.

Outgoing President Donald Trump has pardoned over 150 persons and commutations, sources within the President’s administration has revealed in the early morning of his last day in office. Trump spends his final full day in office- January 19, 2021, finalizing his list of pardons, and it turns out that rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black made the list.

According to three CNN news sources, the batch of clemency actions includes white-collar criminals, high-profile rappers, and others but does not include the President, who has been reported as suggesting that he would seek to pardon himself and his children before leaving office. It seems that did not happen after his lawyers advised him against it.

“President Trump granted a full pardon to Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., also known as ‘Lil Wayne,’” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement to the press. “Mr. Carter pled guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon, owing to a conviction over 10 years ago. Brett Berish of Sovereign Brands, who supports a pardon for Mr. Carter, describes him as ‘trustworthy, kind-hearted and generous.’”

“Mr. Carter has exhibited this generosity through commitment to a variety of charities, including donations to research hospitals and a host of foodbanks. Deion Sanders, who also wrote in support of this pardon, calls Mr. Wayne ‘a provider for his family, a friend to many, a man of faith, a natural giver to the less fortunate, a waymaker, [and] a game changer.’”

Lil Wayne was a staunch Trump supporter and ally during his election campaign last year, so it comes as no surprise that he was pardoned by the outgoing President. The full list of names was released to the press at approximately 1 AM on the morning of the inauguration. Lil Wayne was facing a gun charge – possession of firearm during a 2019 search of his jet. The rapper’s jet was searched after landing at the Miami airport, where authorities found what Wayne said was a father’s day gift- a gold plated gun as well as marijuana in his bag.

Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done. ?? pic.twitter.com/Q9c5k1yMWf

— Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) October 29, 2020

Weezy remains a controversial personality in hip hop and received heavy backlash, especially from the black community after meeting with Trump and declaring his support for the then President and encouraging African Americans- a key demographic in the contentious 2020 election, to vote for Trump.

Controversial Florida rapper Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was also pardoned after he took to his social media accounts to make an appeal to Trump for a pardon in exchange for donating millions of dollars to charity last year.

“Kodak Black is a prominent artist and community leader,” McEnany said in the statement. “He has served nearly half of his sentence. Before his conviction and after reaching success as a recording artist, Kodak Black became deeply involved in numerous philanthropic efforts. In fact, he has committed to supporting a variety of charitable efforts, such as providing educational resources to students and families of fallen law enforcement officers and the underprivileged. In addition to these efforts, he has paid for the notebooks of school children, provided funding and supplies to daycare centers, provided food for the hungry, and annually provides for underprivileged children during Christmas. Most recently while still incarcerated, Kodak Black donated $50,000 to David Portnoy’s Barstool Fund, which provides funds to small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kodak Black’s only request was that his donation go toward restaurants in his hometown.”

According to one source, the pardon does not come at zero cost as the President is expecting to collect later on his favor. “Everything is a transaction. He likes pardons because it is unilateral. And he likes doing favors for people he thinks will owe him.”

Among the people who received a pardon from Donald Trump include Death Row Records co-founder Michael “Harry O” Harrison, who got his sentence commuted after Snoop Dogg and his allies successfully lobbied the Trump administration.

Kodak Black Admits He’s “Depressed” & “Lonely” In Prison, Asks For Prayers

Prison is having a negative effect on Kodak Black’s mental health.

Doing hard time in prison can’t be easy for anyone, but Kodak Black appears to be truly struggling, based on the Florida rapper’s recent tweets. Just after 7 AM, Kodak put out a heartbreaking plea to the Twitterverse — one tweet which stated, “Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Pray For Sanity,” and another with a pray that read, “Lord Restore My Heart. Take What’s Broken And Make Whole Again.”

It is not known what exactly triggered the “Vultures Cry 2” rapper’s state of mind, but it may be in part due to the recent political happenings in the US. “We Need To Have Peace, We Need To Have Law And Order,” he wrote in what was seemingly a reference to last week’s incident at the Capitol building in which pro-Trump supporters protested his loss in last November’s presidential election. It is rumored that the outgoing POTUS may pardon Kodak Black, who is serving 46 months for firearm possession before he leaves office in the next couple weeks. “What do you think of the ‘Platinum Plan?’ This is what the community needs…. more ownership,” the incarcerated artist wrote in a tweet before the 2020 election in which he tagged President Trump. “I want to help with justice reform when I am out as well.”

Not all of Kodak Black’s tweets today were doom and gloom, however. The 23-year-old chose to send some love out for Lil Yachty, with whom he collaborated on his third studio album, Bill Israel. “I Love @lilyachty, You Got All My Respect. You A Real One Fasho,” he wrote. Kodak also shared with his Twitter followers that he felt Kanye West is misunderstood, writing, “Y’all Got My Dawg @kanyewest F***ed Up.”

Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Pray For Sanity

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) January 11, 2021

Lord Restore My Heart.
Take What’s Broken And
Make Whole Again

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) January 11, 2021

YNW Melly – YNW Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song

Made it through the struggle, got it off the muscle (off the muscle)
Wanted Gucci on my buckle, so I had to hustle (hustle, hustle)
Stomach growlin’ like a lion, I was really hungry
Ain’t nobody wanna help me, got it on my lonely (my lonely)
Jaleen that my brother, we like Rich Homie and Thugger
Disrespect my whodie, then I’m shootin’ at your mother, huh (your mother)
Boy I know you love her, cause’ you fuck without a rubber, huh
If that bitch start actin’ up, just go and find another, huh (sheesh)
Gucci, Louis, Hermes and Givenchy on my body (yeah)
Promethazine and Sprite, but I ain’t fuckin’ with no molly (no way)
Big shout-out to Kodak Black, he follow me on Insta
If you wanna chop it up, I put it in a blender (blender)
Flokka smokin’ niggas, I ain’t got nothin’ to give ya’ (bye)
I’m shootin’ out the sun roof, Sosa shootin’ out the window (bang)
Yeah, this is a freestyle nigga you ain’t gotta ask me (nah)
Pussy squirtin’, mini skirt, I like my bitches nasty, uh
And she make all A’s and B’s, I like my bitches classy, huh (classy)
Quarter pound of ganja pack, I stretch it like elastic, huh (elastic)
Take you to the Gucci store, then flip it like gymnastics (flip it)
Juugin and finessin’, we was counting all our blessings (for real)
Your bitch do the Melly pose cause I’m a living legend


I’m that nigga from that Ave you don’t even know to have
Just to walk through my hood, pussy boy, you need a pass
Tell the judge suck my dick and tell the state to kiss my ass
Me and my team we first, why you pussy niggas in last
Crackers all on my dick ’cause they say I made a hit
When I grabbed the microphone they like: “Sosa you can spit!”
When I fucked that nigga bitch, that really made that nigga sit

Lil Durk – Public Housing Lyrics

For real like
I’m saying they count us out at the right time
You know what I’m saying
That gave us motivation to tuck and gotta do what we do
You know what I’m saying I got the city on my back you know

I came from public houses to a mansion
I lost my family I was feelin’ stranded
I seen my son he a throw a tantrum
Call a couple bitches cause I had no manners
I asked Allah can he give me guidance
Full of anger I was in out my mind and
I know this music is my soul passion
Last week I spent fifty thousand on my fashion

[Verse 1]
On red carpet feelin’ like Alladin
Got a bitch from Tokyo I like her accent
Julio Jones ballin’ on Madden
On top enjoy my risin’
Smokin’ woods like I’m in a cabin
Goin’ broke I cannot imagine
No way, how you blastin’ if you plastic
Imma turn wit da cheque get my momma a new crib
I ain’t talking Kodak Black imma get a new crib
I just paid for my side bitch to get a titties filled
And she tried to suck me up for them new Fendi heels
I been in it for a long time need some new deals
I been in 4gs it for a long time need some new wheels
Percocet with the xannex new some new pills
Traded in that new Hellcat to see a coup wheel
Turn up

I came from public houses to a mansion
I lost my family I was feelin’ stranded
I seen my son he a throw a tantrum
Call a couple bitches cause I had no manners
I asked Allah can he give me guidance
Full of anger I was in out my mind and
I know this music is my soul passion
Last week I spent fifty thousand on my fashion

[Verse 2]
I’m with Zoey on the jet skis
Two cars imma switch keys
Fuck the old heads they miss lead
Only the family stand for family
I lost my blood thats insanity
Shout out Tory cuz he signed to me
I’m wit a boss bitch count them gs
Count my cheese up
Got a passport she got a Visa
Its perfect picture Mona Lisa
They did’t believe us
Hope they never need us
While the police try to discriminate us
And I got these diamonds just to please my haters
Gotta get this money gotta chase that paper
While these niggas try to assassinate us
I got a Glock and it came with lasers

I came from public houses to a mansion
I lost my family I was feelin’ stranded
I seen my son he a throw a tantrum
Call a couple bitches cause I had no manners
I asked Allah can he give me guidance
Full of anger I was in out my mind and
I know this music is my soul passion
Last week I spent fifty thousand on my fashion

Kodak Black – When Vultures Cry

I guess you and I different than them after all
Booted up, Molly jolly, no Adderall
I got tired of eatin’ PB&J, noodle casserole
All my niggas behind the wall
All my niggas, they in the pen
Or they in the grave
Flyin’ in the [?], nigga, fuck a Wraith

This what it sound like
Look what it sound like when a vulture cry
Look what it sound like when a vulture cry
Booted up, I’m high, booted up out my mind
I’m booted up out my mind
This what it sound like when a vulture cry
This what it sound like when a vulture cry
This what it sound like when I try to cry
I be tryin’ to cry
When my niggas died, I was tryin’ to cry
When my niggas died, I couldn’t even watch you cry

Jumped up out the womb like my daddy the devil
My son jumped up out the womb like his daddy the devil
Life’s been better
I thank the Lord life’s been better
Ever since I dropped up outta school, nigga, life’s been better
Since I ran out with the tool just to get me some cheddar
Had to jump out on a fool, whacked him, teach him a lesson
Lil’ nigga, I ain’t explainin’ to you, so I don’t need you to spell it
I had jumped up off the porch headfirst, I was ready
But the feds take a nigga ass away from his family
To hear my nigga tell it, man, that shit damn embarrassing
Go back to hittin’ licks, got me thuggin’ in Maryland
Smokin’ gas, got my tank on 93 supreme
Smokin’ gas, drinkin’ oil, no kerosene
Had to fill all my guns up with blackheads
Fill my guns up with diamonds, so I run the biz
Fill my gums up with diamonds, look like gingivitis
All this money got me lookin’ like Illuminati
He done caught his first body, swear he did enough
You can’t tell him nothin’, feel like he a real dog
Even in the rap shit, I get real love
But how you knowin’ real love when you ain’t got a feeling?
What you know about trust when you not feeling?
I came up, now they pay a nigga top penny
Birdman tryna give the kid a couple million
Before Atlantic Records signed me, I was gettin’ chicken
I was scammin’, I was plannin’ on the same dream
I got tired of baloney sandwich, no canteen
Got tired of PB&J, noodle casserole
I drink the coffee with the Molly, no Adderall
I guess someone not different than him after all
Stayin’ focused, [?], I be spazzin’ now
Why you think they call him Kodak Black? I be blackin’ out
These niggas want me in the books like I’m Pacquiao
Losin’ all my niggas, started drinkin’ alcohol
I jumped out the womb like my daddy the devil
I walked up in the building like I’m young and I’m clever, yeah
I walked up in the building like I’m young and I’m special, yeah
I got a couple million, also tote a Beretta
I dropped out of school just to get me some cheddar

This what it sound like
Look what it sound like when a vulture cry
Look what it sound like when a vulture cry
Booted up, I’m high, booted up out my mind
I’m booted up out my mind
This what it sound like when a vulture cry
This what it sound like when a vulture cry
This what it sound like when I try to cry
I be tryin’ to cry
When my niggas died, I was tryin’ to cry
When my niggas died, I couldn’t even watch you cry

Kodak Black – Fck With You Ft. Tory Lanez

Kodak Black – Fck With You Ft. Tory Lanez Mp3 Download

Kodak Black is currently sitting behind bars at the moment after police raided his home last month and arrested the Florida rapper for a string of charges, including grand theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana, and two counts of probation violation to name a few. However despite his absence from the game right now he’s not letting his fans suffer. A couple days ago, Kodak’s camp revealed that the Florida rapper would be treating fans to a Valentines Day gift in the form of a new project called Heart Break Kodak, and now it has arrived.

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Take a listen below.


DOWNLOAD MP3 Kodak Black – Fck With You Ft. Tory Lanez

Kodak Black Denied Bail, Snitched On Himself On Instagram Live

Kodak Black was denied bail when he appeared before a judge in Broward County on Friday afternoon.

The “Tunnel Vision” rapper, born Dieuson Octave, was arrested in Florida late Thursday evening and slapped with seven charges ranging from child neglect to weed possession and grand theft of a firearm. The serious charges were laid out against him while he was serving a one-year house arrest sentence for a previous case and let’s not forget that he was on probation. His attorney asked the judge to grant him bail but Broward Judge Joel Lazarus denied the request and ordered him back in the slammer.

Cops obtained a warrant and raided his Broward County home on Thursday after someone tipped them off about his antics on Instagram Live. The prosecutor says someone called the cops after noticing weed and a gun in close proximity to a child while Kodak Black was on Instagram Live. Police then got a search warrant and swarmed the home where they uncovered marijuana and the weapon. The feds also took his cellphone all while it was still live streaming on Instagram.

Kodak Black was charged with neglect child without great bodily harm, two charges of possession of weapon or ammo by a felon, grand theft of firearm, possession of marijuana over 20 grams, and two probation violation charges. These charges carry heavy penalties in Florida if found guilty and to make matters worse, he is on probation and house arrest.

Kodak legal troubles are nowhere near over because he is currently awaiting trial for a previous sexual assault charge following an indictment in October last year. Last year he served a few weeks in jail for probation violation. He was lucky to be released after serving a month in the slammer because he completed a life skills course. You can now conclude that he didn’t learn a thing from that course.

Kodak Black Arrested In Florida On Seven Felony Charges

Kodak Black is currently behind bars and is facing at least seven felony charges.

The Pompano Beach rapper, real name Dieuson Octave, was picked up in Florida on Thursday at his home. According to TMZ, Kodak Black was arrested while he was on Instagram Live talking to his fans. Cops not only seized his phone, but laid out several charges against him including, Neglect child without great bodily harm, two charges of possession of weapon or ammo by a felon, grand theft of firearm, possession of marijuana over 20 grams, and two probation violation charges.

Kodak Black is starting the new year almost identical to how he started last year, behind bars. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper has had a number of run-ins with the legal system and in fact he is currently serving a one-year sentence on house arrest and is currently on probation for a separate case involving sexual assault. If these charges stick against him, he could be sent to prison for years for the gun charges alone.

Kodak was awaiting trial for his sexual assault charge at the time of his arrest and there is no doubt that the prosecutor will use that against him. In the video below, you can hear the cops in the background questioning the Project Baby rapper while telling him that they will take his phone because its part of the evidence. This could mean that cops have been watching Kodak Black’s antics on social media for months before moving in.

Kodak Black was indicted in October last year for one count of sexual battery. His trial date was not yet set, but he was on probation and house arrest at the time of his arrest at his Florida home. He required permission from the court and his probation officer to travel even for concerts.

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Kodak Black and XXXTentacion Highlights Legal Troubles in “Roll In Peace” Video

Kodak Black and XXXTentacion made fun of the court and their legal troubles in “Roll In Peace” video.

The Florida rappers teamed up on the new collaboration which was debut over the weekend and now we have the visuals. This clip will show you that Kodak and X have much more in common than we previously thought. They both wrestle with legal troubles last year and their public image has come under fire on more than one occasions. This video highlights those issues as both rappers continue to face retribution from the justice system and from some hip hop fans who openly criticized their music and public life.

The video starts out with a court setting with the judge walking in and taking his seat in front of an audience made up of manikins. XXXTentacion did not make a cameo in the video but a monologue from one of his social media videos before his recent court date in December was injected in the middle of the cut. “I was just given seven more charges by the state attorney’s office and now I have a court date on the 15th [December], so I would ask that everyone come to support me and to show the positive influence that I have,” he said.

Kodak Black shows off his playboy and flashy lifestyle by throwing stacks of cash everywhere. X could not appear in the video because of his house arrest. He has a mountain of legal troubles ahead of him after being slapped with more than a dozen new charges filed against him last month for tampering with a witness who his the victim. His next court date is set for later this month and he is facing years in prison from both his previous charges of assaulting and kidnapping a pregnant woman and his new charges.

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Kodak Black Take Shots At Rap Rivals In New Song “Here It Is”

Kodak Black took a few shits at his rivals in hip hop on his new song “Here It Is.”

Last year was a huge year for for the Pompano Beach rapper who dropped a ton of new music and his Project Baby 2 mixtape. He ended the year with a joint mixtape with his affiliate Sniper Gang crew. Kodak Black isn’t wasting no time in the new year and has already serves up some new music which is a bit of a diss record aimed at other rappers but he never name any names.

“Ni**as sneak diss then they go to calling my phone / ‘Cause I don’t care ’bout my kids, I don’t care ’bout my future / Ni**a if you diss, ni**a I’m gon’ shoot ya / Ni**a if you run up on me, ni**a I’ma blood / Ni**a if you run up on me I’ma- blood,” Kodak Black raps. Throughout the rest of the song, Kodak take shots at an unnamed foe who he called a rat who is hungry for fame.

Listen to Kodak Black new song “Here It Is” below.

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Kodak Black – Codeine Dreaming lyrics

Below are the complete “Codeine Dreaming” lyrics by Kodak Black displayed. These lyrics were added November 27, 2017. This track is charting as #58 in the latest Billboard charts.

Codeine Dreaming lyrics

[intro: Kodak Black]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Take that all the way up
I’m about to take off on these niggas
And I’m codeine dreaming
(and I’m codeine dreaming,and I’m codeine dreaming
And I’m codeine dreaming,and I’m codeine dreaming)

[Hook: Kodak Black]
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
I’m in Uranus right now, I think I’ve seen a demon
I thought I left you back there in the cell or am I dreamin’?
Say I ain’t dealing with your dawg, going a different way
I broke up with my redbone, I went the milky way
I’m ridin’ in a Wraith feeling like I’m in outer space
Stars on my sunroof, Planet of the Apes
I couldn’t wait until they released me, right back on the turf
I took off on you bustas, left you right on planet Earth
I’m feeling Jimmy Neutron, how I blast off on a verse
I know my son gon’ like this song so I ain’t finna curse
Know he gon’ wanna explore the world so I’m gon’ show him first
Say we’re just distinguished beings, baby, me and you diverse

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[Hook: Kodak Black]
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated
(and I’m codeine dreaming,and I’m codeine dreaming
And I’m codeine dreaming)

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Bout to take off on you peons and go back to Mars
Bout to leave these peons behind like the Jackson 4
Tried to moonwalk on the moon and had to wax the floors
Tried to put me in a box and then I crashed the Porsche
Bout to wake up in your biatch and go back & forth
Got her trapping out the the Fiat, she be back and forth
‘Bout to put myself together, take it back apart
Got the codeine, all my brothers smell like caviar
Codeine dreaming, they come true too, that’s my spaceship, brp brp!
My milky way got pregnant, she said it’s for you hoo
FaceTime Kodak with my new new, I left you ’cause he knew you
I’m wet dreaming ’bout Actavis, 2 new cups feel like new boobs

[Hook: Kodak Black]
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated

[Verse 3: Kodak Black]
Bout to go to Saturn, heard they got the baddest species
You can hit me on my Galaxy, you tryna reach me
I went to Mars to get some Xanax bars and to go to sleep
I’m in my Orange space shuttle flyin’ two seats
I left Future in Pluto cause that boy was too geeked
And I’m playing Sudoku all the way to Mercury
I took too much of shrooms feel like I’m on Neptune
I’m with an alien, she show me what that neck do
And I’m a metamorphosis, you just a regular dude
You need a space suit to get up on this latitude
If she ain’t foreign, then she boring I need a Zircon
You takin’ morphine, homie you a moron

[Hook: Kodak Black]
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated
I might take off on you peons and go away to Venus
I’m a star so I put a neutron on my pinkie
I’m moonwalking but my Christian Loubotin’s bleeding
I’m smoking moonrocks, shawty, and I’m feeling seated
(and I’m codeine dreaming,and I’m codeine dreaming
And I’m codeine dreaming,and I’m codeine dreaming)