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Send a person, baby, send her
Send her over, baby, ready
Send her over, come and find me my boo (Same old, same old)
Oh, I wanna fly, see you ’round (Uh)

I don’t need industry praise
Vision distorting you niggas survivin’ off co-signs
On my credit, keep lockin’ the stage
Niggas mad ’cause I’m Black and I’m hostile
Crackers salty, I’m pretty and paid
Bottom bitch wanna jump on the dogpile
Every night I be fannin’ the flames
Mentally not a fan of your games
They wanna produce on my aisle
‘Cause they know that the market is made
Niggas will shark your whole style
Hope you’re ready to drown for the team
Shaq, fool, you can’t stop this reign
I can’t believe that my talent brought fame
You can’t believe I created a lane
I don’t respond to bitch niggas by name, that’s trash (Facts)
Scary-ass backpack rappin’ niggas never was meant to outlast me
Me and my Kimber like Lana and Lashley, uh
Keep it draped in attachments, uh
Nine on me, I’m sassy
Tatiana when I’m at the crib
The Smith, I mean, call it Ashley
Mary Kate, is my Glock in the backseat?
808, watch me peak and attack ’em
All of this talk, my niggas all action
How did I catch you lackin’?
“We ain’t got no money,” I’m laughin’
I’m talkin’ minimum wage
Rappers can’t do what I do ’cause I own all my shit
And I do all my shit and most y’all can’t relate
When Peggy hop in the booth, he get paid
You hit the booth, bitch, you know you a slave
You know what you signed, you know you don’t save
You know you a dub, won’t ease all the pain
All of my haters are tame
Naysayers, bench players, even all of the coaches between
Peggy love all, goin’ back to my roots
Jobless, now I feel like the The Fiend
Mask off in the future foreseen
Mask on, I don’t wanna be seen
.PNG, get your quality up
JPEG, I compress all my schemes (Ah)
I put your dome in a beam (Ah)
Kimber tucked in-between
I ain’t been shootin’ straight since a teen
Hop on the fence and I lean
How is this pussy still runnin’ the scene?
What does this actually mean?
Baby, control your demeanor
Niggas don’t have to believe (Yeah)
Then when it happens, like, uh
Then when it happens, they tweak, ha

It’s nasty
(What’s up, baby? What’s up?)
Say somethin’ (Yeah)
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