Jesse Royal Announces New Album & Taps Vybz Kartel For New Single “Rich Forever”

Jesse Royal says his sophomore album is on the way and his new single with Vybz Kartel, “Rich Forever,” is now out.

It’s not a collaboration you’d expect, but it’s one that has been forged to show true unity and a message of hope. That’s how reggae star Jesse Royal has explained his latest single, Rich Forever featuring Vybz Kartel. The song comes from his anticipated sophomore album Royal, which is expected to drop on June 11th, 2021, by Easy Star Records. The single dropped on April 16. This single is the third release from Jesse Royal‘s upcoming album.

The other two previously released singles are Lion Order featuring Protoje and Natty Pablo. In a statement, Royal explained that the collaboration was created to try and unify both artists and people across both genres in an effort to help listeners understand how to be “forever royal.”

“Rich Forever is a divergence from identifying with the degradation dispersed for generations by them and those who oppose reality and simply put, it is a conversation about restoration of our royalty and reclaiming dignity,” he further explained.

The beat for the track was produced by rising star iotosh, who also produced the beats for Protoje’s “Deliverance” and “Self Defense” as well as Jaz Elise’s “After 3” featuring Mortimer. The second album follows along the same line as Sean Paul’s recent delivery, Live N Livin, and focuses heavily on collaborations in the industry. Among those who appear on the album include Protoje, Kumar, and Ghanaian afrobeats artiste Stonebwoy. It’s been four years since his first album was released which was called Lily Of Da Valley.

The “Finally” singer also spoke with the Jamaica Observer about the concept behind his upcoming album.

“Royal is a lot different from my previous project, Lily of Da Valley, in the sense that there were a lot more experiences that happened over the time. There was a lot of lessons that were learnt, a lot of blessings and lessons that we definitely imparted on the project,” he said.

He went on to describe the album as one of his most “most vulnerable” and added that he was incredibly proud of his team for the way it all came together. He also explained to Observer the inspiration behind the Dancehall infused track “Rich Forever.”

“So one of the main inspirations behind Rich Forever was reclaiming the glory days, understanding our history stretches far beyond the Middle Passage. We have to remind our youths that we don’t really have to chase things that already belong to us,” he said.

He further explained that the song is also meant to inspire youth to want to achieve more and to realize that achieving wealth is part of their birthright. “Check places like Africa that has given the world so much and still have more to offer. So Rich Forever is a reminder to the youths of where to start looking, which is inside – when they’re gonna deal with their journey,” he continued.

This album will focus on his personal and professional growth over the years since dropping his last album, he added.

“The growth I experienced was entrusting myself a bit more; trusting my ideas, my experiences, and feeling like there’s people out there who would be able to relate with it,” he said. Part of his growth has been learning to take advice from others in the genre as he moved away from solo projects where he wrote and composed most of his work alone.

“There was also a lot of growth in a sense of most of the projects before were solely written and generally composed by myself, along with a few others. So, for this project I definitely invited some people in terms of producers, writers, to knock heads and see what more we can come up with outside of my box,” he explained.

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Protoje & Koffee Drops Star-Studded “Switch It Up” Video

Protoje and Koffee link up for a star-studded music video, “Switch It Up.”

Protoje and friends play the role of socialites in the brand new music video for “Switch It Up.” The track was released as a part of Proto’s album, In Search Of Lost Times, which dropped in late August 2020. That release also featured a mini visualizer, which documented the Indiggnation leader’s travels across Jamaica. The official media video now features Jesse Royal among other friends and associates of the camp.

The female representation comes through Koffee, Lila Ike’, Sevana, and Jaz Elise. The males are all swagged out in formal attire, while the ladies grace viewers with looks synonymous with class and glamour. According to one fan, “Lila looks very beautiful all dressed up here. She looks like she is in a James Bond movie on the Casino tables.”

The commentary is spot-on when one considers the lavish dinner and follow-up scenes taken from their Casino Royale type event. There is also a ton of dancing from some of the aforementioned guests of honor. The vibrant color scheme brought on by the candlelit dinner, flicking lights of the slot machines all control the energy on set, ultimately leading to a world of fun and laughter. You can soak up all that Xtreme Arts has captured from the link below.

Jesse Royal’s “Lily Of Da Valley” Returns To No. 1 On Billboard

Jesse Royal scored his first No. 1 album with his debut album Lily Of Da Valley and this week the project returns to the top spot on Billboard.

The “Modern Day Judas” singer is widely regarding as one of the most promising voices in this generation of reggae music. Lily Of Da Valley is his first body of work. The project comes with 14 tracks and saw guest features from Mersa Marley, Natty Rico, and Patrice. The album also features previously recorded singles “Mordern Day Judas” and “Finally” which has been two of his biggest singles to date.

The album is currently in its second week at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Elsewhere on the chart, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley new album Stony Hill is currently at No. 2, Chronixx album Chronology is at No. 5 while Major Lazer holds the No. 9 spot with their Know No Better EP.

You can purchased Jesse Royal new album on iTunes here.