Adam Carroll – Blondie And Dagwood Lyrics

He’s got papers on his desktop, they’re stacked up in a bunch
Dagwood worked for decades, he’s never been promoted once
Blondie’s got the lunch crowd in a catering cafe
She’s tired of making meatloaf, it’s time to get away

Hey Blondie you’re looking pretty good for a girl who’s 82
Hey Blondie out of all those high society women, he chose you
And Dagwood get off the couch, don’t you fall asleep so soon
You gotta take her up on the roof and take a look at the moon
Dagwood’s not the morning guy so he makes the car pool late
The bossman cut vacation back and he never gets a break
The fashion cleaner lady says I hope you’re not upset

But your wife picked up the laundry, she’s afraid you’d forget
Black and white on workdays, how fast the weekend flies
Sunday morning colors help to open up our eyes
She says I love you Dagwood and with that love comes trust
I think a little bit of rooftop romance just might do the trick for us
I’ve got trouble on my T.V, I got bad news in my car
I can always count on those two cause I know right where they are
So I flip on past the real world spill my coffee on the page
And I find that some old couple whose true love won’t ever change