Chuck Strangers – Operations Lyrics (feat. Caleb Giles)

[Intro: Caleb Giles]
Yeah, test yeah
Pizza man is here
Yeah, yeah
*Doorbell ringing*

[Verse 1: Caleb Giles]
I’m watching head shakes and operations
Make it home is the plan but the blocks are patient
Make a man from the stone on the block
I’m pacing, watching Cons pull out Nas, we are not the same
It’s big difference, bit solemn
We play heavy, won’t play with him since
No water or coke all in the same tenement
No problem, we flow dawg but you ain’t meant for this
Seen it from thе kitchen since
Back when wе was penny pinched up in the spot
Me and Ronnie hit the stoop, loop it up and I rock
Wishing I got everything I never seen before, ah
Pressure made me purposeful it keep me alive

Word to the sky

[Verse 2: Chuck Strangers]
We was blaowed in the hood, playing screw tapes
Imma do a few 8’s, nigga I been bruised great
Live amongst the goons, apes
Niggas make your whole plate shine
Great lines shine, niggas die like eight kinds
Oh where’s the shit and the chick with the sticks?
And I ain’t look back since, dry cry, even tense
Cop the LOC in Delaware, and put one in the air
Good Frisco shit, well shit, flip me to disco bitch
Times are muddy, get thick
And niggas love to roll around in the shit
I hold my head, keep the mix in my chaser out the wrath
Hold my head, I owe it to the ends to make amends
We built for it, we the burrow brats
These other niggas had you misled