Spotemgottem – Foolery Lyrics

Let’s go (Go)
Go, go, let’s go (You know)
Let’s go, go (You know), go, let’s go (You know)
Go, go, go

[Verse 1]
I’m in [?]
I like glizzy
That shit through her ass [?]
p*ssy [?], show [?], ’bout the way she jiggin’ (‘Bout the way she jiggin’)
I don’t like you, I just like the way your botty sick (I like your botty sick)
Everybody know I be with the [?]
All this shit they talkin’ ’bout never been on the net (Never been on the net)
I dropped it in the street, I’m really ready (I’m really ready)
Foenem still in Cali’, he ain’t for the [?]
Get her p*ssy wetty
I [?] my bitch to the light, Meagan Good, yes
I’d adore you, but I feel like I ain’t for you (I ain’t for you)
Just hangin’ off my head, I go super sayian, no Goku (Sayian, no Goku)
That 4 feel silent like 808s, don’t you hear the [?]?
I cannot be loyal to you when I be happy in home
I know you a dog, baby, get you some [?]
Whatever for you, boo, baby, I just wanted to, to know
And even when I [?], baby, I drop sauce on the Benz, you know (You know)
He [?] whole three grams, that’s a O (That’s a O)
Who the f*ck is [?]? I don’t know (I don’t know)
Pick ’em up, nightmares on the floor

I smoke (I smoke), ain’t sayin’ ’bout a four
Everybody screamin’ ’round like he gotta go (Go)
Let me show you how to drill, let me show you to scope
Don’t come around here tryna rock this gold (Tryna rock this gold)
Two thangs, that’s a joke (Ain’t jokin’)
Mad, I ain’t even [?] like, “No” (Like, “No”)
Screamin’ out, “Murder, she wrote” (Go)
He loosin’ faith, he loosin’ hoes (Go)
That Drac’, he let it go (Go)
Go and they shootin’ f*ck niggas in the head (Go)
Somebody did get wet (Did get wet)
[?] out, can’t f*ck with [?] (Graw)
And yeah, I stand on that (On that, stand on that)
I heard some bodies dropped (Bodies dropped?)
I wonder who did that
[?] bangin’ at (Graw)
Too smooth, bro, did you gas?
We ain’t goin’ out [?], they [?] ass
Y’all cops can kiss my ass
Interrogating me for what? (Haha)
I don’t know who do this (Do this)
I don’t got shit to prove
I got shit to loose (Y’all)
I’m hangin’ ’round here with [?]
They all got somethin’ on the news
He claimin’ got you fooled (Got you fooled)
I ride, that many tools (Go)

Haha, I ride, that many tools