Pooh Shiesty Bought His Mother A House After Laying Brother To Rest

Losing a loved one is always a difficult and dark period in a person’s life. That’s been the story for the family of rapper Pooh Shiesty since the death of his brother Tarrance Henderson last month. Pooh Shiesty recognizing the troubled time that his family is facing, has tried to put a smile on his mother’s face by buying her a brand new house.

Pooh Shiesty’s brother, also known as TeeDa P, died on February 28. According to reports, he had been battling brain cancer. He was laid to rest at Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven. TeeDa P was also an upcoming rapper who had been raising eyebrows after he released a series of singles in 2019. Just before his death, he released an album named “Halftime.”

As the family comes to terms with his death, Pooh Shiesty decided to find a way to cheer up his mother. He posted her reaction to receiving the new home on Instagram. He posted a video clip in which he tagged his late brother. “@tee_da_p i did it @gladysbaines love you 5L.”

In the video, his tearful mother, Gladys Baines, can be heard expressing her shock at the gesture. “I can’t believe you just did this. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it,” she said as she embraced her son in joy.

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Following the passing of TeeDa P, Drake took the time out to give some encouragement to Pooh Shiesty. In a now widely circulated voice note, he said, “I just want to send you my condolences, man. You know? And just let you know that, like, the cycle of life is unfair… It just hits us so hard. Money can’t change that, you know? Something I just went through too with one of my friends.”

He added: “Just know that’s something everybody got to witness and I’m sure they’re all just proud of you, the most love for you in their hearts and that’s something I want you to know. In tough times like this, realize what you’ve been able to accomplish in this short time and what you have in front of you. I’m wishing you strength in these times, man.”