Gucci Mane Affiliate Ralo Accuses Says People Snitch On Him For Shorter Sentence

Gucci Mane’s affiliate Ralo says he is still behind bars because people snitched on him for shorter sentences.

Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records rapper Ralo is currently in jail awaiting trial in connection to a 2018 arrest at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Georgia. The rapper was charged with two federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana following a raid by federal agents. During the operation, 444 pounds of marijuana were found on a private plane, which the agents believed were used by the rapper and his gang to shuttle the weed.

He has spent nearly three years locked up with a few failed attempts to be released. In 2020 he was close to getting released from jail, but it was later discovered he was allegedly arranging drug deals using an Apple Watch while incarcerated. However, he is now claiming he is only still in prison because someone “snitched” on him.

Ralo, in an earlier post, had taken to Instagram begging for a second chance along with a fair trial. However, today he took to social media site Instagram to announce someone close to him “snitched” on him in an effort to get their jail time reduced. In a post that has since been shared by various sites, he says: “IDK HOW TO WRITE OR SAY THIS BUT IMA JUST GET IT OFF MY CHEST. I BEEN DEALING WITH A BATTLE WITHIN MYSELF. KNOWIN THAT MY MANS AN THEM THREW ME UNDER BUS TO GET THEM A TIME CUT.” He expressed that the entire situation hurt him deeply, and he just wanted to put everything behind him and move on.

He even did a follow-up post where he said he had forgiven all who have wronged him by telling on him and pleaded with them not to further rat on him to the police. He specifically mentioned Doonki Wild in his post. He made a request that whoever “snitched” should be able to live in peace. “IN ORDER FOR ME TO FEEL BETTER IM TRYING TO PUT IT IN ME TO FORGIVE THEM AN I BEG YAWL TO FORGIVE THEM AS WELL. I WANNA PUT ALL THIS POLICE AS SHIT BEHIND ME AN MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE, FORGIVE DOONKI WILD, ALL THE OTHERS AN BEGG THAT THEY DONT SAY MY NAME TO THEM FOLKS AGAIN. LET THEM FOLKS LIVE THEY LIFE IN PEACE PLZ BRO. #FREERALO.”

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Ralo seems to believe Doonki Wild may have been one of the people he is claiming “snitched” on him despite a post on Doonki’s Instagram page refuting these claims. The accusation comes as a bit of a shock for fans as on Ralo’s birthday, there was a post done on Doonki’s Instagram page with the caption: “Happy Birthday to a real one! #Me Never Told Never Fold RALO We need one on one ASAP #FreeDoonkiWild #carenunboutit.”

Ralo is just one of the rappers that have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in the past few years. Last December, he has even been deemed a “danger to the community” after the judge revoked his $250k bond.