One1Can Is Defiant Says Miss Kitty Started Beef By Promoting Gold Digging

One1Can and Miss Kitty’s public spat is probably heading to court after the dancehall artist refused to apologize for comments he made about the reality star. His take on the matter is that he hasn’t done anything wrong and that he’s an advocate for “bruk men” who also need love.

The “VIP Girl” singer returned to Onstage with Winford Williams to double down on his claims. According to One1Can, he and Miss Kitty went out twice. The first time he met her was through an acquaintance, and the second time they went out alone. He added that on the first occasion, all three of them went to a party at “Peppers,” and on the second occasion, they went out alone. He added that information was “irrefutable.”

“Everything that I said is true and accurate and they have defamed me by circulating a letter that says I am a liar, that says that I concocted the entire story. Now that is defamation,” he continued. He’s retained well-known lawyer Christopher Townsend to defend him in the matter, should it reach court. The aspiring artist added that he was not “stupid,” nor is he a liar. Should the matter reach court, he intends to counter sue for his own defamation.

He also rejected the claims from Miss Kitty’s legal team that he was doing all of this because he is looking for publicity.

“For it to have been a publicity stunt, I would have to initiate it. It was not initiated by me. It was initiated by Miss Kitty. The firestorm started with the letter. I had no control over what Miss Kitty would do so it couldn’t have been a publicity stunt. She chose to go to a lawyer to take out a letter to say she is gonna sue me,” he said. He went on to say that he was having a casual conversation with someone who told him that it was quite a story, and that’s why he even went public. At the end of the day, he was personally offended.

The contention between the two started on the same show after he claimed, among other things, that he was turned off after Miss Kitty ordered two meals during a date they supposedly had. He added that he opened up about what happened between them because miss Kitty had shamed him and was encouraging young women to become “gold diggers.”

“I have nothing to apologise for because I’ve done nothing wrong. So I don’t know what I would apologise for,” he said.

He added: “My engagement with Miss Kitty was in fact a response to what Miss Kitty was saying about me because she was on air on our national airwaves saying that women should avoid me. She was on our national airwaves saying that when a woman see me on one side of the road the woman must walk on the other side of the road.”

While he admitted she did not identify him by his name, he said he was sure that she was referring to him because she made the statements about “bruk man,” and he identifies as one. One1Can added that the matter has become personal to him, and he is now speaking up for all the “bruk man” out there who need love in spite of their financial situation. He also advised that young women not look up to Miss Kitty.

“Broke men we still need women, right, and I’m speaking up for all the ladies out there. I’m saying to the ladies don’t follow Miss Kitty. It is sad that our society has now reached to a place where someone can be using our national airwaves to advocate for gold-digging. To tell women that what they should do is go for rich men,” he continued.

He said her attitude could cause young men to go and look for illegal ways to make money to impress the women that they liked. He went further to say that Miss Kitty was looking down on poor people. He had some advice for men as well.

“Men your self worth is not determined by how much money you have, how much material things you have. Don’t feel less of a person because you don’t have money,” he said. Miss Kitty is contributing to a growing problem of how men view women, he added.

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Reggae Artiste George Nooks Bail Extended To March 4 As Cocaine Case Drags On

George Nooks will have some more time as a free man after his bail was extended until March 4. The decision was made after he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree on January 13.

One of his attorneys Tom Tavares-Finson QC, confirmed the latest development with the Jamaica Observer. He said, “It [the case] was sent for mention to complete disclosure. His bail was extended to March 4.”

George Nooks, who is charged with possession of cocaine and attempting to pervert the course of justice, is also being represented by attorneys Donahue Martin, Christopher Townsend, and Kaysain Kennedy of the Corporate Area-based TWP Attorneys-at-Law.

He was arrested for an April 2019 incident, and in October 2020, he spent a night in police lock-up while his vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz GL 450 SUV, was seized. It was eventually returned to him. At the time, Nooks expressed his dissatisfaction with how that incident was handled.

One of his attorneys, Donahue Martin, said, “He’s happy to get back his vehicle. But we take issue that it was taken in the first place because they had no need to take the vehicle. We take issue with a lot of the circumstances of his arrest and subsequent detention,” while speaking to the Jamaica Observer as well.

He added, “We had to go to the court and told the judge to withdraw the application as it was returned to us… They had searched the vehicle and returned it to us.”

According to the charges leveled against Nooks, he’s accused of ingesting “some substance” after being held by the police in Liguanea, St Andrew, in April 2019. He was taken to Kingston Public Hospital for observation and released. This isn’t his first brush with the law as the “God is Standing By” singer was freed of a similar charge on May 21, 2019.

Munga Murder Case Update: Reward Offer To Find Killer

Munga Honorable murder case has seen some major development in the last few weeks.

The dancehall veteran is currently awaiting trial for a murder charge involving the killing of Clevelend Smith, a man who attacked and chopped him several times in 2015. Crime Stop has since offered a $300,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of additional persons who they say were involved in the murder. Munga was arrested and charged with Smith’s murder in May of the year. According to the police report, the deejat, whose real name is Damion Rhoden, shot and killed the victim in February this year.

“The police are anxious to get any information on the names and whereabouts of the other persons who were at the location when Cleveland was killed,” Crime Stop said in a statement. Munga’s attorney, Christopher Townsend, says the fact the police issued a Crime Stop reward is a sign that they are not certain that Munga was involved in the murder.

“It certainly clouds the issue as to whether or not the identification that they made was a proper identification,” Townsend said. The dancehall deejay was offered bail to the tune of $500,000 and ordered to turn over his travel documents. Detectives says that Cleveland Smith was shot and killed on February 12 on Molynes Road in Kingston while riding a bicycle.

Munga Honorable has denied having anything to do with the murder.