Ships of the Pacific Fleet entered the Indian port of Cochin

A squadron of ships of the Pacific Fleet as part of the missile cruiser Varyag; and the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs went to the port of Cochin in India, writes TASS, referring to the press service of the Pacific Fleet.

According to her information, the plans & ndash; conduct a joint Russian-Indian naval exercise PASSEX, as well as replenish water and fuel supplies.

A squadron of ships of the Pacific Fleet, which also includes the large sea tanker Boris Butoma, set out on a long voyage from Vladivostok December 29.

It is planned that the ships will visit the ports of several countries.

Earlier it was reported that the Navy conducted a covert deployment of ships for the first time. Recently, there has been a bright trend towards strengthening the Pacific Fleet, which is caused by the complicating situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

It also became known that the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov; hit an underwater target in the Sea of ​​Japan. He launched a missile of the latest anti-submarine complex “ Answer '', designed to destroy submarines.


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