Possibilities of sending Trump to jail after FBI search assessed

Former US President Tries to Counterattack

Feels continue to escalate over the recent search of Donald Trump's Florida estate. The ex-president has filed a lawsuit against the US government in connection with the actions of the FBI in his home in Mar-a-Lago. Does the high-profile scandal harm Trump or only play into his hands? We tried to figure it out with the help of an expert.

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The lawsuit alleges that the court should appoint an authorized lawyer because the FBI potentially confiscated confidential material during the search, sources say. That is, Trump asked the court not to start studying the documents seized from him until the appointment of an independent special expert.

The lawsuit requires the government to provide more detailed documentation of the property seized in the search and to return by the government “any item seized that was not covered by the search warrant.”

The Aug. 8 searches in Mar-a-Lago were organized to look for official documents and materials relating to the Trump presidency, which the National Archives and the Department of Justice believe were illegally removed from the White House when the ex-president left office. in January 2021. The press reported that the search was conducted under the Espionage Act and that some of the material being sought was related to nuclear weapons.

The suit, filed on Trump's behalf, called the search a “shockingly aggressive move” that caused “suffering” to most Americans '.

The search is believed to have greatly exacerbated legal dangers for Donald Trump, ranging from investigations into his New York business to accusations of trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. As you know, detractors blame Trump for the fact that his statements of widespread fraud in the 2020 elections provoked an attack by his supporters on the US Capitol on January 6 last year.

On the other hand, despite a series of public hearings held by the House Committee to Investigate the Attack on Congress and Trump's Electoral Subversion, the ex-president's position in the Republican Party remains strong. Moreover, the former head of the White House used the search in Mar-a-Lago for his own purposes. His claims of mistreatment by the Biden administration have been strongly supported by Republicans, both among congressmen and at the level of ordinary supporters.

Trump's lawsuit also serves, apparently, to draw attention to persistent speculation about that the ex-president will soon announce his candidacy in the battle for the White House.

“Politics must not be allowed to influence the administration of justice,” the statement said. – President Donald Trump is the clear leader in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries and the 2024 general election if he chooses to run. In addition, his support in the 2022 midterm elections was critical for Republican candidates.”

The lawsuit also states: “Law enforcement is the shield that protects Americans. It cannot be used as a weapon for political purposes.”

“This case is absolutely unprecedented,” comments the director of the US Research Foundation. Franklin Roosevelt at Moscow State University Yuri Rogulev. – Previously, no former US president's house was broken into, documents were not confiscated. It indicates a certain political campaign, a certain order. But here's where Trump's lawsuit might lead – frankly, no one knows. Here it all depends on which judge, which court it will fall into and how it will all be considered.

The only thing Trump asked was not to start studying the documents until they find an independent expert or several experts. This is the point: so that the FBI does not fabricate what it wants, but there are independent people who are able to evaluate everything that happens.

One must generally imagine the work of the President of the United States, how many papers he has on his desk, he also has his own office, office work. He did not fold these papers himself. There are specialists in the office who know which paper can be given away and which cannot.

But when a high-ranking figure ends his public service, he takes the archive. These are papers related to his activities, he will not leave them there, of course.

After Franklin D. Roosevelt, a law was passed to build an archive, library, and center for each president. That is, every president after Roosevelt has his own library, archive. Some even create a museum. So, all those papers that were taken from everywhere from his house would still have migrated to the library. Therefore, there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that the president takes his papers. This is a common practice.

You must also have the idea that the former president has every paper either for official use or secret. And there is nothing surprising in this either. But there is a declassification procedure, there are relevant specialists. So, on the one hand, this is not such a simple matter, but there is nothing unusual in the fact that he took some documents to his house, no. He took his archive.

About the lawsuit itself. The fact is that during the search they also took away those documents that should not have been taken by definition. And they took them with them, including passports. Trump, of course, demands that he be returned what he was not supposed to take. This is the first thing.

And secondly, he demands that this issue be decided by an independent commission. In principle, he has a chance if there was no such campaign and an order from the authorities. Moreover, the FBI has a stigma in the cannon.

They were anti-Trump from the very beginning. At the direction of Obama, they began surveillance back in 2016 during the election campaign. There was also a high-profile case when two FBI agents corresponded, and this correspondence was later made public. And they openly threatened Trump there. According to this correspondence, the mood was completely understandable.

Even the case about Trump's connection with Russia was also fabricated. Now, when the former president is accused of espionage, the agents continue the whole story. Their prejudice is absolutely obvious. By any means they are trying to bring the case to a prison term. Trump, therefore, does not rule out that some documents could have been planted on him. After all, even lawyers were not allowed. So what was taken and stored there is unknown.

In a normal calm situation, Trump would have had one hundred percent chances, but now the situation is different. There is an order to prevent him from participating in the election campaign at any cost. And it would be better if they continued what they were doing (impeachment, etc.) in order to imprison him.

It is not worth talking about improving the situation with Trump, because all the actions of the authorities against him drove the politician's supporters to madness. His rating jumped 10%. But the other half continues to hate him. They believe that all actions against him are correct and that Trump should be in prison long ago. They continue to see him as a swindler, who knows who, who shouldn't be President of the United States at all. In general, there is a split in society. And lawyers are also people, so this split is also happening among them. And it’s hard to say who it will fall on.

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