Polish gunsmiths compromised by posting footage with a defective machine gun on the Web

“Everything was done in a hurry and with a great deal of politics”

A photo with the Polish Grot assault rifle has surfaced on the Web. But this is just the case when it would be better if there was no such “PR”. Developers and manufacturers of the Polish shooting know-how are in a puddle. In the photographs, copies of the assault rifle are captured with torn out butts, broken magazine mounts and rusty parts. Polish soldiers complain about the unreliability of individual components and the general fragility of the weapon. What is the reason for the unsuccessful attempt to compete with our “Kalash”? MK found the answer to the question in a conversation with weapons expert Maxim Popenker.

Photo: Still from video

– If we ignore the modular husk, then this is a fairly typical modern machine, made according to relatively modern technologies. By its design, it gravitates to most Western systems that inherit the AR-18 shooting system. The rest is & nbsp; nothing special.

– Well, sometime you have to start. In general, the story with the Grotto developed for the Poles not in the best way. Everything was done in a hurry and with a great deal of politics, which, in principle, does not lead to anything good in such matters.

– Initially, the military was quite satisfied with the clones of the Kalashnikov assault rifle – “ Beryls '' produced by Radom under the NATO patron. And the system “ Mainsail '' since 2008 it has been developed on its own initiative by the Military Academy. A group of semi-theorists got together and set out on a goal: let's come up with a super-duper modular weapon! Well, the armchair officers took the idea to create an ideal universal infantry rifle, so that you could assemble whatever your heart desires from it on your knee.

Until 2016, the work was carried out with minimal funding and, as they say, on sheer enthusiasm. In 2016, a new government came. It decided that the Polish army must certainly fight with Polish weapons. We looked, like, there is a unique domestic development, fashionable. They say: great, wonderful! We order 50 thousand pieces to arm everyone we can. And the weapon has not yet really been brought to acceptable characteristics, has not been tested in the field. Obviously, after being adopted, the so-called “ childhood diseases '' will emerge. systems. But no. We ordered it.

– In principle, the decision to purchase untested weapons was an adventure. If everything was done according to the mind, funding would be allocated, an experimental batch would be ordered. She would be sent to the troops for testing for six months or a year. And according to the comments received, they would be revised. Then more tests – & nbsp; and that's it, you can run it in a series. None of this was done. So it was a purely political adventure. And according to the classics they got: “ Hurry up – you will make people laugh. ''

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