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From September 6 to October 3 on the educational online platform with the support of the national project “Culture” there will be a free Olympiad in Russian language and literature for schoolchildren in grades 1-9. The competition is designed to increase students' interest in school subjects, to help develop students' creative abilities, and to acquaint them with the possibilities of new generation model libraries, the National Electronic Library and the NEB Svet reading application.

Online Olympiad -format

The interactive tasks of the first combined Olympiad in Russian language and literature will allow teachers to assess students' understanding of the main topics of the school curriculum, and the participants — test knowledge and memorize important information that will be useful in your studies. A variety of topics are presented in the Russian language block: semantics, morphology, vocabulary, phraseology, orthoepy. In the block of literature for the first time there will be tasks not only for the content and genre features of works, but also for knowledge of the biography and bibliography of Russian writers. For the successful completion of tasks, in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum is not required, which provides equal chances for victory for all participants.

The Olympiad is held online. To participate, it is enough to have a computer with a modern browser and Internet access. You can pass a knowledge test on your own at home, at school with a teacher, as well as in model libraries that are opening throughout the country thanks to the national project “Culture”. And the National Electronic Library (NEB) and the free application “NEB Light”, which contains an extensive collection of world classics and popular science works, will help prepare for the Olympiad.

Assignments will inspire in-depth study of subjects

General Director of ANO “National Priorities” Sofia Malyavina noted that the national project “Culture” allows all residents of the country to realize their talents and creative opportunities. «National project “Culture” — this is a big, truly large-scale story about the development of culture in all areas: infrastructure, creative grants, and digitalization. At the same time, some measures are just aimed at popularizing reading, increasing interest in the Russian language and literature. You can download the books of Russian classics and learn unexpected facts about famous works on the Kultura.RF portal.

The National Electronic Library is annually replenished with unique book monuments: 8,000 digitized publications per year. Comfortable model libraries are opening all over the country. And all this is available absolutely free of charge, — she thinks.

“We at see it as our goal to inspire the child for the comprehensive development and study of various fields of knowledge, training attention and logic. The format of the Olympiads allows us to achieve this goal. When creating the Russian Language and Literature Olympiad, we studied the needs of schoolchildren and noticed that children like to read and learn additional facts about works, their characters and the authors themselves. Therefore, we tried to add tasks for knowledge of the biography and bibliography of writers. We hope that this approach, combined with the interactivity of tasks and colorful illustrations, will increase their interest in reading and help inspire children to study classical literature in depth, — emphasizes Ilya Parshin, CEO of the educational online platform

Pupils of grades 1–9 can take part in the competition. To do this, you need to register on the platform, enter your personal account and select the Olympiad in Russian language and literature, click the “Start the Olympiad” button; and start solving problems. For teachers of grades 5 & 9, the Olympiad website also contains methodological materials and a script for conducting a thematic lesson in literature.

Each student who has solved all the tasks of the Olympiad will receive, depending on the number of points scored, a diploma of the winner, a commendable diploma or certificate of participation: the document will appear in your personal account on the platform. Teachers will receive thank you letters.

Next generation libraries 

The main task of the national project “Culture” — to make culture more accessible to every inhabitant of the country. To this end, new generation model libraries are being created throughout the country. There are currently 644 such institutions in Russia. They open on the basis of old libraries. In the updated version, along with paper books, there are digitized copies of the works of great authors, connection to the collections of the National Electronic Library. Model Library — this is not just a book depository and a reading room, but an art hall for presentations or a multimedia coworking area for work, communication and education. 

Model libraries have computers, projectors, virtual reality glasses and even synthesizers. Thanks to the project, urban and rural residents receive equal opportunities in access to information and modern technologies. In addition, the National Electronic Library is available to everyone, where you can find not only modern books, but also rare documents. Every year, according to the national project “Culture” 8 thousand book monuments are digitized and added to open access.

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