Nicaragua allowed the entry of Russian troops for humanitarian purposes

The country also allowed the entry of military personnel from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic for exercises or humanitarian assistance

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega authorized the entry of Russian troops, ships and aircraft into the country for humanitarian purposes from the second half of 2022, El Pais reports with reference to the government newspaper La Gaceta.

“Personnel, ships and aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can enter to participate in training and exercises, as well as operations for the provision of humanitarian assistance, search and rescue and emergency rescue operations in emergency situations or natural disasters,— says La Gaceta.

The entry of military personnel, ships and aircraft from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic was also allowed for the same purposes.

Formerly Russian Ambassador to Nicaragua , Honduras and El Salvador, Alexander Khokholikov confirmed that Russian military specialists are openly and legally working in Nicaragua, and ships and aircraft, if necessary, can visit Nicaraguan ports and airfields.

The diplomat explained that the laws of the Central American country allow the presence of military personnel and military equipment of a number of countries, including Russia.

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