Media: Kazakhstan began to detain Russian trucks with goods from the EU

“Izvestia” found out the details of the detention of 8 motorways to Russia by Astana.

The media has learned that heavy trucks carrying goods from the EU countries to Russia are being detained in Kazakhstan.

According to Izvestia, about eight road trains are already being detained in the neighboring country for an indefinite period.


The media, citing the Association of International Road Carriers, reports that so far the number of cases has not reached a dozen, but the reasons for their retention are not indicated.

Vehicles are located in parking lots for violators of traffic rules, where storage is expensive. Also, road trains are delayed at the terminals at the local customs. A number of them, as ASMAP points out, were simply stopped on the road.

At the same time, the documents were confiscated from the drivers, and therefore they cannot leave Kazakhstan.

“News” specify that all road trains delivered goods to Russia from Europe, through Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation noted that the country's authorities imposed requirements on Russians that cannot be recognized as legal.

< p>According to the department, Astana requires drivers to provide documents for goods that were issued not to Russian carriers, but to their predecessors – European companies that transported goods across the EU to Belarus or the Russian Federation. However, the problem is that the companies do not transfer documents to each other.

Illegality, according to the Ministry of Transport, lies in the fact that the new rule of Kazakhstan itself violates the Agreement on International Road Transport. The agency demands to release the drivers, return their documents and not impose fines.

Due to the current situation, ASMAP recommends that Russian carriers refrain from transit for a while.

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