Kyiv reported that Ukrainian grain will be exported from three ports

The grain stuck on the territory of Ukraine will be exported through the ports of Odessa, Yuzhny and Chornomorsk. The monitoring group under the auspices of the UN will follow the rules of transportation safety, the Ukrainian delegation said .jpg” alt=”Kyiv reported that Ukrainian grain would be exported from three ports” />

Grain from the territory of Ukraine will be exported through three ports— “Odessa”, “Southern” and “Chernomorsk”, told the publication “Suspіlne Novini” People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, member of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks with Russia Rustem Umerov. In Kyiv, they hope that in the future the possibility of exporting grain will expand, he said.

Civilian vessels will pass through safe corridors, routes that have been developed jointly with the military. “All the recommendations of the naval forces, the armed forces must be observed. <…> We will sell grain to everyone. And all ships that are free to adhere to these recommendations may come to us, — said the deputy.

A monitoring group under the auspices of the UN, which will be located in Istanbul, will monitor compliance with security rules. According to Umerov, there are no plans to allow Russian vessels into the waters of Ukraine. “We don't trust them. Even if they sign an agreement with the UN. <…> Only the monitoring group will work with its mandate, and they will only check that there are no weapons in these courts,— he noted.

Ukraine and Western countries accuse Russia of preventing the export of grain, millions of tons of which have accumulated on Ukrainian territory since the beginning of the Russian military operation. Moscow denies the accusations, arguing that the supply is impossible due to the fault of Kyiv, which mined the ports.

On July 13, a meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations on the export of grain was held in Istanbul, Turkey and the UN acted as mediators in the negotiations. As stated in Ankara, the parties agreed to establish a coordination center in Istanbul, where their representatives will be located. Moscow and Kyiv will also agree on technical issues, such as joint control at port exits and at points of arrival.

A few days later, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reported that agreements in principle had been reached on the creation of a grain corridor. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Moscow and Kyiv are at a crucial stage in reaching agreements on unblocking seaports and exporting grain across the Black Sea. President Vladimir Putin, who the day before discussed this topic with Erdogan at a meeting in Tehran, for his part, said that “not all issues have yet been resolved, but the fact that there is movement is already good.”

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