Kosovo authorities mobilize police in the northern regions of the country

The authorities called for the mobilization of all police units in the municipalities in the north of Kosovo, according to the local portal Kosovo Online and Sputnik Serbia. with reference to local media.

Also, the police of the Pristina region were transferred to a 12-hour work schedule, reports the Serbian portal Bota Sot.

The police and special forces were mobilized after the decision of the Kosovo authorities to oblige Serbs entering the territory of the partially recognized republic to receive temporary border crossing documents from August 1. The authorities decided to invalidate the documents issued by the Serbian authorities and force the local Serbs to re-register license plates.

Earlier, the Serbian newspaper Vecherniye Novosti and the Kurir portal, citing sources, wrote that special forces of the national police in full gear and with water cannons moved from Pristina to the northern regions of Kosovo. Several ambulances accompanied the formations.

According to Vučić, Pristina is seeking the “expulsion of the Serbs”, and its decision was condemned in the country's Foreign Ministry. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that Western states are also responsible for it.

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